Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

~ Break Up - Break Down ~


Heeeeeeeeeeeey ... yeap a post from me. I want to start by saying I am so sorry that I've not been around. I could list a bunch of half assed excuses but truth is I've not had the desire. I don't feel great physically or mentally. I want to be strong and positive but it doesn't always go that way. I've had several feel sorry for me days. Many a days that I cried for hours on end. Breakdowns like I'm not use to.

I have my additional surgery scheduled for March 10. I will most likely be in the hospital about a week. Though no bones will be broke for this bypass more organs will be moved so the surgery is a bit longer then my heart bypass but recovery should be faster. Let's hope!! Let's also hope this works. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!

Once my recovery is on it's way and I'm home I will most likely look into talking to someone... maybe a shrink.. who knows. I just know I can't ride these emotions all the time. I can't control them and since I can't I need to understand them.

Work has been ok. I actually think it's been good for my head. Seeing friends and being up and out. Three times a week after work I go right to rehab. Though it can be painful most times it is a good work out pain. My foot does cause me some distress and makes some things impossible to do but I fight through it. Sometimes with tears sometimes without. It's good tho :)

Last week the weather here broke. The temps were in the high 40's and we had a massive melt down. The above a neighbors backyard. I loved the way the fog lingered. I love the spooky effect. I also took a ride to a local park. The ice and broken up in the creek and it once the blockage broke way the water, ice, and tree branches moved through at great speed. I took a video that blurred in places but I can't figure out how to get it into blogger. Pisses me off. GRRRR If you're interested stop by YouTube to see it. Meltdown If you know how to embed, HELP!

LOL This is kind of how I've felt the past couple weeks... all mixed up and moving out of control. Hope everyone is doing good and I do hope you'll say a couple prayers... I'm extremely anxious over this.



Sunday, February 8, 2009

~ Mystery Blogger XV ~

No, No I've not forgotten.  Those of you that sent your pictures they are here I just need some time to get around to things.  The days of me being on the computer for hours on end are over right now.  I am hoping to get back into the swing of things and be here more often then I've been lately ............. please just be patient with me .....
Now what a beauty, don't you think?   Here are some hints this young lady sent me...  make your guess in the comments.  Can't wait to hear who we come up with this time.
Here's my pic:
They're gonna guess me right away!! lol maybe not.
Here's my hints: I'm still blonde, I love to cook, and I love gardening.

~ GIVE... a hand up ~

Mornin! Some of you may remember the 'Giving Tree' from AOL journals. Well, our very own Mary has decided to continue here on Blogger. It's a great idea and I am sure it has and will help lots of folks. Please click on the picture and save the link. Come by to see if you can offer something or by all means ask if you need something. This is about community and we've shown over and over we are the best! Feel free to grab the graphic and add it to your blog and spread the word. The more that know about it the more effective it is. 'Cmon, no go and spread the word. Thanks!