Friday, October 24, 2008

~ Have your Way with Me ~

You little piggies.. get your minds out of the gutter!  I had today scheduled off since the beginning of the year.  I wanted to be available if my niece needed any last minute things done.  Turns out she had it all under control and I was the one who had last minute chores.
I had my hair appointment at noon.  I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do, but when it comes to my hair I am so undecided.  I like it longer for those lazy days.. I pull it up.   I can leave it down either with my natural curl or straigthen it.  Lately it's been up more then down.  I got lazy all the way around. 
So I sit in the chair to add a little color to cover the gray.  Ok, lots of color to cover lots of gray.  LOL   As we discussed the hair style.  I tell my hairdresser, 'Dawn, have your way with me.'  So off she went with scissors and comb.  I watched my curls fall to the floor.  I have to think a good 6 inches came off.  In the back even more.   The wedge won out.  It's not shaved in the back, but more stacked.   But holy shit it is short.  I haven't been this short in a very long time.  No more pulling it up.  I am hoping I can go curly or straight.   If not I will go back and have it all taken off after the wedding.  
It's a mess now so no pictures, but I will share I promise.  I went and paid to have my nails polished.  LOL  I never do them.  I don't even file them unless I absolutely have to.  I walked in and told the guy what I wanted, a french manicure.  He grabbed my hands and said my nails were too long.    He rubbed, pulled, and twisted.  He wanted to know what I did to get them so strong.  I have no clue.  So off came some of the nail and on went the polish.  I'd never had that done before.  Imagine that, at my age I've never gone to a salon to have my nails done.   It was a treat and it was nice.  I was amazed at how quickly they polished.  Had I tried to get the white just on my tip I'd still be doing it.  LOL
So tomorrow is the big day.  I will get up and get to my nieces about 11ish.  Just to be there for her while the girls get ready.  Not to replace Mom.  No one can do that.  My sister was a gem, and it would be impossible to match her sensitivity, calmness, and love.  Mass is at 1 and the reception at 6.  In between we will do pictures and then I will go and have one printed to put in a frame.  An arrangement made with her sister as a surprise, so SHHHHHHHH
It's been fairly nice today, but a bit windy.  Tomorrow... oh they are calling for rain.  Nasty rain.  They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, but I wish and hope it will hold off for a bit.  Her plans are to have pictures done outside.   Not sure what her alternative is but if it's raining we will find out, eh?
Either way, I know my sister will be smiling down with such pride.  The day will be perfect, I know it.  Maybe some tears, but we will get through it.
I know lots of folks out there changed their comment format.  I find it difficult.  Maybe it's me, but I get error messages several times before the comment actually goes.  Oh well.  I like the little picture/icons.  It helps me figure out who is who when the name is the same.   Again, I wanted to mention the email address in your profile.  So many times I've gotten comments that I want to respond to but I have no email.  So I end up going to that journal and answering the question.  GRRRR  it would be so much easier if the email was there.  I hope those that haven't done it will reconsider.
To date I've heard nothing more about the alternate migration set up.  I was told maybe by the beginning of the week.  That is cutting it awful close, and I do hope it works.  If not I will try removing tag requests and doing it the old way.  I just hope they give me the time to do so. 
My shoulder is a bit better.  Still a bit sore when I move it 'this way', so I've decided not to move it like that :)
I have a ton of nervous/excited energy so I'm thinking when the reception starts things will all fall into place and all my little aches and pains will disappear. 
Hope everyone is doing great and I will be around more.. promise


Yasmin said...

Hope you have a fabulous day tommorrow, and if the sun shines that your sister smiling at you all.

The migration process is a mess, and they are cutting it fine to get it all finished by the end of next week, an update would be nice, anything just to reassure people, that they are doing something!

I have manicures every two weeks, it's great just to be

Have a great time


Mari said...

I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow ....Your sister will be looking down ...proud

Hugs Mari

Veronica B. EDMD said...

Yeah D! It's fun to have a pamper day! I hope the weather is great for tomorrow. Can't wait to see the pics!


Melissa said...

so do u like ur hair? I hope the wedding goes great

Bridgett said...

I can't believe it's already time for the wedding! Time is flying.

I'm dying to see your hair. Post pictures fast, please! :)

Have a wonderful weekend, D.

Love ya!

Terri said...

I cannot wait to see your hair!! I bet it looks so cute..i haven't had anything done to mine since march...i really need least before I am lazy I keep mine up almost always...i've never had a manicure but i've had a pedicure and gosh it feels great...

Enjoy the wedding...have a blast at the reception and shake yo groove thang =)

I know your sister with be watching over you all and be so very proud of her daughter...big hugs!!!


gina said...

i know tomorrow will be beautiful and i can't wait to see pix...of your new do as well. :) i like the dried thistles(?) that green background really sets them off.

Justplainbill said...

Donna, 154 followers, the most I have seen on blog, and you want us to have our way with you. Are you nuts. Enjoy the wedding.
Found the candle site again and was glad I could say a prayer for your sister, Bill

Carolina said...

Have a wonderful day--you are an awesome Aunt-your sister would be proud-hugs and love-Carolina

Joyce said...

Here's hoping tomorrow will go smoothly and will be wonderful for everyone. Can't wait to see the photo's. As for the comment thingy...I like the new way so much better. Could it be that D has a really hard time with change. LOL.
Hugs, Joyce

Indigo said...

Can't wait to see the new hair cut or pictures of the wedding. I know there will be plenty of those. Have a great day tomorrow hon, you will be in my will your sister. (Hugs)Indigo

Debbie said...

I said a prayer that the rain would hold off for the wedding and reception. I'm sure everything will fall in place and it will be beautiful. I know it will be bittersweet, may the tears that fall be wiped away by your Angel in heaven, she'll be there, I have no doubt.
Love ya,

Sugar said...

glad your day went well today.
now go & have a wonderful time tomorrow!

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Hope you have a great say tomorrow. Hugs, Alvia

Traci said...

Can't wait to see your new 'do! I know tomorrow will be bittersweet. Praying for a good one for y'all.

Julia said...

I bet your hair looks great. I have all my blogs transfered that I want to keep. Finally. Love your photo's.

Stephycce said...

Yay you pampered yourself!
Can't wait for pics.
Good Luck tomorrow.
Test my comment LOL.

ELLIE said...

Have a FABULOUS time girlfriend - breathe in every second of wedding - enjoy it all - take tons of pics - have a blast - and go crazy!!!
enjoy your weekend - I know you will!!
hugs hugs hugs--Ellie

Linda said...

By the time the wedding is over and you see this, I will probably be off to my magic place to see Mandy! I so hope the wedding is one that dreams are made of....a beautiful day of memories for your family. I know it is bittersweeet in many ways because Pat is not there in person to see her beautiful baby walk down that isle. But you & I both know she is there in spirit, and I'm sure you will feel her presence many times throughout the day.
I wish every good thing for the happy couple and you....I cannot wait to get home and see the pictures. I know that you, my friend, will be beautiful :)

Pooh Hugs To Last 10 days!

Jeannette said...

I have never had my nails done, not once. Cannot wait until I see your new hairstyle. Have a great time at the wedding.

I love your widget with the top commentors, so unusual. I went to check it out but could not make head not tail of it. You know me and computer stuff - dumb! So I guess I will not be adding that but I do like it very much.

Jeannette said...

Oh, I mean to say, yes, they are cutting it very fine with the migration process, too fine in my opinion. If it fails then there is not going to be time to doing anything else. Let us hope that is not what the intention is.

Darlene said...

Love the flowers! I can't wait to see your hair, and pics of the wedding. Are you the photograper for the wedding? Even if rain is supposed to bring good luck, it still sucks on the day of a wedding..
oh, and every girl needs a manicure, next time go for the pedicure. Nothing says I love me, like a day at the salon Donna!
Hope the wedding goes wonderful, you sis will be there, you know?
xo Darlene

Hollie said...

I can't wait to see your hair....I bet it's a pretty style. You just haven't had it that short in a long time... I've never had a manicure nails are usually too short...LOL I grow them out , but they are so brittle that they continously break.

I'll be praying for you all today. I know it's going to be a wonderful day, but I also know that you all will miss your sister.... I know that your niece would be lost without you!


Beth said...

I hope all goes well at the wedding, and the sun will shine long enough for some beautiful pictures!

I think French manicures look great. Very clean and classy. I've never had my nails done at a salon, either! I did a French manicure on myself once, though, and it turned out very nice! I stopped wearing nail polish because of working in the lab. One of the things we often used was acetone, which is the chief ingredient in nail polish remover. LOL So one little splash of that, and your lovely polished nails were toast!

Have fun at the wedding!


lisa jo said...

I have never had a manicure or a pedicure in my life. I am SO SO glad you got a manicure and WOW, i am so proud you cut your hair. I can not wait to see a pic or two of your gorgeous face!!
I have you in my thoughts today. I KNOW your sister is watching and her spirit is so close to you all today. LOVE YOU!

Martha said...

I hope it's the perfect day! Can't wait to see photos! :-)

Missie said...

I'm sure it's been a perfect day for a wedding!

Leslie said...

Hi hun, *hugs* Just wanted to wish u a good weekend. Ty for the love on my blog. Its always good to hear from you. I cant wait to see the new do too. Wow it does sound short, lol. Considering you had your hair longer for awhile right? I bet it looks great though. A lot easier to manage too im sure. Thats great you had the day off to help ur niece with any last min things. The wedding sounds like its going to be beautiful. I really hope it didnt rain. I know esp for good pic taking rain would dampen that. Im so glad u got urself a manicure too. Thats great u treated urself. Dont feel bad i havent gotten a manicure ever sadly lol. Agian i cant wait to hear about the wedding i bet it was beautiful. I am sure too ur sis was watching from above the whole time with a smile ;) I am also crossing my fingers for the migration to finally happen for u this coming week. Aol and blogger better get it together, lol. Take care dear. Have a good night and day tomm :)
xo, Leslie

Malagutigrrl said...

Hope the wedding was beautiful! Details please,

Jeannette said...

I foiund it hard to do comments the other way, kept getting errors! I can't wait to see your photos, I hope the day went well for your niece. That's very brave of you to have your hair cut so short! I've never had my nails done, always do them myself. They're very strong like yours ~ I've no idea why! Lol! I hope all your aches and pains have disappeared now. Enjoy your Sunday! Jeannette xx

Dannelle said...

I can imagine you are looking quite glam today! I got a little misty when you mentioned your sis- Enjoy the day- looking forward to pictures! Dannelle

Linda said...

I am looking forward to seeing pics of your new hair cut. I love getting my nails done I just never seem to have the time. I hope the wedding is beautiful! Have fun. Linda

k2shine said...

I must say when it came to the part you said and pictures will be taken I'm thinking NOOOO ~D pictures. Of course I know you meant those professional ones, but my money is on your pics to be the best. I'm for sure the wedding had your sister's love all throughout it. God Bless Your family.

Tabby said...

Well I am reading your entries backwards so I have already seen your hair and I think it looks great! Glad it was a fun time for all.

MISSY said...

I would never tell a Hairdresser to have their way with me lol.. that takes a lot of nerve. *M*

MISSY said...

I would never tell a Hairdresser to have their way with me lol.. that takes a lot of nerve. *M*

~Stevie~ said...

OMG, I've never seen such beautiful wedding pics! Stunning bride, gorgeous groom, great location for the group pics, and you look awesome D, you really do!!

Thanks so much for sharing.

Love you loads