Sunday, October 19, 2008

~ Lights Out ~

No this is not a bad joke towards the Chargers.  Tho the Bills did win the game today 23-14, it was done without power for almost half the game.  Believe it or not a metalic helium balloon got caught up in the electrical wires outside the stadium and caused a power outage at the stadium and for some surrounding businesses.  This affected everyone.  At first the NFL stopped play, but then they continued it was without the scoreboard, without the play clock, without any form of communication.  The officials did a count down on the field for the quarterbacks to get the plays off and believe it or not both teams were called for a delay of game.  The radio play was done by the announcers calling into the stations via cell phones, and then it was broadcast.  TV coverage?  Oh we had none we got to watch another game during the outage.  How freaking nuts is that?   For a short time power was restored, then a generator a block away blew causing another power outage.    Ummm...  guess the Chargers lost the juice.  Ok sorry Charger fans.. couldn't help it, that was a bad joke. 


Heli gunner Tom said...

You seem to be doing well and adjusting to the new Blogspot thing.
Somehow most of my old friends and email buddies and those who comment do visit me anymore -- or don't know where I am! I tried to put out the word and email my people... Ha!
You can't count on anyone or any org. to keep their word or commitment these days. I guess I am one of those weird people in the Mid West who cling to their guns and bibles... lol.
Hope you are doing well.

Tom Schuckman

Linda said...

Whoa...I bet that was strange!

Pooh Hugs,

LIZ said...

Go ahead and rub it

lisa jo said...

WOW....what a frustrating day for football players and fans!! I bet that was one hell of a game to be at! XO

Joyce said...

Here lately I have been watching more and more football...the games have been so intense this season...hugs and love,

Joyce said...

What a mess that was huh? As you know, I am on cloud 9 with the TN Titan's being at 6 & 0. Who'd a thunk it?
Hugs, Joyce

MISSY said...

That's crazy lol. *M*