Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~ Signs of Spring ~

Yeap, right in my own backyard. The other day I was at the kitchen sink looking out back and I noticed green appearing on the trees and shrubs in the fields. Yeah! It's finally spring. It was a good thing too as my camera was off in the corner calling my name. Gently at first, then it became a yell. You know you have to listen when that happens! I think it may have even used my middle name just like when I was younger and my mother really wanted my attention.
Well, I grabbed the camera and went out front to see if I could find anything. As I turned to walk in the backyard I noticed the green and thought this was a pretty decent shot/view. Welcome to my yard :) Good thing I took it when I did. This past weekend they tilled a spot for strawberries. Ahhhh strawberry fields.... no worries you'll see pictures at some point.
My yard is lower then the neighbors and on the far right side is their driveway and garage. This little 'garden' area runs along the base of their garage. Currently no plants are there as it's been too cold but you can see the remains from last year. Our rock wall. LOL Ok so it's not as fancy as those you see around million dollar homes, but we like it. Or need it to hold the dirt in place.
A couple of flowers from the yard. The smell is to die for. Definitely lets you know spring is here!
Oh, and yes the grass has been cut since these were taken. How nice to see color and the vibrant green. Each day more and more appears.
Not only has spring arrived but after all these months I've actually got some good positive news. I don't want to get to excited yet but it's hard to hold back. I went to see the Dr yesterday for my diabetes. After some talking about the issues with my foot she ordered a nerve conduction test. It will be done on Thursday. This should help determine if it is caused by the diabetes or nerve damage. Either way we may get some answers so we can now deal directly with that. I told her no more surgery and she agreed. Two majors in six months is enough.
One thing led to another. We talked about my numbers from testing and the insulin and booster insulin I've used. Ok, so the booster has not been needed in forever. My levels have been low enough that there was no need. We talked and talked and as she looked at my results from recent blood work she wanted to try something a bit different. I no longer need the booster. I will be taking a pill with dinner that should help the insulin I produce work better. There are some side effects so I will start with taking it once a day to see if I can tolerate it. If all goes well I will take it with breakfast and dinner. The dosage on my nightly insulin shot will be lowered. Hopefully all will go well and we can eventually ween me off the shots! OMG you have no idea how happy that will make me if it works.
So last night was the first. I took the pill at dinner and when I tested before bed my sugar was in good shape. Not the best but it was lower then it normally is at that time. Could it have worked that fast? I doubt it but it was positive. I gave myself the shot and went to bed.
This morning I got up and as usual I had to test. I was a bit concerned. Lower dosage? How high would my numbers be. Holy shit! Again lower then usual in the am. Sooooooooooo does a pill work that fast? Am I getting excited to soon? Probably... and I am trying to bring myself back to earth. Keep your fingers crossed will ya?
Yesterday the weather was fabulous. Temps in the 80's... explain to me again why I am excited about going back to work next week? LOL After the Dr's. I went and picked up my sister Nancy. We took a ride to a local beach to get a few shots. I think we were successful. Very as a matter of fact. I will post mine a bit later but feel free to stop by Nancy's blog to see hers too. I don't think they are up yet, but I know they will be.
Well off to do a few things before the rain starts. Enjoy...


Valerie said...

My fingers are crossed for you, D. Are those honey suckles?? Oh, how I miss the smell of honey suckles! I had them in my yard in Virginia growing up and they were glorious! Love your pictures! Hugs, honey! Love, Val xox

Lisa said...

what a glorious day when sweet D is back to taking her masterpiece pics and also writing. I am so tickled!
I am so glad the pill seems to be working and i pray it DOES continue to help your #'s...YEAH!!!!!!! I want you happy and healthy and you are on the right track now. I love the photos included..your yard is gorgeous....i love seeing the flowers and the greenery too.

Julie said...

I am hoping the tests come back great and yes, sometimes the pill does work that fast. I am happy for you. My camera is screaming also. Can't wait to get out.

Hollie said...

Oh Donna,
That is "GREAT NEWS!" I'm praying that it works out just like you want it to. I'm also very excited that you are getting excited about taking pictures again. I tell ya...I think you should be a professional photographer! As you know...I am a very big fan of your's.

Love ya!

Gorgeous photos as always! Your yard is beautiful just like it is!

madcobug said...

Glat that you are doing so much better. Your yard and flowers look so pretty. Hugs, Helen

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I am truly happy that spring is here too. The older I get the more I can appreciate it!

Lisa said...

Donna, good to hear you are doing better, I love your pictures, Soooooo pretty!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

Stephycce said...

Ohh so pretty!!
Now all the greenery is dying in this heat LOL.


Chrissie said...

Those are great shots. Love all the flowers. Can't wait to see strawberries. I wanted a hill at my house, but can't because everything gets into it.
I hope that pills works for you. That would be wonderful.
Wow you're going back to work. I hope you don't overdue. I know you're just glad to be back in the swing of things.
Take care


Beautiful pictures ...we have gone from winter directly into summer

Crossing my fingers, my eyes, my legs that this new medication will work for you.

Big hugs sent your way


Beth said...

Great news, D, fingers crossed! Doesn't it feel great to see some green? It's much cooler here today, so it will probably head your way eventually. But at least we know summer is almost here!

Nancy said...

I can almost smell those white flowers from HERE! Lovely photos...

Will go check out Nancy...after all, with a name like that...well you know. : )

Indigo said...

Great news on the pills hon. Keeping you in my prayers on the smoke they work. I think the excitement about work is getting back to something the resembles normalcy to you. It's been a long road dear friend. I'm so thankful you're still here to continue the journey. (Hugs)Indigo

Rose~* said...

I love the stone pathway in your backyard - kind of reminds me of the "yellow brick road" in the land of Oz. - not that yours is yellow, but we can always dream, lol. I can almost smell that gorgeous Lily, it is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Only in the 70's over here, but much better than snow, for sure. My Dad takes a pill for his diabetes and it really does work for him. It is called "Metformin". (((HUGS)))

Bridgett said...

Excellent, excellent news all around!

May I ask what the pill is that's helping?

Sooooo exciting!


Linda's World said...

Love your fence and your flowers. I took a dandelion picture the other day too. Sounds like things are looking up for you ! Linda in Washington

Joyce said...

Your photo's are lovely Donna. Ain't spring just the best? I will be praying that the little pill does the job. You sure deserve a break and it sounds like this might be it.
Hugs, Joyce

Big Mark 243 said...

I think your positive mental outlook has a lot to do with the medicine positively effects on you. That is a good thing!

Pretty pictures ... a Buffalo spring in late April?? Then spring REALLY is here!!

Glad the Caps won. The showdown is on, and I am pulling for the Caps. A Sergi Federov sighting! It sucks not having Versus ...

Brittany said...

We are back to 60 degrees here.

Xenia said...

Beautiful photos Donna.
Hugs, Xenia

Melissa said...


julie said...

mesmerising flowers and places and wish i am there. know you for years now. wish every thing's fine with you. God bless

Terri said...

Great pics!

Great news as well...I hope and pray the pill keeps working for you...keeping fingers crossed!


Lori said...

That is very good news. I hope it is working and continues to work. This was such an upbeat post. It's good to read that kind again from you! Great pics, and I'm so glad spring finally found you. I sent it out a couple weeks ago, after it started visiting us, and told it to search you out. Glad it finally made contact!