Tuesday, December 2, 2008

~ Hives ~

... and I'm not talking bee hives. I went to bed a little later then the norm on Sunday because I had to go for blood work in the am. My appointment wasn't until 9:40 and I had to fast, so I thought going to bed a bit later would allow me to sleep in a bit and forget that I couldn't eat or have coffee. Well............
That did not work. About 6 am I woke to the feeling of my skin crawling. I itched every where and it was a gazillion times worse then when I went to bed and this time it was all over. I went in to the bathroom and nearly screamed at what I saw in the mirror. My right eye lid was red and swollen almost shut. Both my ears were swollen, red, and hot. Can you say Dumbo? I lifted my nightgown to find red welts the size of dimes up to the size of softballs on my tummy, around my waste line, bra line, you name it. I was definitely having a reaction but to what? I immediately called my primary Dr and left a very detailed message with the answering service. With all the meds I am on I wasn't sure what I could take, Benadryl and option? Or what the hell was causing it. Nothing had changed.. not soap, laundry soap, body creme, foods I'd been eating. The meds I was on I've been taking for a month. Is it possible to have a reaction so far after the start of them?
Apparently so. The Dr returned my call and told me to take the benadryl and come to his office with my meds as soon as I was done getting my blood work done. I took the benadryl and went back to bed. I was woken by son arriving to take me for the blood work. Let me tell you he was not one bit happy with me. He scolded me for not calling and telling him. Instead I took the benedryl and fell asleep. Home alone as my sister had gone to work. 'What if something happened? I'd have no clue. You HAVE to call me with these things.' I know he was right and I apologized. He hugged me and off we went for the blood work and Dr appointment.
My Dr did not make me wait long and in I went to the examining room. There were more welts and they had gotten a lot redder. He knew exactly the three meds I was on that could cause it. The only thing he wasn't sure of was which one. He took me off all three. Amiodarone, Plavix, and Lisinipril. Yes, if you know these drugs you know a couple have to do with the regulation of my heart beat. He was confident that my cardiologist would be taking me off two tomorrow when I go, so he was confident in the decision and told me so. He also prescribed Methylprednisolone (a steroid) for the reaction. He did warn me this would make my sugar readings go up too. Great! Just what I need, one more thing.
Off to get the prescriptions filled, get home to have lunch and off to the diabetic Dr. That appointment was a long one. I met with the Nurse Practioner first then the Dr. Both were happy with the sugar readings I've had since being home from the hospital. Not sure if I mentioned this before but if my reading goes above 150 I need a booster shot before I eat. At bedtime I take insulin regardless of my reading. Never a booster at night with that one. I've only needed a couple boosters in the 3 weeks I've been home and that is good, but levels are still a bit high. Good but high. It doesn't appear this will be temporary and I will most likely be giving myself insulin every day. They did agree with my Dr and told me not to freak out with the sugar readings. Just give myself a booster when needed and go forward. The steroid pack I got starts out extremely high and then each day the dosage goes down. Thus my sugar should come back down too. If it doesn't I need to call, but today, already, it has come down a bit so I think I'm good to go. ::knocking on wood:: I need to get a break, don't ya think?
Regarding my foot. She is not ready to declare it is neurothopy, but rather will wait for the results of my recent doppler tests. If she feels the need she will do some nerve testing to get a better idea. Neurothopy is common in diabetics and causes the numbness and tingling sensation. It is not reversible, but we can slow it down. I shed a tear or two at that point. I've often read of amputations etc. She informed me it wasn't the neurothopy that causes the amputations, but the infections that go unnoticed because of the numbness. 'We'll address that as we find out more.' So I guess I need to just relax there and wait and see what is going on.
Today the hives are much better. My ears are about normal, my eye is definitely much better and the welts are definitely lighter in color and do not itch. YEAH!! I will go to the cardiologist tomorrow and see what they think and what I will need to do about the meds. Most likely at that point I will be set up with cardio rehab and begin the process of coming back a bit more in my recovery.
I am feeling much better as you may have noticed by the tags I've offered. It takes my mind off things and keeps me from climbing the walls with boredom. Funny thing about that is the folks that rush here to request one almost as fast as I post it, yet have not once commented on any other post. Not bothered to wish me well with my health, with my recovery. Nothing. I've also received numerous emails from folks letting me know they've posted. NO THEY ARE NOT PRIVATE. These are blogs I've subscribed to as well as became a follower, yet they insist on sending me an email telling me they've posted and yet have not bothered to stop by and say hi. To find out how I'm doing, nothing. IT IS NOT about COMMENTS. It's about human nature, how some folks are, how inconsiderate actions are. And yes, how I've noticed. I've attempted to keep up with commenting on other blogs. Maybe not on each entry as I may get a bit behind and read two the same day etc, but I think I've been damn good and letting people know I'm here and I'm reading. That I care. It amazes me at some who do not care about me or what is going on, they just care about the damn tag or that I stop by their blog. Will I stop making tags for those folks? Will I stop visiting the other blogs? Probably not. It's not my nature, like I said it's not about the comments. But be damn sure I may be sick, but I notice. I think it is extremely rude. It says a so much about a person and the respect I may have had for you is really diminishing if it hasn't disappeared completely. Will they ever know I said any of this? Nope as I don't think they bother to read any entry, including the tag ones, they just request one or move on completely with all entries. For those of you who do comment and show support always, I am forever thankful and I do so appreciate you.


Just Bill said...

Donna, hang in there. Dont let them get to you. People are different as you know.
Your son seems to be taking good care of you.Good for him.
Hope you get things under control and will recover soon and strong, Bill

Big Mark 243 said...

I think I understand your frustration. I think just a short, brief comment to whether or not you are feeling better would be in order.

This is serious. Going to the doctor and hearing something that you know leads to other not cool stuff, is major. You would think someone would be taking the time to simply say, 'hope things get better', if nothing else.

I know I have missed you, because there hasn't been a real urge to follow the wing this season ... would have to keep up with them if someone was chatten up the Sabres!

Just sending all the best that I can spare ... one question, where IS detroit in your 'vistors by city' thingy?

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I never knew you could have such a reaction that far into taking a medication - See you learn something new everyday. I thought you might of gotten bit by something. Happy to hear all is well and your doing wonderfully! Take care of you my friend always,

P.S. Your son's right ~ call him with any changes even if it is the weather outside :o)

Linda Brown said...

oh my Donna, I know you were at the stage of what next. My husband takes plavix besides 14 other medications so I know meds can give you fits and somtimes react different with other meds. We have a good pharmacist that talks to us about our medications. You can't always tell though as we all react different. I sure hope the itching and swelling have subsided as that is so miserable.
Bless you!
Thanks God for your wonderful son. he deserves big koodos.

Brittany said...

I've never had hives and by reading this i hope to god that i never do! My lord!!! I'm glad that it's all subsiding though!

As for the People sending emails about updates...
Seriously people are VERY self centered. There are people out there that blog for comments and comments alone...which can get old real quick! Blogging should be a balance of reading, sharing, commenting and friendship.

If i take the time to read someone, spend the time to establish a friendship with them and they ignore me all together...i just stop reading and delete them off my following list. It's not worth my time when so many other blogs out there are.

(((Hugs N Love)))

Linda said...

OMG Donna! I'm so very sorry to hear that you've had an allergic reaction to your meds. It's very frightening to have serious things go wrong with our health, and you've got a lot to deal with. My husband is currently dealing with newly dx'ed MS and diabetes. Steroids help immensely with the MS, but play havoc with his blood sugar, as you mentioned. My heart aches for your frustrations and fears, Donna, having recently gone through similar things. As his condition improves, we're both relaxing a bit ... I hope that you will find this to be true as well. Take care ... do nice things for yourself and I will pray that your hives GO AWAY FAST!!! Hugs & God Bless!


Emmi said...

OMG girl ... please call a family member next time. That's pretty darn scary! Hugs

Linda said...

I am so glad that you got some meds for those welts and the itchies! My boss has rheumitoid arthritis and he is diabetic, he has to take steriods for the rheumitoid and it messes with his sugar also. It is a constant battle for him. Sorry that you have to go though that! I hope the welts and swelling goes away quick! Linda

Julie said...

Hives, how awful and itchy. I am glad they are getting better for you. Glad your off some of your meds to. That is always a good thing. I hope the neuropathy is not bad or better yet its something temporary. You sound like your doctors are doing a wonderful job with your care. Take care and hugs to you.

Gaboatman said...

Wow! You have really been going through it lately. Now, you obey your son and call him immediately next time you have a problem. I'm sorry you've had reactions to the medication. I'm glad the DOC was able to get you in right away and get you off the offending drugs. It sounds like you are on top of your blood sugar regulation, but geez that is a lot to have to keep up with while you are trying to get on the mend from the heart attack. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, girl!

Joan said...

So sorry Donna you have had this reaction to you meds it is dreadful I am allergic to Penicillin and have to be most careful like you the lumps and welts and itching is too much. Glad everything seems a bit better today you have enough to bare with without the alergy too but it was a great entry. Love Joan.

Debbie said...

The side effects of some of the meds are downright scary. My Dad has had several reactions to some of the medications he's been on and a couple of them he went off of on his own and told his doctor afterwards. I know that scared the crap out of you and your son. I'm so glad he is taking such good care of you, he loves you and he's constantly worried about your well being.
As for these folks you speak of, all I can say is they are truely missing out on a great friendship with you. I know it makes you feel like you're being used and it's beyond sad. I treasure your friedship.
Love ya

MISSY said...

A lot of people only care about themselves Donna. You are a good person. I personally wouldn't continue to make tags for them.. I mean though lol :)

I'm glad your hives are better. It's one thing after after another right? -Missy *M*


I like your most commented counter. Would you mind if I snagged it?

Jeannette said...

Donna, I'm sorry you've had this reaction to the meds, Steve was right, you gotta tell him! I can see how he worries about you, funny how the tables turn when your kids grow! Hives can be really distressing, I hope taking you off the meds has cured it. I can't believe people can be so rude as to only come over to request tags, that's damn rude and must make you feel used. I get irritated by those with public blogs who insist on sending an email every time they post. If you're a follower they'll show on your dashboard.... eventually! I'm working twelve hour shifts every day this week and will get to journals in my own good time, not because of an email! I was unsure if my old private journal would give an alert so I sent an email to a few who read me regularly. I think you commented and said they didn't give alerts but I'm really loathe to email people, it seems like I'm fishing for comments which I'm not! Anyway, I hope you feel a lot better for having had talks with the doctors and diabetic nurse. Just keep on improving, you're doing well so far! Jeannette xx

Tabby said...


I hope those hives clear up fast for you, you must of freaked out when you woke up! Be sure to keep you kid's notified when things go wrong, my mother has health issue's and it drives me and my sister crazy when she does not tell us when something is wrong...it's because we love her, just like your kids love you :) Sorry to hear about people not leaving comments just tag requests that is inconsiderate just like you said. Take care!

Joyce said...

Donna, you are one strong woman..you will get through this just fine..so sorry for the hives. My husband is on the last med you mentioned for the heart...he has been on plavix too in the past. The steriods are going to help a lot...I know how fast they work. Don't like that pack...with the high dose first but it hast to get into your system fast. I get those emails too from people who are not private...private I understand...we have no choice...but to not comment or say hi, bye...anything is wrong...asking for your tags is just flat out wrong and not asking how you are doing. I do hope you feel better soon...many many hugs and love...Joyce

Jan said...

I am so sorry you had this awful reation to your medication ,I hope the reajustment the Doc made will cure it ,whoops! I sent out an email for the last two posts I did hee hee ,What a lovely son your Steve is ,its clear you mean everything to him ..love Jan xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,I am so sorry about your hives,I know that had to be very uncomfortable. I am so glad that it is better and hope this finds you doing well. I am figuring this post stuff out a little now so i will be posting more.So used to aol,its hard to get used to this.I do read your post tho.I still find your journal very interesting.

Beth said...

I agree--that IS pretty rude!

I'm glad your hives are better. Ugh, that's miserable! In times of great stress, I tend to get them, and nothing really helps.

Keep hanging in there, hon!

Hugs, Beth

Mari said...

Hi Donna ...I always try to post a comment when you send out your blog. It will be interesting to see what your cardiologist says ...Plavic is a blood thinner....I am not familiar with the other 2 drugs. I have probably 10 drug allergies ...so I know how you are feeling with the hives.

Let us know how the appointment goes tomorrow.

Give your son a hug for me ...sounds like he is an awesome kid.

Hugs Mari

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Goodness, D, as if you haven't been through enough but to have such an awful case of hives is awful. I'm glad they are going away. You just have so many things to deal with right now with all your meds and the diabetes. I know once you get into cardio rehab and actually allowed to drive a bit, you will feel more freedom.

People are just downright rude. Ugh, I look at your tags but usually just comment on your entries but truthfully I'd prefer it that way. I cannot believe (but truly I do) that people snag tags, send e-mail alerts but have yet to wish you well. I'm thinking that's what Lisa Jo goes through so much. Well, at least you know who your true friends are and who really loves and cares about Donna, the person. Take Care and love you!

Chelle said...

Good luck. You are one strong woman, I envy that.

Screw the needy all about me folks, it is time to think about YOU for once. They will be just fine with out.

Get better.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sorry that the rudies out there are causing you grief. Hope the change in meds works wonders for your.

Melissa said...

poor thing

Hollie said...

Bless your heart.... I really don't blame your son. I would have been upset with you for not calling. You better call him from now on if something comes up. I'm glad your hives are better. You just do what the doctors tell you & take care. Please keep us posted.....

As far as the tags go....I don't know why some people are sooooo rude!!!!


Sugar said...

Hives! Yikes!!! You poor dear.
I have a few people that send out emails to me too, altho I get their updates in my Google Reader...so I can't understand why they do that. I welcome those from private journals as that's the only way I know they have posted, but public journals are on the Dashboard, & Readers.
Hope you feel better soon. Sending a prayer up for you.
As for those just wanting tags, that's just plain rude! Most of my tags are snags so I don't have to deal with that. :)

Terri said...

UGH Hives! You poor thang!
I have had them once...it was freakin miserable...I had to go to the Dr. and get a shot in my tush..TMI I know...haha

Glad you are feeling somewhat better now...and so glad your son is taking good care of you...he sounds like me...when mom was sick this last time, she was really bad sick..and never told me...I found out through my grandad...I said MOM...you must tell me these things..lol We just love our mamas and care about your well being :)

People are so self centered...I will never understand why some only come for your graphics/tags...it's just damn sad...that they don't take a couple minutes and see how you are doing...and leave a comment here and there...no one says people have to comment on each entry...but at least show you care about someone for being them....not just for their tags!! Gosh that pisses me off, I can only imagine how angry it makes you....so sorry Donna

Never forget how much your real friends love and care about you though... :)


lisa jo said...

when i see you have posted i smile and everything seems right with the world...for the time you did not write, i was frantic. I am so upset that you had those hives and i know with all that is going on you have to worry and get upset and very overwhelmed and THAT upsets me. I wish i was there to help in any way. Remember to tell Steve everything and always call him...you are loved and your family WANTS to help! You are so bullheaded. :)
Your tags are the BEST! I am so HAPPY to see them when you post them and we, together, could write a book about rude, self centered, half evil assholes around here, huh? I am mad that they have upset you too because these people should be thankful you ARE as nice as you are and that you still make tags for them because i sure as hell would not. I love you, D.

gina said...

i'm just glad the hives are better...i'm sure that was scary as well as irritating. i don't always comment, but folks who do what you describe are just plain selfish. and i'm amazed at their self centeredness...i mean, surely, they realize how sick you've been???!!! all i can say is rise above and don't let it bother you if at all possible...cause you know it sure isn't bothering them!

Lisa said...

Awwwww hon, hope you get to feeling better fast !!!!! I adore your journal and your talent, I always try to make it a point to visit you because I care !!!!! , Love Ya Lisa

Astaryth said...

I'm glad your Dr was on top of what to do with your hives, but I agree with your son, You need to let him know stuff so he can take care of you! Glad to hear they are going away, but still drug reactions are not something to mess with!

I think the PSP tags are a great way to keep your mind occupied, at least it will take your mind off of the boredom for a little.

Bridgett said...

I completely understand why you'd be peeved about that situation. It is rude...and immature.

One thing I've learned through the years, some people are just like that, D. It's all about them...nobody else matters. It's sad, but a fact of life.

It sounds like your doctors have their shit together. :)

Sorry, couldn't think of a better way to put that. LOL

Good luck at your appointment tomorrow and let us know how it goes.


Martha said...

I definitely understand your frustration with comments, you've said most of it here yourself. I have more to add, but we'll save it for another time.
I'm just so glad that I have had the opportunity to get to know you better since our move to blogger.
Good luck with your appointment tomorrow, and hope those hives stay away - they are miserable! Hugs!!!

Linda's World said...

Oh my gosh, I haven't had hives since I was pregnant back in 1971 (yup had them off & on for the whole 9 months). I sure hope you get the medications sorted out. Once that's all squared away, I just know you're going to feel so much better. I take Plavix too, and never had any problems except bleeding easily (have to be very careful when I shave my legs~LOL) I'm so sorry you're having to go thru all this icky stuff. But it sounds like you have good doctor's & your family watching over you. That's a good thing! Hugs from Linda in Washington state

Lori said...

I think it's great that your son is so firm with you. lol He really does not want something to happen to you when no one is there, doesn't he? Glad the hives are going away.

Maria said...

Oh wow! It sounds very scary. This is the last thing you needed. I am so glad that your Dr. seems to care and be there for you. I hope you will never have such a reaction again. From here on out....just get healthy and recover well.
Your son is an angel. I am so happy for you that he is there by your side whenever you need him.
Take good care! Until soon again. Hugs, Maria

Tawnya said...

I am glad that you are feeling better.... I have been getting behind. I have been posting but not really reading many with schoola nd the final projects due soon...I am glad that the hives are going away.... My love to you

Ann LRD said...

Wow D! What a time you are having and i an=m so sorry to hear all the problems with meds! I too have that kind of luck with meds also and it sucks! So glad you have good doctors to care for you and a loving Son and family to look out for you also.
Love and Hugs from The quiet one,

Bethe said...

Hi D~I can't believe people are so rude. I am truly happy to see you journaling & doing tags. Yes, it shows you are feeling better & recovering well. I get those Emails also "I have made an entry"...and I haven't thought about it until now, but those people don't visit mine. Oh well.

I didn't know you were on Amiodarone-Good thing the Dr took you off that. I have Peripheral Neuropathy that the Neurologist attributes to that medication. It is a very common side effect. My Cardiologist office is 1 floor down from the Neor Guy. You can bet I marched right down there & got myself another medication.

You certianly had a full day today. You must be exhausted. I hope those hives disappear quickly. hugsss...

Joyce said...

Oh noooo, hives. I'm so sorry. That's adding insult to injury huh. I'm glad you are feeling better in other ways. AND, I certainly understand what you are saying. I try to read and comment every few days. I too get the emails for non-private blogs. I don't understand the point of that. Oh well...
Hugs, Joyce

Sweetnessk71 said...

Hey there.. I am having a lil problem with the tag but I'm sure I will figure it out lol. Thanks again for making it for me. Yikes on the hives..that had to be horrible. So glad that they are getting better. take care

Kris :)

Allison said...

My poor Donna. It's been one thing right after the other for you hasn't it? I sure hope those hives go away soon for you. I undersrand your frustration with people. Try not to let them get you down and don't let the fact that they don't visit you bother you too much, cause you know why? I'm gonna tell you why! Because the try people that care about you will always be here for you and that is a fact. So concentrate on the people that think you are great and nevermind with the rest. Have a happy Wednesday. Luv ya!

Darlene said...

wow D, if it's not one thing it's another huh?! My mom is on 2 of the pills you're taking but I guess they react differently to each person. How is the itching on the scar, can you use any ointments on it yet? The steriods are good for what you need them for, but they also cause water retention and will cause weight gain..my dad had to take them for years before passing away from Emphysema, so be careful. As for the folks only interested in your tags, they should just stay away from the blogs and go to tag groups that are only for requesting tags. I love the blog AND tag requests like yours cause It brings us all closer in the end, reading about everyone's lives, so vast and different from each others or just the same..
Get Better Soon!

Traci said...

I've had hives as a reaction to NSAIDS. What a nightmare! I feel your pain or itchiness as the case may be...Makes me shudder to think about it! I'm glad your family was mad at you! When mine creeped close to my mouth I got really nervous.
Sorry there are so many louts out there. We all know some. Doesn't make it any easier to deal with.

Jeannette said...

Firstly Donna, I have been really busy lately. I have gotten into the habit of sending posting alerts because people kept telling me they did know I had posted. As you are in my address book, I automatically include you. I apologise.

Yes, it is possible to get reactions quite a while after. I was on one medication once for three months before I broke out just as you described. They immediately took me off it and all was fine.

Luckily I have no numbness or tingling in my feet, hope it stays that way. I have my full diabetic check on the 16th and I am dreading it. It also includes liver function (my bp tablets can cause liver failure) and cholesterol and electroylites, spelled that wrong. Anyway, I am just hoping all is well and for the last few years all the bad things have happened at Christmas and I praying it will not happen again this year.

Christy said...

I think your feelings are very understandable. You continue to be in my prayers.

Kathy said...

Well, you know what? I hope they all happen to stop by for this post ... just cause. ;)

Hang in there Donna. This is a tough time in your life -- I can't tell you often enough how much you are appreciated and how glad I am you are recovering.

Good luck with the cardioligist and the meds. I'm sure between the diabetes and the cardiac stuff, you feel like you've gone back to school.

It'll all be okay. Eventually. :)

LYN said...


Jeanie said...

Dear Donna,

What next I ask? Poor you! I have had hives twice in my life and it is so uncomfortable and scary. I'm glad the doctor gave you the steroids to help it. Yes it can put your sugars up, I found that out when I was on them during my chemo, but it is only temporary.
I am going to tell you off just like your son..you should have called him..naughty girrrrl! Lol!
Take care of yourself, I shall say a wee prayer for you to get well soon.
Hugs (gentle ones..)
Jeanie xxx

Lisa said...

My goodness you have been through the wringer and then some lately. I sure hope you can get everything straightened out - yeah, you do deserve a break and I hope it comes soon for you. I bet your son was mad, I would have been mad at my mom too!

Don't let the users in the world get you down. I know I don't come by often but when I have it's been genuine and I've never asked for anything in return & even read your entries ;) You know who's real and here for you and who is just looking for what you have to offer and folks like that aren't going to change so don't let the stress get to you, it isn't worth it. You have bigger issues to focus on right now...like, getting well!!

Take good care of yourself, I'm so sorry you have to go through all of this.

Nelishia said...

I am so happy to read that the Dr. took you off those horrible medicines. It sounds like your son was so scared again because he'd already had a close call with you recently and isn't ever going to be over it anytime soon. The blog alerts without ever having come to see if you survived or not is something I would notice too, no matter how sick I'd been. YOU are still you sick or not of course you'd notice. It is beyond rude. It's insensitive too.
I have been diagnosed with neuropathy years ago but I am not a diabetic. I haven't been on neurontin in a few years and the symptoms have increased in my lower legs to the point that I hear myself shuffling in my walk most time. You need a break and I hope you can get your sugar levels down too.

I'm glad you are well enough to play and make the tags too. The one you chose for this topic, HIVES was soooo appropriate.

Karen said...

I had something clever to say, but by the time I read through all your friends' comments, I forgot what it was I wanted to say...lol! Sure hope you're feeling better.

LadyLeo said...

Donna, I am one of those people that so rarely post to your blog. However, I do have a reason.I am not meaning to be rude. I always read all your entries. I just feel you have so many comments and email that sometimes you probably don't have time to read it all. I guess I think you can read my mind and you know I am concerned about you when something is going on.
As for the hives, supphur drugs do me that way. I ended up in ER due to that and Doc gave me shot of benedryl. I slept for two days. I do not tolerate benedryl well. I am sure that was scary for you.
You have been through a life changing situation Donna. I am sure you must be getting a bit restless being home a lot with you being used to getting out so much.
((Huggs)) Donna .. will say prayers for you tonight.

Aileen said...

Hi! Donna...wow that is some Entry (lol)I'm not around so much lately, and still have to write an 'Entry' on blogger.
I looked in on you twice recently, halfway through a comment (both times)was thrown offline(My PC).stayed long enough to know how you were.You have been through a life changing experience.I'm in poor health, and also a Diabetic...but cannot imagine what you have been through.

madcobug said...

I hope that allergy is gone by now. I have signed up for google alerts but they seldom send one out. I am sorry that you have been having such a hard time. Hugs, Helen

Leslie said...

Hi hun, *BIG HUGS* Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you. My gosh that really sucks you had a reaction to the meds like that how freakin awful & scary too. Your poor thing. I am hoping by now its all better and cleared up :) Geez thats just crazy. How did the cardiologist appt go? I hope things went well with that. I am just thinking of u daily & praying for u hun, to get better and better. If you need anything or to just vent, lol, email me anytime. Oh and about some ppl that just come on here who just want the tags, dont comment or seem to
care. I agree with you hunny i do. i think its not right and really rude. I admit when i first came by ur blog, i noticed ur tags and loved them. But i started reading ur posts and it was more to me then then jsut requesting ur work. Its really those ppls loss who dont want to get to know a great, amazing woman. Im sorry though it upsets u :( Anyway hun have a good rest of day. Hope all is well :) Love yah, Leslie

Chrissie said...

Well I went backwards, but I'm caught up now. Sorry you've had a round with some people. OMGosh you are having a time. I would have been scared to death. I hope by now you are feeling way better. Glad nothing worse came of it. Glad you are able to find something to do to keep you busy. You have stopped by my journal and commented and I appreciate that since you are so sick.
Take care, Chrissie