Thursday, April 23, 2009

~ This Old Mare ~

.... ain't what she use to be.  I took this picture the other day when I went for a ride.  This horse is not far from where I live and I've seen it a gazillion times over the years.  I couldn't help but think she's not what she use to be... kind of like me.  LOL  Seriously though, I'm not what I use to be.  Not saying it is bad, it's just different.  My mind goes in different directions when I'm thinking or planning.  I react different in situations.  I can't put my finger on it, but it's different.  Maybe a more thankful approach to life in general.  
My family often mentions a wheel chair when a long walk is in store.  I don't want a wheelchair!  I don't want a cane!  I want to walk on my own.  Sure I have a slight limp these days and I can't walk as fast as I use to, but I can walk.  Since this latest surgery I'm able to walk almost as though nothing happened (except for the limp)  I want to continue and try to get things back.  I don't want to baby or pamper myself.  If I didn't think I could and/or can do it I won't.  I will ask for help.  Stairs are a slow go still but that is more because of the limited movement in my ankle, not because of my legs. 
I am limited with the amount of weight I can lift or move, but I do try.  I also try to contribute in the household cleaning and cooking, not just financially.  It's not the best but it is getting there. 
The computer.  Well, it's still not there.  I'm not addicted to daytime TV, I think it sucks.  I just get here and start surfing and I get blah.  I have made my rounds to several blogs but I have noticed most of us aren't writing like we use too.  I know it has a bit to do with AOL kicking us to the curb, but I wonder if it was a phase that we are taking out of our lives and we are doing other things.  I have been playing in PSP and actually I've been having some fun.  It takes me a bit longer when creating a tag.  I can't get the groove going, but I have done a few and will offer them up.  Does anyone still offer tags?  I've not seen any really.  Was that a phase too?  LOL  Or does everyone have so many they don't need anymore.  Do folks just want snags with no names? 
I did make a couple that are here.  I was playing with a scrap kit I have and just thought maybe folks would use them for that specific post.  Not sure.  If you want feel free to snag 'em as is.  As always I ask that things not be edited in anyway and that they aren't claimed as your work.   :)
Photobucket Photobucket
I know my sister has kept everyone posted on my Dad's knee surgery.  It went well and he actually came home from the rehab/nursing home today.  If you read Nancy you knew that already but I will tell you I didn't sit in the lobby I took that long walk to her Dr's. office.  The reason I wasn't sure if I would was because my knee had been stiff/sore for a couple days.  Not sure why.  If I twisted in my sleep, if it was from the nice compression stockings I have to wear, or if it from compensating because of the limp. Regardless it's fine now so it wasn't an issue.  I actually stayed at the house after bringing her home from the Dr so I was there when he got home.  I was concerned about him coming home and not being ready but that was because I had not seen him use the walker at all.  My brother helped him up the 3 stairs into the house but he did great.  What a relief! 
I was suppose to go out with a friend today to watch the Pittsburgh/Philly hockey game.  She actually just called to cancel.  She's not feeling well and wanted to go home to rest and get to bed early.  I don't blame her one bit.  I didn't really care.  I can watch the game here and be just as happy.  My sister won't be as I will be switching between the games that are on, but she'll live.   Ohhhhhhhhh speaking of ... congrats Brit your Bruins did a sweep (won the best out of 7 by winning the first 4) over the Habs.  Whuuuuu huuuu girlfriend.  Now they can get some rest and wait to see who their next opponent is. 
Well that's it.  I'm off to get dinner going.  Veggie stir fry (zucchini, squash, mushrooms, and snapped peas), stuffed chicken breasts, and mashed taters.  Doesn't sound bad does it?


nancy said...

Thank you for taking me and yes and I am so proud of you doing the long walk to my Dr's office. You deserve a little walk here and there. Who said you need a wheelchair? not me.. lol. Love ya. Me, Nancy

Julie said...

I love the old mare, that's me also these days. I am glad your getting out and about.

It saddens me to see the community slowing down and not many posting. I miss my old buddies from AOL days that don't post.

And last but not least. I loved your tags and still use them. Not many offer the ones you did. They rocked then and they still rock.

Lori said...

I'm glad your Dad's surgery went well and that he is doing well. I'm glad you can walk, even with a limp; I wouldn't want a cane or chair if I didn't have to either! I had stopped blogging regularly just because of life getting in the way and because I'd just been out of the mood. Then I started writing now and then, and I think I've done now at least one entry every day for the past seven or eight days. I think for some of us it's just a phase we go in and out of, but for some, something really has changed and they have almost stopped blogging altogether. The economy has put some new stresses on many of us, and I think that stress seeps into other areas of our lives as well. It's good to see a post like this one from you.

Bridgett said...

I think if all took an honest look at ourselves in the mirror, we could most assuredly say we're different than we were last year...and I don't mean physically either.

Change isn't a bad thing...we just have to learn how to adapt. I'm not great at that, I admit. :)

I'm so glad you're getting around better though.

I'm still blogging like crazy...I'll never stop. This is a memoir for my kids and I do it for them.

Chic Chat?

That's purely for my enjoyment. LOL

I really don't use tags anymore...most are too big to fit in my very limited space on blogger so I've gotten out of the habit.

I do miss them though, as I think they pretty up a page and make statements.

Lurve you, dahling


sheri said...

I think you're right about people going thru phases in their lives.
For me it's my reading. I won't read a book for months and then I will read nonstop for
I'm glad your Dads surgery went well.
Love the tags that you made. I think I'll snag them. It's pretty much how I feel
thank you,
Hugs, Sheri

Big Mark 243 said...

People are going thru different things ... I remember something about people a in our lives for a moment, a season or forever ... depends on the reason.

Sorta feel you on the 'do it yourself' stuff. Kevin Everrett, the cat who got hurt for the Bills called what he was doing, 'finding his new normal'. I keep that in mind, and I explain to everyone that I am not snapping at them because I am unappreciative, but that I first have to learn my limits, so that I can then exceed them, and if necessary, allow for help.

You have a lot of fight in you. As long as you DO let help come, not just when you need it, but when it necessary for the HELPER as well to do it, you do. You are lucky to have so much love around you, and you will find the balance, for sure!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Looking at the blogs I'm following notice, it does not seem to me that things have slowed down to terribly much, but since a lot of us are also over on Facebook, I think we do quicker updates sometimes, rather than entries.

Beth said...

I think Ken is right--Facebook and Twitter have definitely taken away somewhat from blogging. I still like doing a daily entry, but I have a feeling that as we go into summer, they might be a little shorter!

Glad to hear you're in fight mode. Don't give up!

Hollie said...

Cute tags. I'm glad that your dad got to come home & is doing really well. I read Nancy's blog about you waiting in the lobby. You go girl!!!!! I'm so proud of you! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I know you "try," probably too much, but don't try too hard with the lifting. Please. I don't want you to get hurt......~Mary


Hang in there Donna ...hopefully with time and rest your leg/ankle will improve.

Hugs Mari

Joyce said...

Nice photo of the mare. She's very photogenic for an old gal. lol. I think part of what's happening with journaling is that Facebook and Twitter have consumed so many. I personally don't like either but hey, to each...etc.
Hugs, Joyce

Rose~* said...

Enjoyed your picture of the horse - so beautiful! I limp all the time now, due to arthritis in my foot and hate that I can't find shoes that fit most of the time. :::SIGH::: Some people are still making snags and tags, but it has slowed a bit. I can't fit in all that playoff hockey with blogging too much. I'm getting ice crystals on my butt, lol . . .

ADB said...

Hi Donna,
I agree that there has been a shift away from blogging to pastures new like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Bebo (and what not). It's a shame, and I've been just as guilty. Mind you, the way AOL mistreated us did not help, but that was not the only reason. Very grateful to Nancy for keeping us up to date on matters your side.


Veronica B. EDMD said...


It's a long slow process, and I think I remember telling you the heart surgery stuff would take about 6 months to get over. You've been through so much more and I am awed and amazed at your perserverance. Keep going, keep shooting photos, keep doing things for you...



Traci said...

Seems I've been reading some very serious blogs today. I so feel a shift away from blogging. For me right now things are heavy and I don't know who is reading or I do and don't feel like burdening them with the info. I only blog about once a week these days and only read blogs sporatically.
Sounds like you are healing nicely. Keep walking, best thing for a body! Hope your dad is still doing well.

Brittany said...

Yup Yup! We are awesome!!!
I think it's going to be the NY Rangers next!

Missie said...

I think when you become as ill as you and I have been for our age, it has to change who you are inside.

I feel like that old horse! He's beautiful though! I love horses.

Enjoy your weekend!

Indigo said...

I have no doubt you're probably pushing yourself more than you should. I know I do at times...

As for blogging. For me too much guest writing for other blogs. It's a far wider audience than we had in AOL. I think for some people it tends to be intimating.

As for tags. Quite a few still use them. Myself I've gone to using a simple signature. It makes it easier in the end.

As Mary and everyone else has said try not to over do it dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Melissa said...

pretty horse. I noticed ppl dont make tags anymore either. i miss that. I dont even have any more tags left to use in my journals. my last couple of entries have seemed empty without it. Snagging one of urs, thanks

Unfussy2 said...

I think that your right, AOL has really put a damper on blogging. And, most people are shifting away to other things-just for now though. Eventually I think it will come back around, but will NEVER be as good as AOL!
I'm so glad to hear that things are going a bit better. Even little triumphs mean everything don't they? I've been in a slump too Donna, so I understand....totally!
I was also glad to hear about your Pop and that he got to go home. And Nancy is awesome---just love her!
As for sports? I will be watching the fight tonight-Pacquiao vs. Hatton. It's going to be an incredible good fight. How does a non-violent gal like myself love boxing? I will never, ever figure this one out! (lol) But I love watching a good boxing match, as long as nobody's ears get chewed off. That was disgusting and I was at that fight LIVE! I left.
Take good care buddy :)
Huggers, Gayla

MariesImages said...

Hey Donna,
I like what you did with the photo of the horse....very cool framing. Nice to see you posting again, like regularly. Ü We missed you

Bethe said...

I dunno...with the tags, I've found that when I do offers I have few requests. So I share in the "Group" and as far as socializing I guess I am doing it there instead of Blogging. I do feel rather exposed on Blogger.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

That horse is very handsome.. Ain't no mare tho.. LOL! I'm sorry you are feeling so run down. I know how you feel in a way.. Hang in there..

Missy said...

I think you are very strong. I probably would be laid up in the bed and whiny to be honest. You keep on that path, you may have an almost if not complete recovery.

I know several people have mentioned that they wish there were more tags. I think you should keep making them if you can because hardly anyone does anymore.

I'm glad your dad's surgery went well. I hope your friend gets to feeling better too.



Lisa said...

Hi D! So nice to stop by and see how you are doing. Yes I know what you mean, as I get older I seem to handle things differently and with planning too. Yes I have not been writing as much in my journal either. So much to do in my life and I can't get to it all. I wish there were more hours in a day! Thanks for the great tags... I'm snagging away! Yes, I agree, I'm more thankful each day too.
Lisa in KY

LYN said...

i think everyone is on facebook!!
have a good week hun!!