Sunday, June 21, 2009

~ A Different View ~


Aaaahhhh  much better :)   This is the picture I wanted to use in my entry last night.   I loved how it came out.  The black circle framing the picture is actually my add on zoom.  Some of you might remember the photo's I took of 'bug' awhile back that I used it on.  I loved the effect, so I used it one night shooting the sunset/moon out my bathroom window.  I traced the circle and added a drop shadow to see how that looked.  Definitely different.  
So, is it all blurry for you?  Fuzzy?  Distorted?  It might be if you are using AOL's browser.  I wrote to Photobucket after the issues I had last night with my pictures.  I got a response from them today.  Damn I was surprised by their response.  I guess AOL is really going to hell in a handbasket.  See their response below.
The issues you are experiencing are due to the AOL browser. Please read the
following FAQ link in regards to supported web browsers and update at this
time for full functionality as we no longer support the AOL browser.
Your Photobucket Support Team
So after reading I went and installed Firefox.  OMG!!!  I cannot believe how easy it was.  How fast the download and install were.   I'm in the process of moving my favorites here.  I will definitely be using this as my main browser going forward.  The pages are so crisp and clean.  My pictures look like my pictures.   I know many of you aren't into doing things like this but you can open the browser up right over AOL if you like.  Believe me when I say it will make a difference.  Plus I have to wonder how long it will be that AOL will have the support of any of the outside services we use.  Slowly but surely things are disappearing.  Is AOL next?  I know we've talked about this in the past, but each day it seems to get closer and closer.  Sad really..............
Thanks to all the words of support and love from my last post.  I so appreciated it.  I have missed you all!!  Kind of surprised by the lack of requests on my tag offer, but then again I'm not.  I don't think folks are using them like they use to.  But alas... try firefox :)   
Fathers day was a good one.  We all gathered at my parents.  It was tons of fun but the weather could have been better.  We've been getting a good chunk of rain.. as has so much of the country.  I'm looking forward to this week.  High 70's - 80's for the week.  Can you say parents built in pool after work?   LOL   Hope all the Dad's out there had a great Father's day.....  and those Mom's that had dual roles I sure hope your day was good as well.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

~ Tag Request - Saddle Up ~

Expires 6/25/2009 at noon
Yes I extended because I'm not here as often
Limit 1
All requests must be in before the expiration date. An email address is required so I can send you your tag.
No email, no tag... sorry.
Please make sure files are saved as a .gif to keep the animation.
Do not cut, rip, or edit my tags Resizing is editing. I've cut the size so they should fit in your blog just fine.
Do not claim as your own
For personal use only

~ So True ~

I saw this wordart over at Linda's place and had to grab it.  Her work is fabulous.  Thanks Linda!!!  I'm not real happy right now though.  It's been forever since I've been around.  Not that I've been extremely busy, but for some reason I've no motivation to be here.  Then tonight I decide to do a post and I can't get my photo's to post properly.  They look all blurry and distorted.  I see them fine on my PC but even in photobucket they look horrible.  Old ones too.  So much for a free service, eh?   Ptttuuu  'Nuff pissing and moaning about that.  I will figure something out. 
All is good on my front.  I'm doing really really good.  I'm back to work as you know and every evening I am walking about 2 miles.  Doesn't sound like much but I am excited.  I went from not being able to walk 2 minutes to walking 2 miles.  I will continue to try and go further, but for not I'm happy. 
I haven't been kickin up my heels or anything but I really haven't been around.  I log on, sift through mail.  Deleting more junk everyday.  I go here and there and then I'm gone.  Sometimes I forget to log off, but I'm not near the PC.  Sad I know.  I am not even sure why.  I miss folks like mad and I do mean that!  Maybe I feel so out of the loop it is overwhelming trying to catch up.  Sometimes I even feel selfish about it.  I keep telling myself I will get back into it, then another day passes.  Then a week.  Don't think I don't care that is not it. 
You'd think with all the time that has passed I'd have a ton to say.  I don't.  No news is good news, eh? 
I won't bore you with a bunch of mumbo jumbo.  Just wanted to pop in and say hello.  Let you know I'm doing well and I so appreciate you all for checking in. 
Now if someone could clue me on what  happened with graphics in the weeks I've been gone I'd appreciate it.  These look pitiful!!!!