Thursday, July 9, 2009

~ Second Place ~

 Heyyyyyyyy hope everyone is doing good.  I'm doing great!   Been preparing for my 30th High School Reunion.  Dinner and music tomorrow night...  a picnic at the local park on Saturday.  Oh that park.. it has a ton of memories.  When they skipped school that's where they went.  Yeap... I said they... you don't think I skipped do you?  :::music playing:::  One memory .. my girlfriend and I skipped and decided to go to the park.  We didn't drive so we stuck out our thumb and began the trek.  No worries hitch hiking back then was common.  Anyway, we laughed and talked hoping for a ride.  Then a car pulls over.  Turns out it's Jim (my brother in law now)  Says, 'get in!  Your mother is with your sister Pat are right behind me.'   They were off looking at flowers for the wedding.  OMG!!!  He saved my ass.  Oh.. but that's right I didn't skip.  :)~  Needless to say I'm pretty excited about the reunion.  Will definitely be a good time.  Let's hope the weather cooperates.

So second place..............   most of you remember the fiasco about tubes and the license, blah blah blah...  well anyway one of the guilds holds a contest each week.  This past week it was make a tag using Mike James work.  I only had a couple tubes so I decided on the one above and went with the flow.  The judge of the contest?   The artist himself.   He thought the concept was good/cute.  Did he mean the entire tag or the fact that he left her buttock hanging out?   Regardless.. I won 7 tubes of my choice.  Whuuu huuuu  that's a nice bonus.   

Well..  I've attempted to get around blogger and hopefully I will see all of you soon.   Keep those fingers crossed.. no rain this weekend.  Be good and enjoy.........



Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you have a great time at your 5th year reunion :o)


How fun ....everyone has aged except for you!!!

Awesome tag ...I snagged this one

Good job winning 7 tubes

LYN said...


Jeannette said...

Have a great time at the reunion Donna! I love that graphic, it's so summery.... unlike our weather right now!I have a hard time getting around to all the journals in Blogger, I think most have given up on journals now. Jeannette xx

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time. Show your skinny self off in a hot dress.

Lisa said...

CONGRATS on the artist picking you....what an DO make out of this world creations because you have TALENT and an imagination...i wish i looked just a little bit like that blond in those panties.
PLEASE take pics and share sometime of your reunion.....i want to see you tanned, healthy and happy. I am TRULY so glad this summer is going well and you are feeling better!!!!!!!
You never did say what you did when you skipped and went to that park.....



Gayla said...

Have a great time at your reunion! I can remember when hitching was totally safe and it was common place when I was in school. I was always the chicken of the bunch (lol), but knew others who hitched. So brave!! Could you even imagine that happening now? (lol)
I love the tag--so cute!! You did an awesome job :))

Huggers, Gayla

PS: thanks for all the get well wishes---love ya!

Hollie said...

LOL about the memory! Have a great time & congrats on your win!

sheri said...

Oh, I remember the days of being able to hitch hike..
Congratulations on the win. It really is a cute tag..Thanks for sharing...
Hugs, Sheri

Terri said...

I love that tag!!! Awesome job...mind if I snag it?

Congrats on winning 7 tubes..that is are a great graphics artist Donna!

I hope you have a blast at the Reunion and it doesn't rain...please take some pics to share with us :)

I didn't skip school either
:::evil grin:::

Love ya!

Thanks for stopping in to visit


Stephycce said...

That's awesome!


Missie said...

Have a good time at your class renuinion. Take lots of pictures!

Congrats on the contest. I think the tag should have won first place!!

Leslie said...

Hi hun, *hugs* So great to see a post from you. I hope you have a great time at the reunion. It sounds like its going to be a last for sure ;) Loving the tags too hun. Hope to see some pics from the reunion too or at least know how it all goes ;) I wont be around for the next ten days, we are going to WI. We are going to visit hubbys family. I will be back though with lots of updates. ttys hun take care xo

Bridgett said...

Awww...have a great time at your class reunion! How exciting.

My 15 year was supposed to be this summer, but I don't think anybody organized one. Oh well. The people I actually care about, I see anyway. :)

Congratulations on your tube win! Not super surprising though. ;)