Sunday, July 19, 2009

So it's Sunday............  the last few days I've logged in to check mail.  What a sight...  an unbelievable amount of mail from blogger with comments.  Wow!  What the hell happened here...  as I went through it, nothing but spam.  Characters instead of comments.  I spent lots of time removing them.  The next day, I log in for mail and again.  WTF!?!  I leave them alone.  Now everyday I log in and again and again.  I've left them.  Don't bother clicking on the link connected with their name it takes you to a porn site.  Or something.. I didn't stay long enough to really figure it out.  It's in Chinese.  I do some investigative work and no one from China or even close has visited.  What do I find?   I find hours spent on my site, visiting page after page after page.   One user from MA and one from CA, or that is what the url suggests.  No comments from either area that I can see.  Deduction?  Someone has way to much freakin time on their hand and no life.  Why waste their valuable time doing that?  Like anyone goes back into my archives to read comments on click on the suggested link?  Ok some will now that I've written about it, but in general no one does that.  Do they?  I've spent more then enough of my time looking into it and believe my I was not at all happy with what I found.  Disturbing.  Well what wasn't disturbing is I realized I actually must have a life.  So I've added back the word verification.  Not that I post much, but for those that actually comment with legit words, I'm sorry.   I am contimplating letting this blog sit dorment for a bit. I won't go private. Very few readers stop by here, and tags seem to becoming a thing of the past. I don't write like I did in the past so what is the use really?

I've recovered nicely from the reunion.  It was a blast and I'm looking forward to the next one.  I've spent some time going through facebook and looking at all the pictures.  Makes me laugh each and every time I see one.  Gaawd we were pretty immature.  LOL   Feel free to look me up on facebook.  I'm thinking I will probably be spending more time over there.  I really think all the changes here in blogger has taken the fun out of it.  Pictures don't post nicely.  Sporadically my tags show the animation but not always...  it's time consuming and I think it sucks.   When I have a few minutes I may look around for a more user friendly blog spot.  Maybe I won't...  
Hope everyone is doing well.  Sorry I've not been by.  I've had issues with blogs opening, allowing me to comment, you name it... no matter if I'm on AOL's browser, explorer, or firefox.....  I've tried from work and other PC's so it's not me....
Know I am thinking about you tho


Linda Brown said...

Very pretty!

Big Mark 243 said...

That is so crappy, hearing about the spam. That is so 1990's for someone to do that to you.

Even if you only blog once or twice a month, that would be fine by me. I would miss you, and since I am going to be near DC, I guess I will do some cheering for the Caps and Ovechikin (but the Wings are still #1 in my heart!)

Who else is going to say he is better than Crosby with me, if not you?

Amanda said...

(((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))Soryy this i happening to you.Hope it doesnt keep happening.Have a nice week ahead.

Jeannette said...

Well, I hope that you decide to stay, we have lost too many J-Landers as it is. As for the tags Donna, well you know the sort of things I always liked and I know you had to change for reasons we will not go into but the ones you do now are not me, I am sure you will understand and not me offended by that.

People told me that had lots of problems getting into my journal but since I moved followers right down to the bottom of the page and took a couple of things off, all seems well now.

It will be a sad day if you stop writing.

Jeannette said...

That's just really creepy Donna! I wish I had time to go through blog archives!! Maybe it isn't real people, it could be those automated things. Glad you added back the word verification, that'll stop it if it isn't a person! I love your diasies! Jeannette xx

Julie said...

I had the same thing happen in my photo journal, very weird, chinese writing leading you to a porn site. pretty sick. I got rid of them that goodness. I went to a translating site to find out what it was saying. I think it is a generated site. Probably attached to a real persons site from overseas who doesn't ever realize they are attaching it every time they visit a blog.

Please don't leave. So many have left and I am sooooo lonely, :-) I would miss you and I love your tags and photo's. Glad the reunion was fun.

Indigo said...

I'm not on as often these days. Then again life has been taking me in a new direction. Usually a week or so with word verification and the spam goes away. Thankfully I haven't had to deal with it yet. I know I don't get by as much as I used to, but I would miss you if you weren't here. (Hugs)Indigo

P.S. Just in case you didn't get the notice, I'm now here:

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sorry you are having on-line problems. Hope it gets straightened out soon.

LYN said...

I fianlly dusted off my blog and made an entry...

have a good week! sory about the bloody imposters!!


Sorry about your online problems would be missed greatly if you stopped writing on your blog.

Have a great Monday

Lisa said...

well, even if you stopped blogging forever, we'll stay real friends. Maybe no one was stalking you and it was just a spam thing...there ARE lots of crazies out there who seem normal but are stalkers and trolls. Being public makes it even more wide open.
I hope you do not stop writing here...FB is AWESOME, GREAT, FREEING and very casual and i love it too....but your blog and journal have always meant lots to me. I love you!

sheri said...

Sorry to hear about the online problems you've had. I probably wouldn't know how to fix it if it happened to me.
I would certainly miss you if you decided not to blog...
I'll have to look you up on facebook:)
Have a wonderful week,

Hollie said...

Sorry about your problems. Many of the blogs I visit....there's a little window that pops up saying something about aborting this operation. IDK what it means. Take care what ever you decide, but I'll see you on FB. Love ya!

Gayla said...

I agree with you, Blogger does suck big time! I miss AOL so much. But I hate to leave because of the friendships here so I won't. I don't post like i used to because Blogger isn't even close to being user friendly and nice looking--like AOL was.
Maybe try my new editor, ScribeFire? It's pretty easy and my pics look like I want them too. Unless of course Blogger screw them up which it does sometimes. Arghhhh!

Take good care :)
Hugs, Gayla

Ally Lifewithally said...

Sorry you are having problems ~ hope you don't decide to leave ~ I am on Facebook but don't go there very often ~ still learning about it ~ Ally x

ADB said...

Don't you dare leave, Donna 8-) or else lmao

You've done the right thing by turning on the word verification. Things have changed in blogger-land. Keep well

Missie said...

Great pictures.

I hate spam! I would have been p'd off to get all that spam!

Have a good week.

Terri said...

Spam sucks...I would be angry too!

Donna you can't leave just can't ::throwing a tantrum::

Did it work? hehe

Seriously though...I've not had many reading lately either, I mean they may be reading and just not commenting which is fine by me...cause I know how busy everyone is in the summertime...but I will be glad when blogger picks back up come fall/winter...

I do think blogger needs to fix the issues that it has...I have facebook but can't really get into it's slow and gets on my nerves...and I have DSL...could be my computer bogged down with stuff too graphics, pics and

Lovely pics...and I will always love your graphics...I use them not only for blogger but emails as well... I need to use them in my blog more but I am really lazy these days I guess...


Stephycce said...

Aww I'm sorry to hear that hun!
Stupid people that's all it is.
Glad your doing okay though.

Bridgett said...

Well, that stinks!
I'd hate to have all that foreign language stuff on my blog. :(

Blogger definitely doesn't feel like home, does it?

Those daisy shots are gorgeous though! :)

Martha said...

Hi Donna,
I was getting that same spam but I noticed all of mine were posted by "anonymous" so I just set my blog for no anonymous comments since I don't think I've ever had anyone post like that unless it was spam anyway. Hope you'll stick around, at least pop in now and then to let us know how you're doing. As long as you are well that's all that really matters. If I ever do get a facebook up and running I'll look you up :-)

Debbie said...

LMAO @ Terri throwing a tantrum. I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with spam. As far as going back into archives and reading page after page when I first started reading journals I did read every entry in the journals I found interesting, and yes it is time consuming but I felt it was a way to get to know the person writing the journal. So that could be what the folks from MA & CA are doing just innocently lurking. I remember how nervous it made me to leave my first comment on a journal.

I'm sure my url has showed up several times in the past week or so because it's taken me that long to get your blog to load where I could see all of your pictures. I keep getting an error on your blog and have no idea why.

You look great in your pics Donna and I'm so happy you are enjoying life. It sounds like you had a blast at your class reunion I've never been to mine.

I hope you don't leave blogger I sure would miss you. I had a facebook account a long time ago but I didn't care for it. word verification is an easy one to eyes just arent what they used to be.

Love ya