Saturday, March 7, 2009

~ Community Photo Challenge ~

This weeks photo challenge is birdhouses. I decided to play along with a photo I took at my sisters over the summer. I hope folks will consider getting involved again. It seems very few are playing along or giving their opinions on the final choices. 'Cmon folks I know there are a ton of you out there... play along. It's not for a million dollars... it's for fun and a way to get your blog some exposure... nothing more nothing less.


~ Peeking In ~

Ok, pick yourself up and brush yourself off, yes an entry from me.  I thought I'd peek in and let you all know I'm doing ok.  I so appreciate the cards, letters, gifts and trinkets.  I love and appreciate them all.  I have made a few entries along the way letting you know I'm alive... but when I'm not in the mood to pick up my camera or make a post you know something is wrong.  Tags?  OMG! I have a few from before but I don't have the desire to offer or tag 'em right now.  I've just been blah.  The pain has been a pain and I really can't sit at the computer for long.  My emotions always get the best of me as well and it is just easier not to.........  I know most of you understand and don't hold it against me...  for those of you that just don't get it and have emailed me, know this.....  I don't care.  I won't ever be back to your blog, your email is now blocked and I will remove comments if you leave any.  I don't have time to play your games and this will be the last on the matter.  You know who you are, you already read the 'f you' mail.  This is not a ploy to leave comments, so don't feel it necessary.  I've already told the guilty parties to take a freakin hike!
I am filled with all kinds of emotions.  I'm nervous, anxious, hopeful, scared, excited, you name it I feel it.  I am trying to stay positive and for the most part am.  I'm nervous about  not waking up and those that have been around for a bit know that is the norm for me.  When I had my dental work years ago I feared the same thing... remember?  I don't believe it is my time, if it was I'd have been taken last time, right?  Needless to say it does weigh on you.  Having time to think about it doesn't help either.  I will be having my surgery on Tuesday morning.  It's a pretty serious surgery and I will be kept in ICU (intensive care) for at least one day.  My recovery in the hospital will most likely be 7 days and then I'm out.  If I feel up to it I will come directly home.  If I need to, I will go to my parents.  Trust me I won't push anything. 
I know many of you read my sister, or stop by and look at times.  I appreciate it and want you to know she will post updates so you are all informed.  Feel free to add her to your list.....   she'd love your visit either way trust me!
Ok, my leg is completely asleep and I need to move and then change position again.  Please send a good vibe that Tuesday is successful and I'm back in no time.  I wanna be me again!
Love you all and hugs

~ Mystery Blogger XV Update ~

I am so very sorry for the delay...

we did have a few correct answers on the precious girl from Mystery Blogger XV. Yes, it is our own very creative Shelly (Roxy). You can find her new blog Quilt of Many Colors here!! Stop by and give her some love, will ya?

I do still have a few more pictures and I will get to them after my next surgery. Promise!