Sunday, August 8, 2010

~ An entry.. really!?! ~


Your eyes are not playing tricks... nope they aren't..  not exactly sure what I'm doing.  Seems so long since I've been here had to play a bit to figure out the whats and the hows.  Geeeze, what's wrong with that picture? 

So my excuse for not being here?  I don't have one... not really.  Just didn't have the umph to write, and unfortunately because of facebook I pretty much have the low down on folks... so I've not been visiting either ::hanging head:: sorry.  Facebook just seemed easier.  Blogger had been giving me fits and I didn't feel like messing with it.  New laptop for a few months so I decided I'd give it a whirl.  Not promising much but I'll try........

Not sure if I was thrown into life... or I jumped on my own.. either way....


I've been trying to get out and enjoy ...  not sit on the computer and let it run my life.  Dictate who I am.  Don't get me wrong.. we all know I'm still here.  Just not as much.  I do miss those that are not on facebook... really I do. 

Soooo... yes I'm doing great!  Had the second surgery on my nose in the beginning of June.  So far so good... just hoping the scar fades a bit more.  The new job is excellent!  I absolutely enjoy the feeling of no quivering in my tummy every morning.  Being treated as a human instead of a number is great.  Funny...  for the 18 years I was there I didn't always feel that way.  Not even sure when it started but now that it isn't there I realize it.  Hmmm funny or sad? 

Kids are growing so fast.  Bug is a gem and truly turning into a funny little girl... can you believe she will be 7 in a couple weeks?   Gage?  OMG he's turning into a young man faster then I care to admit.  Makes me feel old!  His voice has changed... or is.. and he has a freakin 'stache!!!

My computer took a big 'ole shit... thank God everything was backed up!!  I will definitely be getting it fixed.. it worked nice when my sister had her own internet and I had mine :) 

I suppose it's obvious that 'tags' are on the back burner.  I still play with them from time to time, but haven't bothered to offer them up...  but no doubt I will.. someday.  Stay tuned ::giggle:: it's an addiction remember? 

If you read this.. say hello... tell me how you are... palease?   Ohhh and Guido.. thanks for the nudge!!



Linda Brown said...

Glad to see you post and the pictures were great

ADB said...

You're more than welcome, Donna, good to see a post appearing again. See you around again - btw I'm also on FB


Linda said...

Good to see you posting again. Your pictures are great! One of these days I'll get back to it too! I know what you mean about computer time. I deleted my cabin blog. I'll get back to it when we actually find one we want to buy in N. Ga. I'm on facebook too but I rarely go there anymore! Take care. Hope to hear from you again.

Tawnya said...


Great to see you here again!! The pics are great! Bug and Gage have gotten so big!!

Jan said...

Well this is a lovely surprise ,and to think I just missed you on Face book last night ,not that I go to face book often ,We have had bits of news of you through Nancy who blggs quite often bless her ,I thought the children had grown when I saw the pictures ,so pleased you are OK Ihave missed your entrys and Ialso miss your comments though I still use your graphics ,of which I have vast store lol ,anyway take good care and dont be away too long this time ,says she who manages an entry about every six weeks hee hee still love ya Jan xx

Big Mark 243 said...

It is great to hear from you, Donna. The first thing that I noticed was Bug... she is really starting to become a young lady!

What's what with me? I am still skirting along the edges of sanity in my posts. I have visited Nebraska and started the process for me to move into housing. As to Nebraska the person, me and her have a better understanding about the kind of relationship we will have, and all that is cool.

Now, this time last year, I was gobsmacked via Facebook by an Army buddy from my first duty station, the SFC. We hadn't spoken to one another in over twenty years, but she invited me out to where she was at. Though it didn't work out we still remained friends and talk to this day.

And that is the essentials. Glad that your are feeling better. I see some of your activity on Facebook and I always assume that you are doing well. This post verifies that feeling!!


Hollie said...

Woo-Hoo! Glad to see you here! I'll be waiting for your return, but no rush! I know you have been & are busy. That's great about your job! Great photos as always!

Martha (MM) said...

So glad to see you pop in to say hello - it's about time! Glad to hear all is well :-)

nancy said...

Welcome back big SEESTER.. Love the header.Love me..Nancy
PS what the word verification? I hate it..UGH!

Lisa said...

the one thing about FB is NOTHING personal is ever written, at least in my case, so it is hard to know how others really are since no one blogs anymore. Gage has GROWN UP SO MUCH!!!! OMG. Bug is just you. I hope you DO blog more often because i think of you every single day and try my best to write a note on FB when time permits...just keep on doing what you do so well...enjoy life and the job and PLEASE NEVER STOP TAKING PICS!

Jeannette said...

Hello stranger! The kids have really grown up and still having as much fun as ever! It's so good to see you post, I hardly ever go to my blog now, no time.... maybe when I retire! I've still got lots of your tags to use, I knew I was saving them for a reason! I'm happy that you're doing well, enjoy what's left of the summer. Jeannette xxxx

Debbie said...

Welcome back woman! You have been missed, I think about you often. It's great to hear that you've been out enjoying life and that you're happy with the job you now have. Thanks for sharing the pics of the kids, it's amazing how fast they grow up.

Sorry about your computer taking a big 'ole shit...I have to admit the way you wrote that gave me a chuckle..the same thing happened to mine a few months ago and damn it I didn't have anything backed up. I was just learning how to add pictures when mine took a big 'ole it won't accept the software for my camera, printer & scanner. I was having so much fun adding pics & graphics to my blog and after the crash I had to delete all of my entries I had added them to because it was really screwing up my blog. Hell, I don't even have sound anymore. Oh well, I'm just happy I can still read blogs. I miss some of the people who have quit blogging.

Love ya and hope to see you blogging more often.

Kathy said...

Been a dog's age for me too. lol I'm thinking I'll wait until the one year anniversary of my not writing before I write again. ;)

Miss your entries. Miss everyone's entries. I can't seem to make myself love the way blogger works ... which is pretty funny when you consider how AOL J worked. NOT. lol

The kids look great and it sounds like you're doing great too. Glad to see you writing. A few more people jump back in and I may be convinced.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad all is well, it is hard to keep up in Blogger and FB.

Yasmin said...

Waves Hi Donna,

Glad to see all is well with you:)

Just Bill said...

Donna, so nice to see you back here. Kids are looking great. Bug has always been my favorite.
Miss your hockey input and discussion. You brought me back to taking an interes in the game.
Hope you are having a good summer and staying cool and hydrated.
So nice to see you again, Bill


I check once a week to see if you're back yet. Imagine my surprise. GREAT to read your blog again. Glad the job is working out for you. Thank goodness the nose is healing. Hope the computer problems get fixed. Take care.

Lisa said...

Donna, welcome back, Nice to see an entry from you, Hugs Lisa

Jeanie said...

Hurrah! There you are!
It's so nice to see an entry from you Donna. I can empathise with you re- time management off line though. I have had a busy summer anD still have a few more visitors to come before term time begins in the Autumn. Like you I haven't been making regular entries but isn't it nice to be able to catch up again from where we all left off?
Bug is' GORGEOUS' but then she always has been. Time has surely flown. My daughter's 'munchkins are now 9 & 11. Ryan goes to secondary school this September. I try to keep up with Nancy's blog when I find time to come on line. I am already looking forward to autumn when I know it will be quieter and I will have more time to catch up with everyone again.
Meanwhile...don't think you have been forgotten. You have been missed..especially those hockey commentaries. I was beginning to get a good idea what it was all about through you fanaticism for your 'Boys'.
Take care of yourself.
Jeanie xx

Valerie said...

Hi D.!!! So good to see you posting! I haven't posted in my main blog in so, so long, either. Oh my!!! Loved the pics! Hope we hear from you again soon!!! Big hugs, Val xox

Robyn said...

Hi Donna! Great to see an entry from you also ;) I just recently came back here and hope to start posting more. I even made and shared a couple tags!

Seems everyone is getting caught up in Facebook. I have started missing the writing part of it though, which is why I came back here.

It sounds like you are doing great and I am happy to hear that!


Missie said...

I hope you write more often! I see you on FB but it's not the same to me.

Lori said...

Hi Donna! Very nice to see an entry from you. I'm so glad the new job is going well.

Rose~* said...

Welcome to an old friend! Nice to see you post again. I love the photos in your heading, and I agree that there is so much tweaking to do with blogger. I just amble on the best as I can. My eyes are giving me problems, so I haven't updated as much as I would have liked. I tried Facebook, but haven't done much with it, except just to state the usual profile stuff and that's it. Haven't touched it for about four months since! Bug and Gage are sure growing. Glad to see they are having a wonderful summer. (((HUGS)))
Always, Rose~*

Anonymous said...

Hey Donna...Dont know if you remember me - Latte Dah. I really miss the good old days. I also had taken a hiatis for over a year or so. I'm trying to get back on track with my Digital Scrapbooking but it is hard. Moved to Florida so it makes it even harder cuz I'm always outside. Hope to see you around more. Miss ya! :)

johnmichael said...

Hi, Great to see you again, missed your blogs. Pics are great. Im not usualy on Facebook only giving info on our daughters ops after being on a life support machine at the beginning of the year due for another op next month. You take care and keed active. Hugs

Linda said...

It's so good to hear from you again, Donna! You've been SO missed. Happy to hear that life is treating you well & that you're out there living it to the fullest. Looking forward to hearing from you again =)

Take care!