Sunday, October 19, 2008

~ A Few Pictures & A Few Words ~

LOL, ok so those that know me may be saying a few words?  I do promise this is the last entry of tonite.  If you haven't seen the others, feel free to click on the 'home' link at the bottom.  The entire blog will reopen and you can see all the entries.  :::giggle::: if you dare.
More pictures from my outing the other day.  I can't help myself, I want to share.  I was so pleased with the shots I can't stop putting them up.  Forgive me if you're bored. 
Not sure about this one.  Did I lose the percpective of the ledge hanging out just off the side of the ridge?  I liked the green there with the touch of red and all the different colors in the background. 
Another view of the same falls.  I really do wish I climbed down to get a shot from that angle.  :(  Oh well. 
So.. a few words....
It may sound like a bit of a rant, but I don't mean it to.  Just getting a few things out there... good, bad, or indifferent. 
My disappointment in Blogger is not because I feel they should make my journal move.  There are so many out there with the same issues.  All I'm asking is for a direct answer to questions asked, an honest answer.  Will I leave blogger and go to one of the other free blog sites?  Maybe.  I've not decided yet.  I have a ton of emotions and thoughts running through my head I can't decide at this moment.   In some way it depends on them (AOL and Blogger).  Can they grow some knads and answer?  Can they fix the issues?  I've decided if they'd just answer I may just delete all my tag requests and snags and then try migrating again.  My fear is it still won't go and then I've hacked my journal only to find they found a fix.   Deleting those entries will take time and time is something that is running out.
For those of you emailing asking where my tags are...  they'll be around.  I would like to think you are here for more then just that.  :::shaking my head::: but I guess I know better. 
I've seen lots of mails and lots of entries on the way comments have gone down.  Of course they have.  Everyone is trying to get their new homes decorated.  Trying to figure out google reader or dashboard.  Some are spending countless hours of their computer time trying to get their journals to migrate over here.  Don't fret.  Continue to visit your readers, leave a comment, start to follow them, leave your url in the comment, you'll be found and before long you'll get the comments.  I learned long ago that there are some who will not comment unless you comment on their blog.  Sometimes it's that, sometimes it's content, sometimes it is a time issue.  Make the rounds and give it some time.  Hell, if everyone that followed us, commented on each entry we did we'd be drowning.. or would that be we'd be happy?  :)  I'd never expect that to happen .....   Just have fun and do your thing.  Comments will follow.
K.... 'nuff on all that.  Comment with your opinion if you'd like or if you have time.  This week is going to be a bit crazy.  Wedding plans and such.  Lots of late work meetings, a hockey game, and yes trying again to migrate.  In the meantime I will be around as much as time allows.  Know I'm thinking of all of you and hoping things are well.


Missie said...

Wherever you go, I will add you to my reader and keep being a faithful friend.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Again, great pictures :o)

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Wow, your leaves are just stunning. I just love looking at them. Guess, I'll have to hope for next year.

D, I know you are frustrated beyond belief. I would be also. Hell, I was frustrated when it took me three solid days of trying to get mine over here.

Time is running short, and you have so much on your plate right now. I pray that the answers come for you. I can't believe they're acting like this.

Comments are weird. I've met many new friends but lost track of some old ones but hey, they'll come around. I always knew that the hits never equaled the comments anyway. Love ya!

Linda said...

Beautiful Fall photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

Robyn said...

You take some amazing photo's! I took a few today from my front yard of the pretty red leaves but am to tired to upload tonight ;) I here you on the comments. I have 34 subscribers and never get more than 5 comments. I make specific tags and watch out (Gorjuss!) lol! Have a great week chica!

Michelle said...

These are wonderful shots, Donna. I especially like the one you aren't sure about... I love the perspective.

I know there are a lot of frustration with the changes. Just know that you are more than "just" your tags, and your faithful readers will stand by you regardless.

Julia said...

I hope you don't leave. It is slow building here but I am starting to feel at home again, just not up to another move. But if you do I will follow you. After all, its been years right, LOL. Hopefully the problems will get ironed out.

Mari said...

Wow the trees are so beautiful ...sounds like you will have a very busy week ahead. I look foward to your pictures.

Hugs Mari

gina said...

what a beautiful fall you're enjoying and sharing! and i like the one that you're unsure about...had to look at it twice to see what you meant. :) i really hope you don't leave...but if you do, like i said last night...i want a link to where ever you might land. :)

Joann said...

All the pics are nice... but that second one is AMAZING!! I've never seen anything like that in real life... that's beautiful!!

Thanks for sharing,

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Beautiful pictures, Hope you can get you old journal transfered over here. Hope your night is a good one. Hugs, Alvia

Maria said...

Hi, Donna! I do miss those animations.... you have such a talent. I enjoy your comments as well so I'll be back! You're right about what might happen if everyone that visited commented....we might just want to be careful what we wish for..:) Nice to see your photos! Maria

Debbie said...

You boring? Nevaaaa! I love your pictures keep 'em coming! I don't get to see sceneries like that often.
Ok, I'm going to put this out there and it's fine if anyone disagrees with me but my thoughts are coming from my own personal experience 7 years ago.
On the AOL end I believe there are job losses involved in the closing of journals. If my conclusions are in fact correct there could very well have been a severance package offered to these employees. If so, those employees are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The severance package is a bargaining tool for the employees but its main purpose is to bind the employees to silence. They no longer have a voice, they aren't allowed to give out information. Believe me, I learned this the hard way, if I had known then what I know now I would have thrown that pissy ass severance package I was offered back in their face and told them where to stick it. I nor my coworkers had a voice when the lies hit our local paper of the reasons for our plant closing. We had no other choice but keep our damn mouths shut. I honestly think that is the reason you and all the others are getting no answers to your questions and no solutions to your problems.
On the Blogger end, well, it's pretty evident on AOL's Magic Smoke that they have been hushed to silence as well since there have been no updates nor comments in response to any of you. Who in the hell knows what they have up their sleeve?
Love ya,

Rose~* said...

Your pictures always take me on a magical journey through your eyes. Thank you so much for sharing, Donna.
Please stay awhile on Blogger before you make any decisions about your preferred choice. I do hope you can work things out with your archives. ((HUGS))

ELLIE said...

again as always - the pictures are stunnning!!! you are fulfilling my autumn eye candy!
I am loving it!!
So thrilled buffalo won - so thrilled the bucs won - I so love football - LOL!!!
okay - you have a good week - try to stay stress free and keep smiling!

lisa jo said...

those pics are OUT OF THIS WORLD. Gorgeous area you live in and WHAT TALENT YOU HAVE!
For me, a comment is not a requirement BUT if i take the time to read i am going to comment and basically at this point if someone goes a week with not letting me know they are around, bye bye. Of course those are the "casual" ones here....there is a core (you and me) that i know are "REAL" friends and commenting has nothing to do with it. I think lurkers should NOT be allowed, period. I just told someone else on Sunday that this place does not feel as close as J Land....and for goodness sakes, what a damn shame if someone is wanting you to make tags! They should feel lucky you take the time to do it at all and you are not all just about making tags for others. People kill me.
I fear you will not get an answer but i pray you do. I love you and want you near me!

Tawnya said...

I am sorry that you are still having issues with AOL and Blogger.... Eh, comments or no comments, I still write... I love those pics!!

Jeannette said...

I can't believe people are asking for tags, don't they realise how busy you are right now, with work, the wedding, trying to migrate your journal etc? Surely you've offered enough tags to keep us going for a couple of years at least! About those photos ~ I'd never have believed the colours were real unless I'd been there myself! That's exactly how it looked when I was there three years ago! Absolutely wondrous! I really don't know why people are so hung up on the number of comments they get. And as for those who will only comment if you comment on theirs ~ we all have different commitments, I know you're the same as me ~ too little time to do everything! Enjoy your week Donna, I know it's gonna be hectic but you have a great weekend coming up with the wedding! I hope the boys win for you too! Jeannette xx

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Those pictures are stellar!

Darlene said...

Hi D, love your pics, as thing I've had problems with regarding leaving comments is that every time I sign in beneath the comment box, it won't let me, then I have to go to my google sign in and then almost always it tells me that it doesn't recognize my email addy so I then get pissed and quit trying. Just know that I read your journals every time you post them..

Melissa said...

good luck with everything, love the pics *hugs*

Brittany said...

I'm keeping everything i have crossed that AOL and Blogger help you out and everything works out. I'd like very much for you to stay!

I would still read you if you went elsewhere but i wouldn't want you to leave this community because you are a big part of it. ya know??

Anyways...I don't come to your journal just to see your tags...I actually read what you write LMAO! People really just come here for your graphics???

There are people that will only comment you if you comment them..but there are also people that don't comment anyone at all..they just want you to read them but could care less about you...i call those people "Selfish Bloggers" They only care about their blog and their comments..they never return the favor. I usually just stop reading them all together.

Granted Blogging isn't just about comments...if i only got one comment and entry i wouldn't mind..but comments do make it fun. to real others thoughts on your thoughts. For me blogging IS ABOUT reading other people too...I enjoy reading peoples never feels like a chore or something I HAVE to do...I like to.

Hope you Stay!

Leslie said...

Hey hun, *hugs* I have to say as always lol beautiful pictures. My gosh there just stunning. I love the colors, so beautiful beyond words ;) Anyhow i think about every1 here said what i was going to to say lol. But I will say it anyway :) I really am crossing my fingers that u finally get your journal to migrate. That someone finally answers your questions & gives you real help. You have been more then patient its just unreal what aol & blogger are NOT doing. I really hope it wont have to come to you leaving here cause of it all. I feel already you made a new home here. You are the heart of aol/blogger wherever. So i guess my pt is lol, i would follow u wherever dear i would. As for ppl coming here for just your tags not right. Shame on u ppl :( I get you like the tags, i love them too lol. But seriously ppl read what Donna has to say, she is an amazing woman to know. I just cant believe some ppl these days, *shakes head* Just so you know i come here more then the tags lol. As for comments i admit i can be a comment begger haa, lol. Well i was more on aol. I guess since i had my journal on aol private i was sad i didnt get as many comments. But then i was like hello I'm private thats why lol. But really i think about ti and its not just about how many ppl come by or how many comments u get. Its just about those who end up being loyal and become your friends. Thats what matters. You know there reading even if they dont comment. All though yes i would like to get more comments. But im not going to get all upset if i dont. U get me lol? Im babbling. But thats my take on it. Well dear take care. Have a good day ahead. ttys, xo, Leslie

Jeannette said...

Guido has said that there should be some news about moving journals during this week. We shall just have to see.

Dannelle said...

I enjoy your place because of you. Tags are nice but your entries are much more! I like reading and visiting here. I also have photo envy (lol) your picturea are always inspiring. Dannelle

Lainey Laine said...

Thanks Donna you are so right - of course people are trying to get settled - I must admit I was getting worried that I havent had as many comments but they are coming back to me slowly which is good! I do feel a bit better now I've prettied up my blog. I just absolutley love your photos! I would never ever get bored with them. They are just stunning! Laine xxxxx

Kathy said...

What beautiful pictures! I reminds me of the Blue Ridge Parkway here in NC.

Yep, people are still decorating their new homes and trying to find all the plug ins and light switches.

Bridgett said...

D...those pictures are FAB! I just love autumn. All the splendid colors and the crisp, cool days. Makes me so darn content.

As for comments, I could care less. LOL I've never written for comments. The one thing that's aggravating me about blogger though is that it doesn't update private blogs. So nobody ever knows when I've updated my private Parker journal. ::sigh:: Feedblitz doesn't work either, apparently.

So while there's a lot of things I like about blogger, there's several things I don't like too. Same with AOL, I guess.


Emmi said...

Just beautiful. You make me remember of being a kis living in MO ...

Joyce said...

Beautiful the colors.
Whatever you decide...I will support you and I hope what you will find, will be better for you...if you stay...we are always here...and you are always welcome my way!
Hugs and love,

Jan said...

I wouldnt like you to go off somewhere and not know where you are ,and hey who needs tags ,Im too busy looking at your beautiful pictures ,I bet you are looking forward to the wedding with mixed feelings, bless you , Jan xx

Joyce said...

I understand your frustration about the migration D. I didn't have that much so I didn't concern myself, but you have years of stuff to pull over. About follower's and comments - I'm amazed at 153 followers and 32 comments.....What's up with that?
I know it's hard to keep up sometimes and when it becomes a chore then take a break.
Hugs, Joyce

Hollie said...

I'm sorry that things still haven't worked out with your journal. If you leave blogger please let me know where you are going. I do love your tags, but I'd rather talk to you & see your photos than have your I'm not here for just what you can do for me. I value you as a friend!!


Terri said...

Donna...keep the pics coming..they are gorgeous!!! I love the ones with the falls...just beautiful!

I cannot believe people are emailing you just about your graphics, they are missing out on getting to know a wonderful person ...YOU!

As far as comments, I love getting comments...but by no means do I expect people to comment on every entry... I don't think I have ever gotten over Like you said some won't comment unless you read and comment them...and sometimes it comes down to having time to leave a comment...I do try to comment on most every entry I read...Unless I just honestly don't know what to say...

I hope the wedding plans and everything falls into place this week...I bet it will be beautiful...hope we get to see some pics =)

I do hope you get some answers from AOL/ you said..get some knads and give people the advice and answers they are seeking...I would be fuming!

Have a good week...

MariesImages said...

Wonderful autumn images! Did you get the camera from your co-worker? Are you now using it???
ARe the falls near you?
Feel free to answer any of the above questions....Ü

MISSY said...

I'm not using you for your tags :) I know what you mean though. People seem to always be around when you have something to offer.

Loved the 2nd pic.

Linda said...

People never cease to amaze me ::shakes head:: asking for tags!

The colors of fall to captured are stunning....STUNNING!! They are among the prettiest I've seen...I'm in awe of nature at times.

I'll follow you anywhere my friend, as long as you don't ask me to drink koolaide;) ROFL, ROFL!!

Love & Pooh Hugs,

Allison said...

OMG I just love those pictures. I wish we had that sort of picture around here. Just heat and winds. Hope you have a happy hump day Donna. Luv ya!

Anonymous said...

Why give up after this short time weve been here? We have only been here like a week or two, and You know its going to take awhile to get things ironed out with blogger and JLAND and the " GREAT MIGRATION" and I hate to say it your only choice thats left is WORDPRESS and they have a crappy system where you have to buy things to get bigger text or edit your HTML and layout. Trust me its not worth using wordpress

its alot worse than BLOGGER.

Blogger really blows wordpress out of the water.

Basically what im saying is hang in! its going to get better just give AOL and Blogger the time. ( I know you've been waiting ) but I would just keep hounding blogger and AOL until your satisfied!

--- Christopher

Teresa said...

ack, don't you dare go anywhere! LOL I love your pics :) I WISH I could take photo's like that...Cindy can, she's a camera/photo geek, me I point and shoot ROFL.
Love that pic with the cliffs, it's beautiful, but they are all beautiful, per usual. Blessings* Teresa