Wednesday, July 22, 2009

~ Strawberry Fields......... Forever?~

....not if this guy has anything to say.   Some of you may remember that a while back I posted on how my landlord had planted a patch of strawberries in the backyard.   This morning before I left for work this was the sight I saw.   This guy jumped the chain link fence to get to the plants.  There are no berries as it was too late when they went in, but damn he pulled root and all out.   Lucky for him you can't shoot a firearm or he'd be dinner one night. 
Thanks for all the nice comments on my last entry.  I haven't been spammed again.. not yet anyway.  GRRR I wish folks would just grow up....  auto poster or not someone set it up and it's so immature.  What purpose does it serve?  Really.  If any of my readers were or are into porn I'm sure they already have their favorite free sites.  LMAO!!  Terri your tantum had me in stitches.  You are such a good friend :)  Thank you!
Today I had a bunch of emails that were unsubscribing from my blog.  Everyone was an AOL email address.  It says ISP requested and it appears some were folks that I haven't seen on line in ages so maybe their mailboxes are full.  Not sure.  If you're still interested in getting alerts and haven't you may want to subscribe again.  AOL at it's finest.  GRRRRR
Picked my girlfriend up at the airport last night.  She is in town for 2 weeks from Tampa.  She'll be staying at my house next week.  Should be fun.  For now I need to get sleep.  It was after 2:30am when I got home from dropping her off and my old bod is tired.  
Be good all........... and thank you!



Great picture ...strawberries sound yummy!!

Big Mark 243 said...

That is a cool picture though. I know that your landlord has to hate it!

Enjoy your friend from Tampa ... be well!

Anonymous said...

Envious strawberry curiosity. Who can blame him?~Mary

Julie said...

Glad the spam stopped. I would love the strawberries also.

Stephycce said...

Love that pic!
YAY for having friends visit!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Enjoy your visit, both with the deer and dear :o)

Estela said...

hmm.. when I was on my page today, I noticed all my followers were gone. I thought maybe it's because it's been so long since i posted. But I see that your followers are not showing up either. Maybe it's not AOL.. maybe it's blogger. shrugs

Terri said...

MMM I want some strawberries too! Great pic...

:)~ hehehe

My tantrums seem to work wonders most times ...just ask Mom...HAHA!

WOOWHOOOOO! Have a great time with your girlfriend...make the most of every minute...and please take pics to share with us :)

Love ya!

Bridgett said...

Awww, but he's so cute, D! :)

Love ya!

LYN said...

have fun with your friend...
Bambi is so cute!!

Lisa said...

did AOL say i was one who had unsubscribed? Hell are one of a half dozen i still like so if it said i wanted out, THAT was spam too...i DID get an email telling me you wrote this.
Damn deer. Too bad you can't put something on the plants to make the animals leave it alone.
Enjoy your friend and take lots of pics to share.

sheri said...

Beautiful animal..I saw two in a field yesterday, wish I had had my camera with me..
Enjoy your time with your girlfriend..I'm sure you'll have a blast:)
Hugs, Sheri

Hollie said...

Great picture! Enjoy your time with your friend!

Missie said...

He's got to eat right? LOL

I ordered strawberry hangers in spring and still haven't received them. I might as well forget it now. Too late to plant strawberries.

Have a good weekend!

ADB said...

Good to see you posting once more, Donna. Have a great weekend.

Debbie said...

Deer are very pretty from a distance but they do so much damage. I had an up close encounter with one coming home from Judy's one night. Scary! Luckly, it leaped before I hit it dead center and my car hit it's back leg. The only damage to my car was it pissed on the windshield and shit on my bumper and front fender. Hubby hasn't been so lucky on more than one occasion. I sure hope it leaves you some strawberry plants. I love strawberries!

I'm so glad the spam has stopped. I know it had to be frustratig for you.

Have a great time with your friend.

Love ya

PS: It is true what they say about redheads with green eyes having a temper but Terri has mellowed out a bit as she's aged. Jeff gets to listen to it now, LMAO!

Jeannette said...

I'm glad the spam has gone Donna. That deer looks like he's having a field day in your strawberry field! You can't shoot him, he's just trying to survive, he doesn't know right from wrong bless him!! Jeannette xx

CINDY said...

awww he looks hungry. hope you have a nice visit with your friend.

Rose~* said...

I was gone on holidays for over a week and never received any mail, never mind spam. One of my other aol names had one on it, but was glad that I'm not that popular. I'm getting more tests done in the hospital tomorrow and am on a cleansing diet, so must make a dash to the BR again. Will catch up on you soon. Nice picture of the deer. We brought back cherries, peaches, apricots and plums - but no deer. Want some?

Traci said...

She looks a little thin for dinner! LOL They are great jumpers!

Kathy said...

I'm laughing ... that poor deer looks like he needs something to eat! Last night I woke to one of the motion sensor lights on. Yep! There's that dammed herd of deers out eating my plants again.

This year I just said, 'have at it!'

Hope you're enjoying your girlfriend's visit!