Wednesday, April 29, 2009

~ Beach to Winter Jackets ~

Ok, ok, so we really don't need winter jackets today, but damn what a switch in the weather.  On Monday we broke records being in the mid to high 80's.  Yes, that would be in Buffalo, in April no less :)  Yesterday it rained almost all day and temps fell drastically.  As I write this, it isn't even 50.  WTF!?!
After my Dr's. appointment, on Monday, I picked up my sister and we went to a local beach to get some pictures.  It had been what seemed like a 100 years since I'd last been there.  As a teenager/young adult this was an evening party spot.  No one ever really used it as a beach during the day.  It was difficult to get to and it wasn't taken care of.  Holy shit was I amazed at the transition.  Now there is a boardwalk over the marshy swamp area leading right to the beach.  In years past we had to walk a bit after parking to get to a spot where we could just climb over the sand dunes to get to the sand.  :::closing eyes::: oh how I remember the sweet innocent days gone by.
You can see the sand is nice.  Well, except for the left overs of the winter winds and the buds that have already fallen.  There were several folks laying in the sun.  Flying kites, and even one gentlemen in a suit (minus the jacket) sitting in a folding chair.  Can you say decompression?  He must have had a rough Monday morning.  Great spot for a lunch break tho!
To the right of this spot you can see the 'new' windmills and the skyline of the city.  It was a bit hazy so those pictures weren't the best.  Nancy has the windmills on her blog.  I tried to stay away from the shots she used. 
The sky was so blue and the water sparkled.  I was like a piece of heaven after the cold winter months.  It was fabulous feeling the heat and sun engulf me.  After the past six months I needed that!
You can see the bare trees as well as partial leaves and buds that look ready to pop.  I can't wait for the color!
It was a great day and being with Nancy was fun.  Always a good laugh!  I know she needed to get out too.  After all that has been happening at my parents with my Dad and brother she has been playing the part of the 'gopher'.  Go for this, go for that.  She does it with a smile but a break is good too!
I did call my Dr yesterday afternoon.  After getting another low reading before lunch I wanted to know if I was getting excited prematurely.   HEY!  I said excited :)~   At dinner time she returned my call.  Her fear was that my numbers went up.  I gave her my readings and she was excited too.  She was thrilled things were working so quickly and so far I was tolerating rather well.  She lowered my insulin dosage again.  It's now less then half of what I was taking.  I was advised not to worry if my levels spiked a bit.  That is within reason of course.  She is feeling rather confident that I will be off the shots in no time.  One can hope and let me tell you I am hoping!!   I never thought I'd be able to give myself a shot, but one does what one has to do.  I would just rather not prick myself every night.  Ok... that would be prick myself with a needle!  Pigs!!
On the way home from the beach we passed the Botanical Gardens.  You may remember some shots from there in the past.  I pulled over when we saw the family of geese feasting on whatever it was they were feasting on.   I loved the backdrop of this shot so of course, click click with the camera.
It was a fabulous day all the way around!   As a hockey fan I was excited about 2 game 7's in the opening round.  The New York Rangers at one point had a strangle hold on the Washington Craps... I mean Caps.   Sean Avery (a Ranger) did what Sean Avery does best and imploded.   He has done some really assanine things in his career and after his drama, I never thought anyone would pick him up after Dallas just let him go.  Wrong.  The good 'ole Rags gave him a second chance.  Or would that be third?  Fourth?  Fifth? You get the picture.  The coach benched him for losing his cool.  In Washington, game 5.  A wild fan gets under Tort's (the Rangers coach) skin.  He dumps a beer (or drink) over the glass.  Oh Tort acted so professionally.  He squirts him back, throws the water bottle at him.  Grabs a stick from the bench and tries to climb the glass.  What on earth did he think he was doing??  The other coaches pull him back, hold him down.  Good grief!  The coach benches a player for losing his cool then does this.  How can players respect him?  
The league didn't respect him and suspended him from being on the bench for game 6.  That leaves Jim Schoenfield to coach the team.  A little loyalty as he played for the Sabres long ago.  Hmm..  I said a little!  Well, the Rag's lose both games 5 & 6 leaving the door open for Washington.  Game 7 last night.  Oh good gaawd the Rag's folded like a cheap circus tent and lost the series.  Now it's on to the big event.  The showdown of Crosby and Ovechkin (Pittsburgh vs Washington).  They came into the league the same year and there is a definite difference in who is better.  Ask 10 people and see who they say.  This is not the ultimate challenge it's a team sport but hell it's a great story line.
Wow.. I got off on a hockey tangent.  Imagine that.  LMAO!!!  I will stop now... hope everyone is doing well.  


Brittany said...

You live in Upstate NY right?
Where is the closest beach to that? Is it a long drive?

Big Mark 243 said...

You know ... I just remember about CBC ... long story, but the town I was in, didn't offer CBC. I can get that from the Windsor station no cable or anything.

Is the beach off Lake Erie?

Brittany said...

Ohhhh so it was a Lake beach not a Sea could have had me fooled! Looks like a Seashore not a lakeshore!!

I think we lost touch over the months that you didn't blog very much.


Chrissie said...

Gorgeous pics and I'm glad you shared. What a great day. I know what you mean about record temps and now cold we're doing the same thing. I did finally get to turn all the AC off again. Hope your pills work so you can say goodbye to the shots.
Take care, Chrissie
p.s. as you can tell the feed thing is working for me like that so much better

Indigo said...

The weather is insane. We did break record highs during the heat wave in April. Now? I don't have a single window open in the house. I just wish it would find the middle ground and stick with it. (Hugs)Indigo

Penny said...

I love these pictures! Our beaches here don't have flowering (or budding) trees. CA is essentially a desert state. I would have enjoyed that lovely walk. So glad to see you getting out. Blessings, Penny

beachmom15 said...

Wow.... these were great pics!!!
Lisa (lisita15)

MariesImages said...

Sounds like you had a really nice day, wonderful spring shots...I miss the beach, so sharing those were really kind of you...Ü Now yesterday down south/east, here in NY, we had two hot sunny days! Today was cooler but really pleasant. I guess up north is colder...too bad...Ü
I haven't had any time to get some spring shots....;(
Glad to see your out & about!

Anonymous said...

Almost all the elderly I saw coming to the practice I am working with today had coats & some coats & sweaters on today. Now the younger were in flip flops & shorts :-).

I'm glad you are posting regularly & out & about.~Mary

Hollie said...

Weird weather indeed! I'm so happy about your news. I pray everything works out to where you don't have to take those shots any more. Beautiful photos!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

You are blessed with a wonderful sister :o)

Missie said...

The beach looks beautiful!

Wish I lived closer to the beach.

Stephycce said...

Yes these weather has been insane LOL. 50 right now at 11:30pm and suppose to be 70 tomorrow LOL. Love the pics hun!


LYN said...


Linda said...

Donna I love the pictures! It looks awesome there. Linda

Bridgett said...

I think the sun feels heavenly to all of us after that endless winter. I just want to absorb all the vitamin d possible. LOL

Your pictures are immaculate, as always.

And I'm SO EXCITED about the blood sugar levels! :)


Lisa said...

ah, life feels so much more NORMAL to may be off insulin soon and i am seeing your artistry back in action. THANK GOD. I love you and i want these meds to work and you to be healthy and raring to go again!! I love the pics....the sand, the waves, the did awesome work as usual!
love ya

Bethe said...

What a grogeous day! Soon you all will be up at camp or by the pool.


Anonymous said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))You take such beatiful pictures,looks like they ce from a magaizn.ounds like you had a great day.

Leslie said...

Aww hun its so great to come back on here & see tons of great updates from you. As you know i didnt have internet for a few days. Now im back. yeah. I missed blogger, lol. I loved the entries. The pics are gorgeous as always Donna. that looks so peaceful and beautiful. You always take amazing pics ty for sharing ;) Glad the blog sugar levels are doing better ;) It sounds like those meds are helping. Im praying hard for you, crossing fingers you can be off the insulin soon. Its looking good hun. So glad too you had a blast yesterday with Nancy. It sounded like a great day. Wow you all were getting a heatwave there for a moment, lol. Now its back to being cool. Wtf is right, lol. Im trying to send some fl sun ur way. ;) Take care hun. Have a good day and weekend ahead xo, Leslie

Linda said...

What beautiful photos!!! Thank you for making my words look so good!!
Glad your feeling so much better!!! Take care....always

Rose~* said...

Loved all of your beach shots - gets me in the mood to book our summer vacation. Can't wait for hockey tonight - Round 2. I live to see Ovechkin vs. Crosby. (I like Ovie, by the way). Of course, Teemu is still my fav - too bad he doesn't want to play with Vancouver. I guess LA is way too cool. :::SIGH:::

Gerry said...

These are some pretty spectacular photos. I love that one with the sandy trail up to the stairs. Do you sell any of your photos? You could. You are such a gifted photographer. Gerry

Terri said...

I'm so excited for you..and glad the Dr. was thrilled too!

Amazing pics...wish I was there!


Lori said...

It did the same thing here. Don't worry, it'll be back. Love the beach pictures!