Thursday, December 4, 2008

~ Better ~

Yeah, yesterday at the cardiologist went well.  Not sure I was thrilled with seeing the Nurse Practioner, but what can I do.  They did an EKG which was fine, we went over other test results from the past.  Talked about how I was doing and my emotions.  Kind of different, not knowing how to feel or what to expect.  I still get emotional because I'm not sure what that twitch is, what that pain, why does that feel different, what's that burning sensation.  It gets overwhelming.  Again, I'm told it's normal, but to me it is not normal.  It is so far from normal it isn't funny.  No control over things and no straight up explanations for things I want to know about.   Ok, nuff feeling sorry for me.  We went over the reaction to the meds and because 2 are directly related to my heart, the healing and/or beating of it they put me back on the Lisinipril and Amiodarone.  Ok, so I tell her that the Lisinipril definitely makes me sleepy after I take it and it was scheduled to be taken at 11am.  'Take it before you go to bed.'  Ok, that sounds good.  I started that back up before I went to bed last night.  Amiodarone I took this morning with the other morning meds.  
I slept in today until 9:45.  Wow!  Not something I do often and lately I've been up before 6.  And Bill... I am going to bed early in comparison to what I use to do :)~   So I get up and go to the restroom.  I lift my nightgown to check the hive sites.  Call me paranoid.  Anyway, there on my belly are two fresh red welts.  Ok, what's up with that?   I feel great, sound good, and according to those that see me look wonderful.  Why can't I just heal and get back to things?  Something normal?   I call the Dr's office and discuss my findings.  They requested that I take the Lisinipril again tonight.  I've concluded that to be the culprit as the new welts arrived prior to taking the other.  They explain to me it could be something that was still 'in' my system and not be a 'new' reaction.  Ok, it's not itchy like it was in the past so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.   I've been checking regularly and really don't have an itch sooooooooooooooooooo   maybe it's paranoia after all.  Keep your fingers crossed that I wake up tomorrow with no welts, no new marks, and no itch.  That would make me extremely happy.   I don't want to cry again.....
I did go out to dinner tonight.  I had a gift certificate for a place and I had forgotten all about it.  Earlier in the week my brother mentioned he had one for the same place and it would be expiring soon.  Hmmmm  ding ding.. I remembered mine.  We decided to all go together.  OMG!  I'd never been to this place but the food was amazing and the serving size huge.  I've got enough for another meal :)  Yeah!!!
Anyone else having issues here?  Not sure if it's me or what.  Dashboard didn't want to open, it was difficult getting the new entry option to open, google reader was as slow and shit, and I tried to send my tag requests out and it would look to go then when it was all done I'd get an error, upload aborted.  Hmmm by who?   LOL  Anyway I tried a couple times and same thing.  Then in my sent mail was the mail.  Soooooooo I have no idea if they went at all or if they went numerous times.  If you didn't get it let me know... if you got it more then once forgive me.  GRRRRRRRRRRR   me thinks it's AOL and not blogger at all...  just thought I'd ask if anyone else had issues.  
Ok, off to climb in bed and watch the news.  Hope everyone is doing great.


Lori J said...

Good Evening Friend, Well I guess one thing that helps when you are ignorant about how things should work on a blog...if they don't you are none the wiser...ha ha
How do you automatically get music on when I bring up your blog??
Take care of yourself and you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Alberta LORI

Carolina said...

Ohh Donna, you have just been thru so much..I will keep my fingers crossed and pray for your healing. Get some rest honey-hugs and love,Carolina

LadyLeo said...

Donna, I think it would be normal to be so concerned about the hives and meds. You have gone through a life-changing crisis. Of course you are going to be emotional. Your life is far from the "normal" life you have been used to. I think it was a good thing that you got to get out for a bit.
You are coming along well, you seem to be a lot like me. It is hard for me to be patient and let things happen in their own time. I know it must be hard on you not to be capable of living your life as you once were. Keep talking to the Docs and do what you need to do to take care of YOU !!
Saying another prayer for you !!


Big Mark 243 said...

No, I had issues with Blogger today as well ... couldn't post comments or get into my journal. I just chalked it up to 'whatever' and moved on.

I think that looking forward helps, and being grateful for the life around you helps to deal with the changes. It is what has helped me. You have soo much around you to be a part of, that you don't want to leave it. Stick around, take the meds, and be there for those who want you to be around.

Lisa said...

Donna, praying you feel 100 % better soon, Wishing you a great Friday !!!!!, Hugs Lisa

gina said...

my fingers are crossed that there are no new welts in the morning...and i do hope you are in bed by now resting! :) i've kinda accepted blogger...lots of things i can't do, but finally accepting it and i guess it's ok. guess it has to be. lol Cassie) said...

I take the Lisporinil for my bp too. It helps, but it does make me tired feeling too.
Hope the welts goes away. and you feel better.b

Mari said...

Glad you appointment went good ...I have heard many cardiac patients talk about being more emotional

the only problem I have had is I receive 2 notices for each blog that you send

Take it easy step at a time

Chrissie said...

See the problem is you and I know this if new for you, but those doctors never remember that what they say thirty times a day is not what we hear and know. I hope to hear good news from ya with no more red places or marks or whatever. You been through so much I just hope you heal soon. Couldn't tell you anything about that dashboard because I never look at it.
Take care, Chrissie

Teresa said...

I hope that your hive reaction clears up soon! I'm sorry about not being here sooner but it's been it's own story here in the woods. I cannot get used to the blogger thing it seems. I miss my AOL Alerts :( I've been thinking of you and lighting candles here for you even though I haven't been commenting. Blessings* Teresa

Darlene said...

D, I'm no psychiatrist but my feeling is that, that paranoia you're experiencing is from coming close to death, no doubt that must be a common reaction to the extreme surgery you had. Maybe you should browse some groups for heart patients that had your same surgery and chat, just to comfort you and put you at ease. I pray that you're meds will all work together soon and the complete healing will be rapid!
Thank You for finding the time to make us tags, you rock chick!!
Luv ya..
ps..I just love your music here, reminds me of the good old days, sitting here smiling from hearing Our House!!

Joan said...

So glad uou are feeing better and hope you don't have any more iching. The issue I have had is I have started getting popups they are so annoying I have run my scan thingy to no effect have even did a restore. Free dinner great glad you enjoyed you night out. Love Joan.

LYN said...

Glad you are doing must feel better being able to get out and about a bit...
have a fun something for YOU!

Linda Brown said...

Hi Donna,
I sure hope there were no hives this time. Knowing people that have your same experience I think while it is not all good it is also not uncommon. So hang in there as things will get better and it is a slow process sometime. You are doing great considering what your body has been through.
Love to you!
Can you believe the Dallas area is getting cold weather down to freezing temps. Its not January yet.
Merry Christmas

Hollie said...

I'm so sorry for all you are going through. I wish I could just wave a magic wand & it all would be over. Praying for you. I'm glad you went out to dinner. Sounds like a great place! Let us know about the welts.....

Jeannette said...

I will be praying for you Donna and it WILL get sorted. As for emotions, it is the same with anything that shocks us in the health department. Every time I get an ache or pain in the chest area, any itching or strange sensations I immediately worry and start think about C. It is perfectly normal. Time will help.

Linda said...

I am so happy to hear that things went well at the cardiologist. I hope your emotions are better soon. Linda

Gaboatman said...

Sorry you are still having issues with the meds. I do hope it gets straightened out sooner rather than later. No more crying, Ya hear?

The dinner out sounded like fun, glad you remembered your gift certificate. Isn't it nice to be able to bring home enough to have another full meal you won't have to cook?

I had small delay type problems with Blogger yesterday, but nothing major as I did not post or upload anything. I hope it all clears up soon.

Take care, you're still in my thoughts and prayers.


ELLIE said...

so glad you went out to dinner - sounds like you had a nice time - I hope they get your meds sorted out so you do not go through the welts again!!
stay positive girlfriend -

Lois B said...

I just want you to KNOW that you have been in my thoughts and prayers EVERY STEP of your very, very difficult journey! God was indeed looking out for you and you are SO BLESSED w/such a wonderful family ... especially that son! I've had my own things going on lately, but I have taken the time to keep track of how you are doing. IT WAS TRULY A SHOCK ... MOST of ALL TO YOU! Praying every day ... wishing you the best ... stay on your path ... each day will get easier! Have the BEST holidays ahead!

BIG HUGS ... Lois B

Bridgett said...

Keep us updated about those hives, K?

So glad you got out and had a great dinner with your family. That sounds like my kind of restaurant! LOL Of course, it would wreak havoc on my Weight WAtchers points, I'm sure. :)

And yes, I've been having issues with blogger too. Many times I can't get my 'gadget' page to open.

And it was AOL that was causing it...

I opened it just fine through IE. So yea, once again, AOL screwing us over. I wish I wasn't so addicted to the service. LOL


Leslie said...

Hi hun, *BIG HUGS* First of all ty for the sweet email you gave me yesterday. I love you too. I meant what i said im here for you anytime ok? Thats what friend are for right? Im so glad we have gotten to know each other thru the yrs. Thats definetly one thing im grateful to aol js for lol. I met such wonderful ppl. Anyhow awesome and sexy tag there, hee, i love it. Glad you got to go to the cardiologist. Im sorry though ur going to thru so many emotions and just not sure whats going on with you. Thats got o be so tough :( But im glad they went over things with you and u were able to ask them qs and go over things with them about how ur feeling. Thats good too they went over with you about the meds. Wow though one of them make you very sleepy huh? yeah better if you take that at night for sure. Your getting good rest though which that is good. Oh no the hives are kind of still
there huh? Hopefully it was just those two and it will clear up very soon. I dont blame u for being paranoid, lol. I would be too. Thats great you got to go out to a nice dinner. Nice to treat yourself you so deserved that. Glad you had a great time and meal. Yeha i noticed blogger being funny too. Its not just you haa, lol. Maybe they were fixing stuff. Well Have a good day hun. ttys. Lots of love, Leslie

lisa jo said...

i have had lots of issues lately and i am sure they are AOL. Not any problems this week with blogger though. I did get your tag you made me, THANK YOU!
I can understand that the welts and all the meds are so overwhelming. You are a very independent lady who likes to do your own thing when you want and this has suddenly taken control from you and i can not wait for you to be 100% again, WHICH YOU WILL BE.
I love you

Jeanie said...

There is only you know your own body and how it feels Donna so only you can speak up for what doesn't feel normal. I hope the hives disappear and the doctors are right. You have been through such a lot it is normal to be worried about every little twitch or flutter. Here's to your continuing good health and recovery.
So pleased to read you are getting out and about too. That will stop you from getting stir crazy.
Jeanie xx

MISSY said...

Your body has went through trama and you almost died Donna. You are going to understandably be emotional. You are full of anxiety! Maybe after time passes it will calm down some.

I'm glad you enjoyed your dinner. I haven't been having any problems with Blogger. *M*

Joyce said...

I can fully understand how you have never been through this surgery before, don't know how you are really suppose to feel. Many hugs and love...that those hives just go away and not come back...happy you got to sleep you!!!

Beth said...

I know you'll continue to hang in there, and continue to improve. I can imagine how impatient it would make me feel, though...PLEASE just let me get back to normal, right?

Hang in there, D!

Hugs, Beth

Emmi said...

Get as much rest as you possibly can. I always tell my kids the more sleep you get the faster the body can repair itself. Hugs honey.

Malagutigrrl said...

Darlin' you've been through hell and high water. It will take a while to get used to all the new "feelings." I know they are scary, though. I still freak when something new happens to me. But the old symptoms are getting to be like old friends, pain in the ass though they are. In the meantime, just be good to yourself. You deserve it!

ADB said...

Amiodarone is a bugger for creating skin reactions, Donna. Keep out of any sun (yes I know it's December). You'll get used to having pills for breakfast.

Keep well,

Yasmin said...

Glad things went well at the doctors, and your healing well. It's just gong to take time.

Have a good weekend

Take care


Traci said...

Dinner sounds yummy! I don' t blame you for being paranoid about the hives. Once bitten, twice shy! Good luck. Get rest!

Kathy said...

Lisinopryl. Lose it. [wiping hands] That problem solved.

Your emotions are all over the place because your body has just suffered a major trauma and your psyche has realized that you could have moved on to another place.

That is normal ... no matter how abnormal it feels ... those reactions are normal. So while it's not normal to feel that way, in this particular case, the emotions are normal.

Go with the flow. ROFLOL. As if you could.

And if you want to wine ... that's okay too. It's your blog.

Speaking of blogs: I've had a few days when the dashboard has been acting weird (if a blog dashboard can act weird) and when things load to slowly or abort. And then it's back to status quo.

Who left AOL?

Tabby said...

Hi Donna,

I hope the change in medicine makes those hives go away. I can only imagine what you must be going through it is scary. I am glad the doctor results are good though. Keep your spirits up it will get better.

Jeannette said...

I'm glad the EKG was good although I'm sorry the hives have started up again. I hope they can work out how to stop it flaring up. I'm so happy you got to go for a meal with your brother, it must have lifted your spirits, you must be bored sitting around at home instead of going out to work each day. Take care and enjoy the weekend. Jeannette xx

Allison said...

I wish you'd tag this one Donna, this is right down my Ally, literally! Hehe Luv ya!

Maria said...

Hi D :)
I can't imagine what a scary time this must be for you. I don't know what to say. Just hoping you will get better each day. Hang in there. Hugs, Maria

Joyce said...

I would be surprised if you didn't get emotional. Look what you've been through. You sound better every entry though. Still praying for your speedy recovery.
Hugs and love ya, Joyce

Debbie said...

Hi Donna
Since you've updated again since this entry I'll just comment on the blogger issues. I'm not with AOL and I've had all kinds of issues with blogger. Sometimes my dashboard tells me I'm not following any blogs. It hasn't let me leave comments the past few days it kept giving me an error or telling me page couldn't be found. It took forever it seemed for journals to load so I could read them and yes it was extremely slow to open so I could write an entry night before last. I checked out known issues for blogger and it said there were problems with two types of errors and they were trying to find solutions to the problems. It seems to be working better today.
Now I'm heading to your next entry.

Terri said...

I hope you woke up to no welts...etc I know it has to be just miserable feeling that way...and your right they may say it's normal but to you it isn't! Hope you are feeling 100% better soon..So glad you went out to dinner with your family...sounds like my kinda place...Yum!

I haven't been online much this week, due to my work schedule...but sometimes the loading of the journal pages takes forever and I have DSL! Mom has had alot of trouble with her dashboard...


Londonpussycat said...

Glad to hear that all went well with the cardiologist.
It must be worrying not knowing what this is and that is.... i hope that it all settles down and you are soon feeling like your old self :o))
Love the tag.......
Hope you had a wonderful time with your brother.
Take care Jayne

Bethe said...

I'm glad your ticker is still a-takin' : )

AOL has been terrible this week. It's slow and freezes up. Grrr... (I learned that "Grrr" from you LOL!)