Monday, August 30, 2010

~ Remembers A Day ~

Yeap, I remember a day when I'd rush on to post pictures of any event... but to wait days to share 'bugs' birthday is horrible!! 

So our 'bug' turned 7.  Her party was Saturday and it was so much fun.  Of course the friends came over during the day and had use of the bounce house.  I actually wanted to get a balloon guy to come to the house.  While my friend was in from Tampa we went out for dinner.. he was in the place and when done with all the kids I asked him for one.  LMAO he made me a tiara and scepter.  Let me just say we laughed our asses off and no doubt my friend and I were the entertainment.  Not obnoxious...  hmmm ok maybe a little but it was funny!!  But alas.. got off the subject... he wasn't available.  :(


The birthday girl in all her glory.  She is growing up so fast.  Her stories and one liners are by far the funniest.   You see that she also got her Aunt Carrie in the bounce house.  LOL  Tooo funny!   Carrie is my niece that got married back in Oct. 


Sooo 'bug' got home from having dinner with her grand parents on Friday night.  Her Uncle Eric had stopped with a huge cooler full of clams on ice.  Ohhh to say she was happy was an understatement.  Even after a huge dinner she wanted to cook 'a couple' before she went to bed.   Mom did talk her into waiting for her Uncle Eric.. and wait she did.... that is until they hit the table after being steamed.  She fixes her own little mix on her plate.  Me?  Well I think she put too much hot sauce down so she cut it with butter. 


Ahhhh and there she takes a bite.  LMAO  I think she ate 3 dozen herself.  My tummy couldn't do that... and doesn't.  I don't like clams.......  well casino yes but not steamed... they sit like rocks!!


Yeap.. another tag.  hehehehe  Some of you may or may not know, but I'm friends with Elias Chatzoudis on facebook.  I actually friended him so I could see his up and coming artwork and of course scope out other taggers work :)   So anyway he came out with the football girls and I razzed him about hockey girls...  not even sure if I posted this so I will keep it short.  One thing led to another and we communicated privately...  he promised to do at least one hockey girl.   I was thrilled... but then I got greedy.   He is from Greece, and I know at times the colors are off... so I sent him a link to a picture of a Sabres jersey.  I knew he wouldn't be able to use the logo, but the colors... that's what I wanted.  I felt bad after.. but damn didn't that precious man do it!   LOL I was so excited and I told him I was doing a happy dance... hehehehe.. teasing he told me he'd like to see it.  Sooo I promised him a video.  NOOOOO I did not shake my bootie but I did thank him.  So anyway... of course I jumped on the tube of the girl and added some color and a few pictures I took along with a video.  I'm very pleased with it!!! 


I have been messing with the football girls.  Not all the colors will work and I am not sure I can do a Bills one, but I am playing around.  I don't remember everyone's team but I have already started.  I will post them here in a day or two.  Hmmmm maybe more,  I entered the Steelers one into a contest so I can't show it off or anything until it's over.  Deadline is tomorrow so hopefully it won't take forever.   I am not sure about tagging.  Though the hard part is the tag itself, it still gets to be time consuming... either way something will be up .. a snag or an offer.  :)



Linda Brown said...

Loved all the pictures of "Bug
thanks for sharing

Terri said...

Happy Birthday to Bug! Love all the pics...

Great job on the tag it looks sooo good!

I'm never on here anymore, but with fall/winter around the bend I hope to get back into reading and writing

Love ya

Lisa said...

Donna, love the pictures of Bug and wow I ca'nt do the hot sauce thing either !!!!!!! Glad you are writing again, Hugs Lisa

Just Bill said...

Donna, Bug has always been one of my favorite little blog girls. She was so cute when she was younger and now is a beautiful girl.
I can't get over her eating clams. They are a big favorite of mine. I have to buy the, either in a 50 or 100 count and can finish them in a couple of days. None of my kids or grandchildren will touch them.
So good to see Bug again. Glad to see you back blogging, Bill

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to Bug. She's such a cutie. She's braver than me, I think I would barf at the thought of eating a clam.

Your tag looks great. I'm glad you are enjoying getting back into it.

Love ya

Hollie said...

Awww, Bug is sooooo adorable. Thanks for sharing her day with us. LOL about her eating the clams with the hot sauce. Just precious!

I love the tag & how sweet of the man to make one for you!!

Lisa said...

Looks like Bug had a wonderful birthday!!! My daughter would be overjoyed about a bounce house!!!
I'd love to try clams with hot sauce!
Lisa in Kentucky

Rose~* said...

That bounce house looked like a lot of fun! Happy Birthday to Bug - she is so adorable. I like clams in small doses, but can't stomach the hot sauce (just tomato sauce). I love your tag. So neat how you got the video in there. Glad you got your colours. I'm looking forward to a great hockey season, also! xo

Missie said...

I miss all your pictures and blog posts! I can't believe Bug is 7! Where did the time go? Have a good rest of your week. Oh yea, the tag is awesome!

LaVern said...

Dear Donna:
So glad you are back blogging here again. I can't seem to get into Facebook, so those that have defected entirely there, I no longer can enjoy their writing--and really, really do miss all of you. Hope you will be back here permanently. Have never forgotten you--in fact just mentioned you this morning to a friend, and then was so happy I found your posts this evening. Glad to hear work and health is going along well.
Love to you,

Dona said...

Hey Donna, Bug sure is a cutie and a very happy birthday to your birthday girl! I certainly understand the time thing...I don't blog nearly as much as I once did.

Jeanie said...

What a super tag Donna! I love how you managed to add the video too. You are a clever lady!
As for your little she not a beauty? She is certainly growing into a lovely young lady. Time is flying away with her babyhood. Please wish her a Happy Birthday from me. Sorry I am late with my comment. It is so good to see entries from you again.
Jeanie xxxx

johnmichael said...

Love your pics.

Please tag me with the sabres