Sunday, October 12, 2008

~ Mystery Blogger X - Update ~

Well, well, well. We have some pretty smart bloggers. Several guessed who Mystery Blogger X was. Well, actually they weren't guesses, the were written as sure things. Congrats on that!
Our mystery blogger? None other then the fabulous Indigo. She's on the right :) Check her out and give her some love. I know you'll love her writing and her personality! Go on... go :)

Thanks for playing as always


Gina said...

Hey...Mystery Blogger looks like fun game!!

Please add my list to those whom have been SCREWED by AOL.


Mari said...

I had no idea ....I am not doing very good in the mysery blogger

Linda said...

YIPPPPPEEEE....I got it right! :)

Pooh Hugs,

Robin said...

I missed this one...Indigo is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love putting faces to names!

MISSY said...

Yeah, to the winners :)


natalie said...

hugs Donna! looks great here!

Rose said...

So sorry, it is

Hugs, Rose

Indigo said...

Now that was a little scary how sure people were who have never seen a pic of me before. I must do a great job describing myself in words *winks*...thanks for this, it was alot of fun. (Hugs)Indigo

Teresa said...

I'm not good at the Mystery Blogger thing at all lol ~ but Indigo is beautiful :) I always knew she was (physically) I knew positively that she is just from knowing her through our blogs/journals... I've always wondered what she looked like physically. Blessings* Teresa

Kath said...

Well after four days offline Donna I sure have some catching up to do now Grrrrrrr AOHELL.I do not know many people by sight from our old J/Land so I will go along with the majority.Hope they are right.What a great thing this is not seen it before where have I been LOL!! Take Care God Bless Kath.

Julia said...

I got this one, Yippy.