Thursday, October 23, 2008

~ They Did it Again ~

Holy Crap!  They did it again.  The boys came back to win in OT.  This was a bizarre game to say the least.  Playing the Wild in MN.  Tough team to play against.  They definitely play the trap and once they get the lead they are extremely hard to score on. 
Dreeeeeeeeeeeeew scored again with about 5 minutes left in the first period.  Pass from Roy, he turns to the backhand.  Shoots it over the shoulder, top shelf where Momma hides the cookies.  Buffalo up 1-0 at the end of one.
Not exactly sure what the hell happened in the second but the boys got a bit lazy.  Didn't fight for the loose puck, back checking was horrible and they had waaaaaaaaay to many odd man rushes.  Miller fought hard to keep us in the game but the boys got lazy attempting to help clear the puck out of the zone.   Second period ends 2-1 with the Wild on top.
Twenty nine seconds into the third.  Miller comes out of the net to clear the puck.  Burns coming fast and hard.  Ryan tries to clear the puck and it tips off Burns stick and into the net.  The disgust and disbelief on Miller's face was evident.  Damn it!  So the boys are down 3-1.  The noose gets tight.  Trap, trap, and more trap.  Gaaaaawd I hate that kind of play.  Makes for boring hockey being played between the blue lines.
Time is ticking down.  Four minutes left in the game.  'Cmon boys, fight hard.  And they do.  Mair is in front of the net and tips a slapshot into the net.  Back in it.  Score 3-2.  Not 46 seconds later Vanek scores again.  Whuuuu huuuu not only did he tie it up he scored in front of what some might say was his hometown crowd.  He's from Austria, but has been in MN since he was 14.  He helped the Gophers win their championship several years ago.  His girlfriend is from there.  Hmmm.. or is it his wife now?  Either way the crowd loves him but not when he is scoring on their boys.  Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeap you guessed it we are going to overrrrrrrrrrrrrrtime. 
I run to the restroom and barely get back on the couch in a comfy position.  Forty four seconds into OT, a scramble in front of the net.  Roy scores ending the game.  Buffalo wins 4-3.  Yeah Baby.. that's what I'm talking about!    Seven games and ::knocking on wood:: we haven't lost in regulation.  Out of a possible 14 points the boys have 13.   This without 3 of our starting centers and one of our horses on defense. 
Ok boys... keep it up!!!
Brit... sorry 'bout the Bruins :(  I was cheering for 'em I promise!!


Linda said...

Yesterday it was "The Boys Are Back In Town" and today it's "Oops, They Did It Again"....your team is just bustin out in song, D. :):)

Glad they are winning for you...I love to read how excited you are about it!

Pooh Hugs,

ELLIE said...

now doesn't it do your heart good that the boys are hanging tough - go BUFFALO~!~

Mari said...

yay Donna's team would be a riot to sit beside at the game.

Have a great Friday

MISSY said...

Glad your team won! You'd make a great commentary by the way :) *M*

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I saw that. Wow, they are doing awesome and to think you almost weren't in your seat. LOL at the new comments. I saw yours on Joyce's. I like the pictures also. Lots of people have the same names. The pics are the only way I can keep track. Love ya!

lisa jo said...

I love your titles! Congrats to your team for winning again! I know that keeps you happy! XOXO

Lainey Laine said...

oooh how exciting!! Keep it up Donna's boys!!!!!

Dawn said...

You could be a sport announcer, with such vivid descriptions. I'm sad about the Bruins too.

Emmi said...

whoo hoo ... congrats to your team for another win.

Tabby said...

What a great play by play, I feel like I was there. Glad your team won they are doing WICKED awesome.
Have a great day

Brittany said...

Sadly my boys lost last night 4-2.
But there was some glass breaking craziness in the second period. Milian Lucic hit Toronto into the glass and it broke completely all over the fans...they had to be taken to the hospital.

But the Bruins need to step it up!

moshell's lilbit of space said...

I have said it before and I will say it should seriously be an announcer.

Good job boys...

Leslie said...

I agree with your friends hun u seriously should be an announcer. I really feel like im there everytime you do entries about your boys. Im soo glad they came back and won, woohooo!!! My Rays did that last night. I was flippin out. Im just soo excited for them. It sounded like a great, nail biting game for sure hun. Oh and the previous entry amazing pics. My gosh hun thats great you go to go to the game a few nights ago was it? You just take awesome epics. I cant say it enough. i felt like i was right there. good job. Anyway hun. Hope you have a good rest of day & weekend ;) Love yah, Leslie

Joyce said...

Ain't winning fun? Hope it continues for your boys and mine.
Hugs, Joyce

Lippy said...

LOL! Glad you're still lovin' Da Boys!

And how nice of them to cooperate with you by winning!

Terri said...

Yay for your boys!!!

Have a wonderful time at the wedding tomorrow...I know it will be just beautiful...can't wait to hear all about it and see pics!

Big Hugs!

Martha said...

Looks like it's been an exciting week in hockey for you!
Any luck with the journal transfer yet? ::keeping my fingers crossed::

Martha said...

Looks like it's been an exciting week in hockey for you!
Any luck with the journal transfer yet? ::keeping my fingers crossed::

Justplainbill said...

All Bill can say very quietly is Go Flyers, we are dead.
and again go Eagles, dead again.

Lastly go Phillies this is our year in sports.