Thursday, December 4, 2008

~ Tag Request - Waiting for Santa ~

I need an email address if you request a tag see note below
This is very important. Unlike AOL blogger does not give me an email when I receive your comment alert. I never saved addresses in AOL, so I don't have them, or I have no idea who you are as I don't see your AOL username. I must have an email address when you request a tag. If I don't, your request will be ignored. You can make it really easy and go to your blogger profile and include an email address. It's real easy when you log in you have the option to view your profile or you can view your entire profile from your journal. Edit your profile and add an email. AOL or other it doesn't matter. If you don't want to do that you must leave your address in the comment each time you make a request

Expires 12/6 at noon EST
any requests after that time or without an email will be ignored.
If you'd like your name on this please leave a comment letting me know. Please make sure I get your email address.Do not alter tags No resizing, stopping animation, cutting or ripping to add your name, signature, or any other text. If you need help with animation on your blog let me know I will give you directions.

Limit 1

Graphics are to be used for personal use only. They are not to be used for advertisements or for profit. Thank you for following these terms.


Linda Brown said...

love it.
Please tag waiting for Santa with Linda.
Linda Cassie) said...

one with Cassie Please

LadyLeo said...

Please tag me one with

Missy on it.
Thanks !

Mari said...

Thank you Donna know I snagged this one!!!

Hugs Mari

Carolina said...

I would love to have:


my email address is:

Its just adorable!

Chrissie said...

Oh I love this the little boy reminds me of my grandson around the tree. He's so excited this year.
Please tag me one with Chrissie and send it to TIA

Anonymous said...

These children are mutants!
Where are the rest of their faces??
What type of scary Christmas scene is this?
I hope Santa brings them ears and noses this year.

Darlene said...

adorable D, plz one for Darlene and tyvm! ps..wishing you a wonderful weekend, a that you're feeling better each day!

Anonymous said...

I'd love one with Sandi on it.

Hollie said...

This is soooo sweet. I'd like one if you don't mind. HUGS:) said...

May I please have this tag?


Thanks so much! :)

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Too adorable! Linda please?

GaylaGal said...

Hello there! I'm so sorry for not stopping more often. I've been pretty sick.
This tag is so beautiful! You're such a great, creative gal. Not to mention your gift of photography and great shots you take.
I hope this holiday season is treating you well :) I miss chatting with ya' :)

Merry Christmas!

ELLIE said...

I would love one please with
on it
thanks so much in advance

Leslie said...

This is adorable and so cute. May i please have one?
Leslie on it please :)
Ty soo much hun xo, Leslie

lisa jo said...

i love this! May i please have it with Lisa?
Thank you and Love You

MISSY said...

Cute :) *M*

Joyce said...

Please one with Joyce...I love the snow coming down on the pretty. Hugs and love,

Emmi said...

How adorable! Well done as always. How's life going for ya?

Penny said...

Somehow I ended up at photobucket and commented without realizing. I do love this one . . . may I have it with Penny, please? Thank you, Penny

Traci said...

Thanks! I love this one!

Anita said...



Missie said...

I'm glad to see you still have your creativity, unlike me, who has lost every ounce! LOL

Such a cute tag!

Enjoy your night.

Trees said...

Hi Donna, I love this may I have one with Sharon, please.

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Just stopping in to say hi and see how your feeling also to say thanks for taking the time to share such talent. Take care with hopes your weekend treats you well. Have fun and enjoy,

Maria said...

Very cute tag. May I please have one with Maria?
Thank yo in advance.
Hugs, Maria

Anonymous said...

I would like my name on this tag, It is lovely. My name is XENIA and my e-mail address is

Anonymous said...

Sorry I made a mistake on my previous message . I would like my name on this tag, It is lovely. My name is XENIA and my e-mail address is

Sandra said...

May I have one with Sandra please. Thank you. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

Bethe said...

Cute tag D!