Thursday, April 30, 2009

~ Tag Request - In the Park ~

Expires 5/02/09 at noon
Limit 1
All requests must be in before the expiration date. An email address is required so I can send you your tag. No email, no tag... sorry.
Please make sure files are saved as a .gif to keep the animation.
Do not cut, rip, or edit my tags Resizing is editing. I've cut the size so they should fit in your blog just fine.
Do not claim as your own
For personal use only


Diane said...

One for Diane please ....Thank You

Leslie said...

May I have one with Leslie on it please? My email is
This is just too cute. Ty hun xo, Leslie

LadyLeo said...

May I please have a tag with
Linda on it ?
Thanks !!

Tawnya said...

I would like one with Tawnya on it please.


Lorna said...

Please may i have this with Lorna on thank you so much xxxx

Julie said...

Me Me, LOL. Could I have one that says Julia please. thanks.

Chrissie said...

I love that girl tube and still have not had a chance to use her.
May I have one with Chrissie on it.
Please send attached so I can keep the animation to
Thanks so much.

Rose~* said...

The tag is so sweet - cute kitty!

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Adorable... Linda please? Thank you!

Hollie said...

Hey Donna,
I'd love to have this one...

Thanks so much!


Awesome tag!!! May I please have the following name

( Tara Leigh )

Thank you kindly

Stephycce said...

Me me me oh wait
I mean MAY I have one with Stephy LOL.

Anonymous said...

(((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))I would love one with Amanda please.Tanks.Have a nice night.

Carolyn said...

May I please have a tag with
Carolyn on it ?
Thanks Donna :)

Melissa said...

tag 4 me pls ~Melissa

Xenia said...

Oh Donna that is soooo cute! One for me please with my name XENIA on it. Hugs, Xenia

Anonymous said...

Hi hun can I have one with Marina please?

my e-mail in case you need it.

Robyn said...

Hi D! I love this tube. I just made a tag with her a couple days ago also ;) Have a great weekend! Great tag. Hugs

Lisa said...

may i have this with Lisa?
it is perfect, as always, and goes well with the warmer weather! Thanks and love TO YOU.

Missie said...

It's adorable! May I have with Missie please?

Thanks, and enjoy your weekend.

Ulla said...

That is so lovely. Great Sig Tag.
May I have one with Ulla please.

Have a nice Day