Thursday, December 17, 2009

~ Tag Request - Gorjuss Winter Friends~


Expires 12/21

Make your request, but leave an email address.  ** I am completely amazed how many requests I get without an email. If you don't leave an email address I can't send out the tag, sorry **


Mari said...

Oh I have to get this tag!! Love it.

( Tara Leigh )

Thank you kindly.

Linda Brown said...

thanks for the Winter Friends tag offer.
I would like Linda on mine please.
Merry Christmas Donna

Ulla said...

HI Donna

this is just so cute...the snow and all....
can I have this one with Ulla
Thank you so much

mary said...

Would love to have one of these please

Thank You, Mary

OOPs think I forgot my email on last offer...

Jeannette said...

I'd love this one Donna with Jeannette on it please, it's Gorjuss! I was expecting to see polar bears outside today after the heavy overnight snow!
Thanks also for the beautiful Christmas card. Jeannette xxxx

johnmichael said...

Hi Donna, We had snow as well yesterday no bears only birds.
May I have this please.

Lisa said...

Too cute! I'd love to have one with Lisa on it please.
Have a great weekend!


Anita said...

Hi Donna May i please have this tag with Anita? Thank You!

Hugs, Anita

Linda said...

Hi Donna ~ Well, I can't resist any Gorjuss tag, no way! :) May I have one with LINDA on it, please ... and thank you so very much.

Best wishes to you and yours for the holiday season ~ Merry Christmas!


Amanda said...

(((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))One with Amanda please.Have a nice weekend.

Lori J said...

Hi Donna,

Would love one of these adorable tags you make with Lori J.

I did send you this request from another email so hope I do not confuse the issue.

Blessings and hugs


Trees said...

Hi Donna, this tag is very nice, may I have one with Sharon on it please.

Hollie said...

OH Donna,
I'm so honored to have my name on the sample tag! :) You know I snagged & thank you so much my friend!

Missie said...

Beautiful as always! May I have one with Missie please?


Maria said...

So glad to see you doing these again! When you get the next one can I get one with Maria!....Thanks, D! :)

Dona said...

Hi Donna....Happy New Year!

Barb said...

Would love one with Barb on it please.

Anonymous said...

nice blog...i like the pics..

Ally Lifewithally said...

Hi Donna it is a long time since I visited you ~ just popping in to see how you are ~ I hope all is well with you ~ Ally x

LaVern said...

Dear Donna:
How are you doing? Have been thinking about you a lot. Was a little concerned since you haven't posted any news for such a long time, but if you are making tags, thankfully you are still among the living. Hope all is going well for you and the new job.
Much love,

krissy knox said...

Hi D! Stopping by to see how you are doing. Hope you are well. Wow, I'm noticing people are ordering this tag two months after it expired! Strange. Guess they are not reading? Hmmmm. I better shut up, don't want anyone to be angry with me, I just wondered how you felt when people didn't read what you wrote, LOL. Must get frustrating. On the other hand, I am sure they are not doing it on purpose... At any rate, Sweetie, I hope you are doing well. Post again and let us know how you are doing. We miss you. Oh, perhaps you are posting on your other blog, and I just haven't been there in awhile. Duhhhh, LOL. Going over there to check right now! Love you, krissy :)

krissy knox :)
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krissy knox said...

Okay, D, I was stupid, your other blog is retired. I understand. This is your blog. Stupid me for what I said in my last comment. I should have realized your other blog was "retired." Wow, AOL really did mess up when they shut their journals down, didn't they? But maybe this is all for the best somehow. They just shouldn't have suddenly ripped the rug out from under us is all, without warning. Guess that's all I wanted to say. Let us hear from you soon, other than Facebook! Love, krissy :)

krissy knox :)
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Anonymous said...

Like your tags. You do any with ferrets? lol :)

Barbara said...

Hoping your absence is for good, happy reasons only.

Rose~* said...

Hope all is well with you, Donna. Hopping over to wish you a wonderful Easter, my friend. (((HUGS)))

Annesphamily said...

What a lovely site! Come back! Com,e back! I saw you over at Capt'n Nancy! Thanks for sharing! Wish I had been here sooner! Double Drat! Anne

ADB said...

Hi Donna,
Just calling by to say hello. Will you post in 2010?


Bee Manghi said...


D said...

Bee I'm sorry this offer is almost 3 years old.