Saturday, October 11, 2008

~ The View ~

Aaahhhh this one is a bit clearer then others I've gotten from the same spot.  I am actually about 25 or so miles from the city.  I like this spot, and keep hoping for a clear day so I can get a really good shot.  I hardly time it correctly.  I'm about 20 miles in the other direction from this spot, so tho it may appear clear at my house it hasn't been when I got there. 

I went out today to clear my head.  This whole migration thing has given me a horrid view.  AOL doesn't seem to really care.  Yes, I know some have migrated with no issues at all.  Some have had issues but after countless times it worked.  Me, I've not been so lucky.  AOL and Blogger both have tried a few times over 3 days and they are not successful at all.  They tell me they are working on it. 

I've lost faith.  I've been lied to by AOL many times.  In the past I watched as folks had their journals disappear and they were told there was nothing that could be done to restore them.  Others deleted in error and they got the same answer.  But low and behold, now they have restored both journals and comments successfully.   How ironic.  I'm not sure of time frames here so don't go asking if they can restore yours too. 
They are in need of looking like hero's for their short comings in screwing us as well as not taking the time to test larger journals to see if the migration would in fact work.  With the number that went over they feel all warm and comfy with the results and surely will give us that it didn't work for empathy but in my head and heart that isn't good enough.  I've gone to bloggers help message board and there are more issues and questions there then answers.  Hell, I'm not even sure anyone is checking.  :::sigh:::   I know there are still a few days, but the view from where I'm sitting isn't as pretty as the picture above.

I appreciate all the suggestions, help, ideas, and support.  I will let you know that I've taken the entry from Nov 7, 2007 and all 163 comments and saved them into a word document.  Your support, love, and prayers for me during the illness and death of my sister remains a part of me.  Reminds me exactly what the community is.  It's not a place it's the people!  Thank you! 

While I was taking pictures I saw this.  Anyone see anything wrong?  That little girl has a swimsuit on.  Yes she did go in the water too.  I know how kids can be, but a simple no would suffice.  It surely wasn't that warm out.  The lady with her has a sweatshirt on!!!
Brings me to my next point.  Something's wrong.  I am not trying to cause mass hysteria, but I've not gotten an answer either which makes me wonder.  How much room do we actually have here?  If my journal is too large to bring over what do we actually get here?  Will we hit a certain point and have to start yet another journal?   Do all the graphics we post that are stored on photobucket get counted towards that size/limit?  That has me a bit worried.  I do a lot of graphics... and what.. I can get a few entries before I run out of space?  Do I need to remove pictures in the archive to get added space?  Why won't anyone answer that?
I'm done bitching, moaning, and groaning.  The count down is on I guess... will they or won't they figure out the issues with my migration and so many others or will our journals just slip into the black hole of AOL.  Just remember none of you will go into that black hole.  You've become very special to me. 


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Very nice pictures.

Leslie K. said...

First of all hun, great pics always :) There beautiful. I really enjoy your pictures :) 2nd i dont blame you or anyone else for being upset with aol and this whole damn mess. Its bs major bs they have lied to is all this whole time. The way they handled this whole aol journal shutdown thing has been crappy :( I very much agree with u hun when u said aol just doesnt really care. I think They dont, they just care about covering their own u know what. I was one of the lucky ones to have my blog migrated fine. Honestly i was surprised. Thats why originally i copied most of my entries. I saw the migration thing a few days later, decided to give it a shot. It worked. I just feel for you and others whos migration hasnt been successful. It just stinks because of you having so many entries, graphics, pics, etc Your blog is having trouble migrating. Its just awful :( I really hope they will fix yours and others soon. I can see its so frustrating to you as it should be. Your also very right when you said its not just about the place its the people. Very true. Your welcome hun, we all love you and we will all be here for you. Just as you will be here with us. Thats what real community is about we all come together good and bad times. The pts you made at the end of the entry i agree with too. Anyway hun have a good night. agian i really hope they can finally solve this and get your journal and others to migrate. ttys hun, *hugs, Leslie

Beth said...

I really hope they can get things figured out for you, Donna. I'm sorry that it's been so distressing for you.

Great pictures!


ELLIE said...

GEEZ girlfriend - I cannot believe that they cannot get your journal over here....but that is just so typical of AOL - they are a very bitter company - it is crazy!!
I am unaware of a limited amount of space at blogger - I have been here for two years (with my art blog) and do not know of any limit...if you find out something let me know and I will do the same for you. I so love the photos - especially the one of the city - just brings back the girl in the bathing suit only made me cold - LOL.
I hope you have a beautiful weekend--take care of you

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

D, you have brought up some very legitimate questions which have been bugging me also since I saw how much trouble it was to get my graphics journal over here with far less than yours. I also wonder how much space we have. Gudio isn't particularly thrilled with all of this. I would query him as he seems to know quite a bit about blogger. I truly pray that they are working on a way to get your journal here. I didn't realize just how much they meant til I had them both over here. Love ya!

Big Mark 243 said...

Nice pictures. You are so right about the little girl in her bathing suit. There are times where you need to stand your ground and say 'no'. It won't kill your child. Pneumonia could though.

Sorry about your trouble with your journal migration. I certainly understand about 'the people', because there are folks out here that feel like friends I see reg'larly at the Astoria, and it feels like we are having a chat!

Hope this thing resolves favorably for you.

sheri said...

I hope you get the help you need with transferring..You have so much, it would be a shame to lose it all.
I love the skyline. The other picture is something that I have seen a lot of. I have seen women with little babies that have bare feet and arms and the moms are wearing sweaters...I'll never understand that one.
Hope all goes well for you,

Indigo said...

Love the view (what NY'er wouldn't *winks*) I'm sorry they're struggling with your journal hon. I know it will end up being a pain in the kazoo, but what if you asked if they could divide the journal to get it over here. Migrate it into 2 parts instead of struggling with the whole. At the very least you would have all your entries saved. It's just and ideal, since you mentioned it apparently stops half way through. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. (Hugs)Indigo

Rjet33 said...

I'm so sorry! I didn't realize you had just lost your sister. How awful for you. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I hear what you are saying in this entry! I am thankful I was able to transfer my journals with only a minor hitch with my Country Living Southern Style Journal, but I just deleted the process and started over. Second time around, it worked like a charm. Thanks so much for your recent comment in my blog. I tell you, sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind! I just keep telling myself, "This too shall pass." :-P Loved the photos. I can't believe that woman let that child get in the water when it was obviously not warm! Hope the kid doesn't die of pneumonia!~

Have a wonderful week!~

Melissa said...

very pretty pictures. I wish I had the answer to all ur questions, but im confused too.

Linda said...

I'm trying to think of some way to get your journal over here too, and I love Indigo's idea! What if you wrote Vish and asked to break your journal up? I just want you to have it so badly!!!

Pooh Hugs.

Rose~* said...

I hope you get your archives sorted out. Would be a shame for us, if you lost them all. I often go back and visit and am still amazed at your wonderful talent.

lisa jo said...

you know me and know i have a pic in almost every is part of WHAT i do and WHO i am....and i have songs and tags in every entry you are right..what do we do when we hit a limit? And why is there a limit to photos? WTH?
I feel great empathy for you because i know what your journal means to you and for it to disappear without moving, that is criminal. I would do anything for you if i could. I also tried 100 times in 2 days and got nothing done and was close to real tears when Chris's solution worked for me but i know it has not worked for you.
I had a good friend in J land have AOL delete her private journal for NO reason AND take away her email address too and she did NOTHING wrong! She has left blogging/journaling due to that.
love the pic you took of your city....looks like a magazine photo.
I love you

Mari said...

Great pictures ....I noticed the little girl in her swimming suit and the mom in a sweatshirt ....buff

Anonymous said...

When I uploaded photos in my last entry i swear I saw a little message about there being a limit of 1054mb for pictures. I guess this is because I am uploading them to blogger and they have to store them somewhere so space is limited.
If you use a dedicated website for storing all your designs and then just link the url then that may get around it.
I have no idea about the transfer though. I backed mine up myself and then deleted it from AOL.

Yasmin said...

I'm so Sorry for all the issues you are having trying to migrate your journal I've seen your many comments, lets hope with a new week they may be able to help you.
Great pictures as usual.

Take care

Teresa said...

AOL hasn't cared in a very long time when you think about it. It started even before going to "free" accounts etc. even if you were a paying customer it was a farce.
I really really hope that you figure out something with the Blog...I'm sure you've written to Blogger itself? Lets see how they respond...
Blessings* Teresa

Malagutigrrl said...

I finally got my journal transfered over here only to not be able to "publish" it. It's floating in cyberspace as we speak. I'm ready to let it go but Mary talked me into saving some of the stuff I wrote when Pop was still alive. So I might just have to take a day and go through my archives and save them myself. Screw the dark stuff, that can fall by the wayside...and screw AOL. Skip and I always used to kid that AOL was three people sitting in an office with their fingers up their noses and asses. Which reminds me, I had some lips and assholes for dinner the other night. MMMMmmmmmm.
Hang in there darlin',

Hollie said...

I'm so sorry that you are having so much trouble...I pray that they are working on the problem & that you will be able to transfer... Hugs:) Your pictures are lovely....I can't believe the one of the woman in the sweatshirt & the girl in the swimsuit????

gina said...

i love city scapes! and i agree with you about the child in the swimsuit, but they seem to endure so much more than we least i know mine sure could. lol i'm really sorry you've had such a time with your aol journal. you have so much there...sorrow, joy, friendship, love...not counting all of your wonderful graphics and photos. and that's a good much space do we have here??? hang in there, donna!!

Joyce said...

Loved the photos and yes noticed the girl in the bathing suit. Great view for the first one. Aol has made a mess of things for all of sad. Hope your Sunday is a good one!
Hugs and love,

Dannelle said...

Well, everyone seems to have issues (transfers, questions, no answers)and I don't blame any of us! I am sitting here freezing and laughing about the girl in the swimsuit! I remember swimming in really cold waters at Half Moon Bay (Pacific Ocean!) at that age. Turning blue lipped! Dannelle

Terri said...

Hey Donna..
love the pic of the city!

It saddens me that AOL cannot get your journal to transfer..there has to be a way!!! I really hope they are able to figure something out before the time is up..I know how frustrated you must be!


Debbie said...

I've always thought since the announcement they were closing journals that there are alot of dirty little secrets that haven't been revealed yet. One of the thoughts is that once we are all here is Blogger going to become a paid service?
Our grandson was all excited about seeing your pictures last night. I should have gone over and let him look at the pictures and graphics on your journal. He's seen some of them before but not all.
It's a shame you and so many others have had to deal with this mess without answers.

Martha said...

Great photos as always! I don't get the one with the little girl, but I see it all the time here too up at the beach when it's freezing out - not that it gets "freezing" very often here in Florida - but kids will always be swimming while their parents are wrapped up in warm clothing - weird!

I've said it before - I sure hope they find a way to get your journal moved over. I still haven't been able to mive my private one without losing comments either ::sigh::