Saturday, October 4, 2008

~ Watching Over ~


This is another picture from my zoo trip. Seems like a distant memory now with all the things going on here, but I thought it fit the entry well. Momma watching over baby...... as we are all so lovingly watching over each other.
I remember starting my AOL journal having not a clue. It was so confusing so hard. I couldn't get a picture in my entry to save my life. Animation. OMG forget it!! I had no idea what all the links were, how to do the sidebar. How to add things I wanted there. But... I found other journals, asked questions, got answers, and low and behold I got use to things there. I was changing designs and colors like I change my underwear. It was comfy, it was home. Minus the trolls of course. This is really no different folks, with the exception of us all trying to learn at the same time. The base of users to ask questions from is much smaller. I've found things on other journals and asked about them. I got answers and did things. I tried to post directions in my blog, but of course it is very new to me I don't have all the answers. I'm trying though. We need to breath, be patient, and not give up. Everyone is trying to help really they are. One issue some might be having is the email the comments are coming from. If you are getting comment alerts sent to you, you see how they are sent. Most not from the users email. Please, make it easier on yourself and others so they can help. Add an email address to your profile. It's really no different then having your AOL email exposed on each comment you made in our journals. Don't give up, WE can do this!

Had a fairly good day today. Besides trying to get caught up here, I went to Time Warner (my cable provider) There are some issues with Lin TV, which carries CBS. They want to charge Time Warner for their signal. A signal that is free if you don't have cable. Anyway, as of midnight on the 2nd, CBS is off the air if you have cable. Talk about mass hysteria. Our football game on Sunday is on CBS. Folks are livid, some do understand the stand of Time Warner, others don't. It really doesn't matter though, they want their channel back. So Time Warner decided to give out free rabbit ears and a converter so you can flip off cable and get the signal. Good idea.... well until I decided to go there today. OMG! I turned down the street and was a good mile away from the cable office and I was in line. WTF!?! It took me about 30 minutes only to be told when I got there I had to keep going and get in line coming the other way. I drove and drove... it was at least 2 miles before there was a break and I could turn off the street. The line kept going. I said screw it! I have no idea if that was the actual line that kept going or folks just caught up in the jam. Didn't matter I wasn't going to spend my Saturday that way.
I decided to go shopping and continue looking for a dress for my nieces wedding. Let me tell you that has been no picnic either. I've been unable to find anything I like or that is in my age 'bracket'. More like prom dresses with lots of taffeta. NOT!! I found a gorgeous top, red, white, and black. Will look perfect with my straight long black skirt. Success! I bought a couple more shirts with long sleeves and 2 pair of slacks. Almost jeans but one black, one brown. Spent more money then I wanted but I was tired of getting up in mornings and not finding anything to wear to work. It's definitely been fall here. To warm for sweaters and too cold for summer tops. Oh well, I deserved some new clothes! Well, I do hope everyone is doing good and starting to get comfy in their new homes.



Tawnya said...

Okay, how did you get teh song on your blog? That is cool.... I want one too... Sounds like an interesting thing with the cable company... I would not have stayed either...

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Hmmm, I was wondering why I wasn't getting an e-mail alert after I subscribed. It's not as bad here as it was. LOL at AOL. I was the same way also. Anyway, what a mess with the cable and the game. I could just imagine that happened here...oy Love ya!

Melissa said...

glad u had a good day besides the line :)

gina said...

well you've done a great job with your new blog and i love the pix from your trip to the zoo! i've just subscribed so i should receive 'alerts' with your entries. i'm still trying to figure out how to add that feature to my blog...and the music is great, too. :)

Indigo said...

Love the zoo pictures. I can't believe they are blocking a major channel like CBS. I wouldn't have patience to wait. I'm in need of fall and winter clothes...but seriously detest shopping these days. Everything has been so home focused, might do me some good to just shop for me though. (hugs)Indigo

Beth said...

One thing that's fun about learning this new format is the feeling you get when you manage to successfully do's like, "YES!!" LOL

When it comes to dressy occasions these days, unless it's a night out where I can wear a "party dress" kind of outfit, I lean towards suits. Call me Sarah Palin! No wait...PLEASE DON'T. ;)


Debbie said...

Never thought about it that way but you're right,my blogging machine is full of underwear right now,lol. Terri setup my AOL journal I'm trying to set this one up on my own with alot of help from my friends.
Happy for you that you found something nice for the wedding,everything is geared more for the younger generation.

Chrissie said...

I have Time Warner and they have been doing this for awhile now, but only certain shows. I haven't noticed if mine is all blocked now. Without cable we get free ABC, NBC and CBS that is so stupid. But excuse me doesn't Time Warner own AOL too so need I say anything further.
Take care, Chrissie

Lisa said...

These are great!!! Thank you for sharing!

Hollie said...

The zoo pictures are so good. I don't blame you about the line...I wouldn't want to do that on my Saturday either. I'm glad you found you some new clothes. Thanks for all the help with the blogs. I hope you have a great day!

Jeannette said...

I would like to know how to add music as well.

One things is bothering me. I have signed up to alerts on the subcribe thing that some have. Got my first alert in this morning (not one from you) telling me the person had done two entries. When I followed the links - this page cannot be found. So I could not open the entries through the subscribe option and had to revert to google reader. Ho hum

LIZ said...

Learning is fun but can be frustrating So glad you got some new clothes I need to go shopping too!!

Take care, Liz

Joyce said...

Awww, both are cute pic's...and it sounds like you had a great shopping day! Have a nice Sunday evening...hugs,

Terri said...

Adorable pic!

Glad you found something to wear, and you do deserve to buy yourself some always makes me feel better when i do..hehe

That stinks about CBS and the game!


Linda said...

That sucks about CBS! Our cable is going through a lot of manager changes...and when we get back to the house, we are switching to Direct TV, I'm so over dealing with them! I love your pictures, especially the's such a pretty shade:) I'm being patient with the blog, well sort of, LOL! I don't have the alert thing down, so I need to work on that this week, right now, I'm just checking each blog by their recent update time.....I'll get there.:)

Pooh Hugs,

lisa jo said...

Time Warner took NBC off of our viewing too...and did not offer any rabbit ears! lol UGH.
I missed this entry too.
as i have said and i know everyone is sick of hearing, it is not far what a private blog has to go thru. We have to go and check each day on other private journals. No way to alert them unless a person sends out one big email yelling "hey i updated!", which no one will do. So, that sucks.
I remember well the day i found AOL journals too. What a life changer.
I hope you find your perfect dress soon. Whatever it is, you'll look BEAUTIFUL in it.

Mari said...

Great pictures ....I think I am finally getting the hang of this new site ...only took me 30 minutes to post an entry

Meg said...

Oh come on, get a prom dress! Heheh
I think I'm going to like Blogger just as much as AOL, maybe even better.