Sunday, July 5, 2009

~ Great Holiday ~

Wow!  What a great holiday weekend...   my brother in law had his annual party for the 4th on Friday.  It was fabulous.   There was a good 600 people there total.  It's several business' that put on the bash and what a bash it was!!   Pig, smoked turkey and brisket.  Lobster, crab legs, clams.  Burgers and dog.  Every type of salad you could imagine.  Enough desserts to run a bakery for a month!  Out of this world!   Speaking of out of this world... the fireworks.  What a show!  
I've included a ton of pictures..............
Saturday it was a rerun.  Food, food, and more food.  We went out the beach.  Family lives right on the lake.   It had been pretty cool and rainy here.  Yesterday the sun was out but it was windy.   Lake Erie looked more like the ocean surf.  The kids didn't care they went in anyway. 
My niece brought along her new puppy.   What a cutie!  She is lucky I didn't snap him and take him home!!
'Bug' loved him too..........
Talk about bonfire on the beach!!  Note the size in comparison to the chairs.  OUCH!!
Talk about pets..............   I'm sorry this is ugly!!  His mom still loves him tho....
Ohhhh.. did I mention....  someone got head at the party?    ROFLMAO!!!   That is so gross!
Off to my parents to round off the celebration.  Hope everyone had a great holiday.... and/or weekend.


Ally Lifewithally said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day ~ the pictures are spectacular ~ those fireworks are beautiful ~ Ally x


Beautiful pictures!!!!! I could not eat something that is looking back at me.

Thanks for sharing

Lisa said...

a totally awesome entry with just GORGEOUS GORGEOUS pics.....the kids are growing like did another expert, breathtaking job with the pics..SO glad you had a happy 4th..the food and fun sounds like heaven.

Hollie said...

glad to hear from you! Wow what amazing photos! The lake does look like the ocean.

Julie said...

Donna, the shots are wonderful and it looks like you had a great time. I have had pig roasted that way forever, looks so yummy.

sheri said...

Great pictures. I especially like the one of the sun setting between the trees..
Maybe one day I'll get a nice shot like that.
Looks like the kids had a great time. Sun,water and food, what more do they need? lol


Amanda said...

(((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))Sounds like you had a ncie time,wonder if that guy liked eating the hed of the pig..Ewwwwwwww.I love the pic.

Bridgett said...

Okay, that pig head is just NASTY! I'm hoping he didn't really eat that. LOL

These pictures are amazing!

And that puppy is just too cute for words. Lab puppies always are.

Looks like you've had a WONDERFUL weekend. Yay!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

This entry is what holidays and family are all about.

Missie said...

OMG! The pig roast looks like it was delicious!!

All your pictures are great! Can you give me any pointers on taking night shots of fireworks. I couldn't get any to come out but one, and it's not the greatest!

Have a good week!

Leslie said...

Hi hun, *hugs* It sounded & looked like a great July 4th bash for sure. Good food, time & pics. The pic are amazing Donna so colorful & beautiful. You take amazing shots. i loved them all. All though the last pic the pig head ewww, lol. Im so glad though you had a great July 4th weekend ;) Ty for sharing the pics. Take care hun. Have a good week ahead :) xo

LYN said...

amazing pics!!

Teresa said...

That pig looks absolutely yummo...and your pic's are beautiful per usual :) That puppy is to die for lol, the Iguana? (presuming that's what it is) he's pretty in his own way isn't he/she? lol ~ glad you had a great time.
Hugs, Teresa

Jeanie said...

I so love looking at photos! Especially yours Donna. What celebrations you all had!
Roast pig smells wonderful as it is cooking. Yummy!
Bug is growing up so fast!!!

I wouldn't be able to make myself go into the water with waves like that...((((shivver))).
They look too strong for me!
Thanks for sharing them all.
Jeanie xxx

Rose~* said...

Awesome photos, Donna - glad you had a great time with your family. The shots of the sunsets and surf are amazing!

ELLIE said...

sounds like a great time was had by all - love love the pics!!
thanks for sharing it all!!!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful entry!!! Happy belated 4th of July to you and yours! I can see you are having an awesome summer by these very beautiful pictures. That puppy is exactly like our Maggie when she was little. Wishing you a wonderful day!
Lisa in Kentucky

Terri said...

ROFLMAO@someone getting head at the party... You crack me the hell up Donna...LOL! Eww@ the pig

Love love love all the pics...what a party...lovin the beach, bonfire....the sunset = amazing!

The puppy is adorable...and the Iguana(is that what it is well...kinda cute but I would prolly run in the opposite direction...LOL!

Looks like a great time was had by all....loved this post!


Robyn said...

Looks like you had a great 4th!! LOVE all the pictures. We just home from the cabin and we will be heading back up there Friday, so I need to post pics and talk about mine also. We had a great time. That puppy is SO cute. I would have had a really hard time not stealing him also lol. That pig head is nasty! I am good on a pig head lol. Give me an old fashioned weiner anytime!:) I hope your having a great week. Hugs to you......

Connie said...

Great photos.Bug is so adorable...ummm ya'll can keep that head...I agree Lake Erie is fairly close to me also...

Stephycce said...

Love the photos!!

Linda's World said...

The puppy is darling but not the pig. LOL !!! Linda in Washington

MariesImages said...

Nice selection of photos, Donna, love your fireworks, STUNNING!!