Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~ 17 years + ~

::waving::  Hi folks!  It's been waaaaaaaaaaay too long.   I've been running a little bit here and there and just didn't have the pazazz to write.  
My vacation was great.  My friend came in from Tampa and we had an absolute ball.   Site seeing, catching up with family.. both hers and mine.  It has been over 10 years since we saw each other!  Too freaking long! 
It was nice having the time off, but unfortunately it was cut short.  Way to short!!  On Friday I was called at home and asked to come back a day early from my vacation.  I sure as hell knew that wasn't good but all I could do was wait it out.  Can you say long weekend?
My friend was still here and we had plans to attend a few functions and I didn't let my nerves spoil the fun.  Or at least I tried not to.
So Monday morning came.  I dressed for work knowing this wasn't going to be good.  Within an hour of my arrival I was called to human resources.  Yeap, you got it.  After 17 years at the company, giving blood, sweat, and tears, literally I was laid off.  I sat there in shock.  I wasn't alone but I was surprised that I was one of the chosen few.  How could that be?   Numbers don't lie and at the risk of sounding a bit cocky I was the producer and had the most seniority. 
No use crying about it, nothing will change.  The decision was made and I will never be told the criteria.  I got a severance package and they hooked me up with a transition company that will help get me up to date on resumes and interview skills.  I will most definitely take advantage and already have!
I've got a couple irons in the fire and believe it or not a former co-worker called me today to try and hook me up.  I will be calling his new company tomorrow. 
I don't want to get ahead of myself so I will ask that you send good vibes my way.  I could use 'em!
So all in all I am doing ok.  Not great, but ok.  I will no doubt become nervous as time goes on but right now................. I'm ok.
I had the day free today and decided to follow through on some suggestions from many to sell my photographs.  I will never make a living at it... but it can't hurt.   I'd love for you to stop by and check it out.   If interested in any that I've posted already feel free.  If not, no hard feelings, but could you share the link?  Pimp the site if you would? You never know :)  Photo's by D's Designs
Thanks folks as always I appreciate your support, good wishes, and friendship!!!  


Hollie said...

Praying for you! You know that I already think you are awesome at taking pictures! Keep us posted!

-love ya

Beth said...

This could very well be an opportunity to do something that you dearly love. "Every new beginning comes with some other beginning's end." (Seneca) Hugs, Beth


Wow Donna ...You will in my thoughts and prayers ....17 years is a long time ...hope you can find another job soon.

Hugs Mari

Terri said...

Mom and I have been in your shoes's a devastating's a scary road to travel but keep your head held high...cause there are great things awaiting you in your future I just know it! It took me 6 months to find a decent job after losing mine..i've now been at the new job for 7 years...time flies by...but sometimes change isn't so bad...but I am one who loves routine and isn't fond of change myself...but it can be a good thing...

Wishing you the best of luck on the job hunt!

Your pics are absolutely amazing Donna...I may be interested in purchasing some...I saved your website to my favs and will pimp you out for sure... gonna try to make myself blog tomorrow..haha! Never thought I would have to make myself.. :)~


Dawn said...

Donna... I hope that as this door closes and the next opens you will find many many treasures on the other side!!!

You deserve it!

be well...

Sugar said...

sorry to hear about your job, 17 yrs is a long time. seems this sort of thing is happening all over. grrr
keeping you in my prayers that a great opportunity comes your way. ;)

Julie said...

Donna, what a shame about the job. They do seem to fire the ones who have been there the longest, saves them more money. I know something great will come along. Good luck with the new shop. Your photo's are wonderful. I had never heard of that site.

Amanda said...

((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))You will be in my thoughts and prayers,I am glad you have friends tht have conectins for you.I am sure you will find something.It is a scary thing.I sometimes worry about thatt myself,been with my job for about 12 years.

Kathy said...

I was sorry to read you were laid off, but sometimes that closed door really does lead to a new door to open. Good luck in the job hunt. I'll be sure to add your photo blog to my list of reads. :)

Big Mark 243 said...

You have all my good vibes ... expecting the best for you at the end of this detour in your life.

Love and Rockets!!

Maria said...

Hi, D! I haven't visited your site for awhile but saw your site while looking at my dashboard and decided to stop by. I'm so sorry about the job development. That could have been handled better..I agree! You are very talented. Good luck on the job search! Maria

Jeannette said...

They certainly handled it badly Donna. Seniority doesn't seem to count for anything nowadays. I'm so9 sorry you have this to handle but you seem to be doing good. Your photos are beautiful, I'm sure you'll get some sales going soon. Good luck with the job offer too from your former co-worker, I know you'll get something from this. You have a lot of experience and nobody can take that away. Sending prayers and good vibes your way. Jeannette xxxx

Bridgett said...

D...these pictures are just amazing. That bird in the final photo looks like it's going to fly right off the screen.

I just looked at all your photos at DA.

You don't have any full moon pictures do you?

What I'm looking for is a quarter waning moon, a quarter waxing moon, and a full moon.

I know that's difficult because the sky always looks different and the clouds are never the same...but I'd love a set to frame and hang above my altar. :)

As I've said before, I am so sorry you lost your job, D. I really am. It sucks big, green, rotten, smelly eggs.

Why don't you make a button for your store and I'll add it to my sidebar? If you do, just let me know. :)


It's Just Katie! said...

Never speak negative of something that could truely be! I've followed you my friend for many years and have always believed in a (your) passion taking over where the lack of (clocking in everyday) one does not! Only think of what will be and the rest shall follow! Take care of you and yours my friend,

Linda Brown said...

Donna I was so sorry to read about your job. I pray a new door opens and it will be even a better situation for you. You are in my prayers once again. Bless you.

ADB said...

Very sorry to hear you've been laid off, Donna. I hope you can find something new quickly - shouldn't be a problem. Keep us posted!

Traci said...

Cruel that they made you wait all weekend for what you knew was coming. Sorry it happened. 17 years is a very long time!

Missie said...

I'm so sorry you got laid off after 17 years! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers you find something else quickly.

Keep your chin up!

Sherry said...

when i first read it in FB, i cried. I was so hurt for you. I know you are going to go on to bigger and better things. There is a reason for all that goes on in our lives and if these asinine fools want to lay you off that just means someone else will hire you for better wages. I have bookmarked your photo page. Love to you always.

Rose~* said...

So sorry to hear about your job. I'm sure you don't need the stress of looking for another one, right now. Hope you find something soon, though. I took a quick look at your photo site. Beautiful pictures!

gina said...

hi's been a while, but just browsing through some of favorite journals tonight. so sorry about the job...things are hard for so many folks these days. i hope things go well for you. i love these shots and think you will do well in selling your work. good luck!!

krissy knox said...

Donna, you're going to get through this. You'll see. Easy for me to say, right? No, my life is not easy right now either, LOL. Don't want to explain why, just yet, but I'm having a really hard time right now.

Okay, I went to your photo site and I am very impressed. I'm going to talk to John, and I know he'll say we'll get a couple of photos. TOLD YOU i had faith in you, LOL. I KNEW you were good. You will be hanging in our living room soon, LOL.

Okay, sweetie, got to run,

krissy knox :)
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Lori said...

I've been keeping up with you on FB, so I know you're doing very well. I know you were missing you sis today, so I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you and your sister. Please take care, and I'll see on FB.

Gayla said...
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Gayla said...

I;m so sorry to hear this awful news. This is not cool what they did, but they always seem to lay off the ones who have the most talent, most dedication and are the best. Makes no dam sense!
But the photogrpahy thing is a GREAT idea. Your talents with photography and design are amazing and you really could make a great living at it. And you would be doing something you love :)
I'm sorry I haven't been around much-I've been fighting my own 'personal" and medical battles myself. I might as well spill the beans here....LMAO.
Just know that I love you to pieces and think the world of you. Anything, and I mean anything I can do I'm just a phone call or IM away my friend.

Biggest Hugs to you~

Anonymous said...

WOW, I am very sorry to hear that... Hope whatever you have in the works, works out for you!

-- Christopher


taryterre said...

Hope a new job won't be long in coming. I love your photographs and blog and look forward to new updates.

krissy knox said...

Honey, just wanted to let you know I care about you and am thinking about you. Good thoughts from me and John on that perfect job (hoping you have it already, if not, hope you'll get it soon). We are praying for you. John is saying a prayer for you right now... Love you,


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