Saturday, November 29, 2008

~ Tag Request - Let it Snow ~

I need an email address if you request a tag see note below


This is very important. Unlike AOL blogger does not give me an email when I receive your comment alert. I never saved addresses in AOL, so I don't have them, or I have no idea who you are as I don't see your AOL username. I must have an email address when you request a tag. If I don't, your request will be ignored. You can make it really easy and go to your blogger profile and include an email address. It's real easy when you log in you have the option to view your profile or you can view your entire profile from your journal. Edit your profile and add an email. AOL or other it doesn't matter. If you don't want to do that you must leave your address in the comment each time you make a request


Ok, I'm feeling a bit better and a lot bored. I can't drive and I'm very limited as to what I can do but thought I'd play in PSP, since I can.

Expires 12/1 at noon EST

any requests after that time or without an email will be ignored.

If you'd like your name on this please leave a comment letting me know. Please make sure I get your email address.Do not alter tags No resizing, stopping animation, cutting or ripping to add your name, signature, or any other text. If you need help with animation on your blog let me know I will give you directions.

Limit 1.

Graphics are to be used for personal use only. They are not to be used for advertisements or for profit. Thank you for following these terms.




Carolina said...

I would love one with:

***take it easy hon-love ya!

Big Mark 243 said...

One just like that ... with 'Chrissy' instead of '-ie'

Jeannette said...

Although I don't want it to snow I'd love this please Donna! Jeannette please. I've got my email address on my profile, Thanks and have a great evening. I knew you'd be back tagging soon! Jeannette xx

Darlene said...

Yay, you're feeling good enough to make a tag!! That means you really are getting better D!!
Plz one for Darlene and tyvm chick!!

Sweetnessk71 said...

Hey there. Glad to see you are feeling good enough to do tags. I have never had one made for me but would love one. It is very pretty. Some advice would be great on putting it on my blog. My addy is Thanks again and have a good weekend.


Linda said...

Please tag LET IT SNOW with Linda please.
So glad you feel well enough to do PSP.

Joyce said...

Please one with Joyce...thank you Donna...hugs!!!

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Would love one made please with Katie sent to (so to keep the animation going) Thanks for sharing your work,

Joyce said...

The one for address is Thank you!

LINDA said...

Hi Donna ~ It's so nice to see you back with your beautiful work again! I do hope that you feel better each day. I would love to have LET IT SNOW with LINDA on it. Thank you so much for sharing with us!


Anonymous said...

May ihave 1 with Carolyn?
Ty hun


Lorna said...

please may i have this with Lorna on it

Sugar said...


Hollie said...

I'd love one....

Mari said...

Great tag ...may I please have the following nam

( Tara Leigh )

My screen name -

Thank you kindly

Maria said...

Very nice tag. Please make me one with
Thank you in advance.
Sending my best get well wishes your way.

Anita said...



nan said...

that is a cute tag.
Glad your doing your favorite things. One with Nancy please..

Lisa said...

Donna, Beautiful job, one with Lisa please,, Hugs Lisa

Penny said...

Although I don't want you to overdo, I'd love to have this with Penny on it. Thanks in advance for your beautiful work. Blessings, Penny ~

Leslie said...

May I have one with Leslie on it please? Thank you soo much :)
Oh hunny its soo great to see more entries :) To see you around more and doing better each day. Im soo happy. I missed ur tags. This one is beautiful. Thanks again. Have a good night hun. xo, Leslie

LadyLeo said...

Please tag me one with Tigre on it.
Thanks !!

Missie said...

Beautiful tag! said...

Awesome tag!
please may I have one with Coco


johnmichael said...

Please tag me with this with
Margaret .
Thanks ..... Johnmichael

lisa jo said...

may i please have this cute tag with

thank you, much love!

Jan said...

Oh gosh you have a lot to make ! Ihave been busy transfering all your tags to photobucket,there are hundreds Please may Iadd this one too Jan xx

Trees said...

Donna this is very nice, may I have one with Sharon, thank you.

Lisa said...

May I have one with Lisa please?

Allison said...

Glad to see you are starting to feel like your old self. I love this tag, may I have one please? I also enjoyed the pics in the previous entry, especially the once with everyone sleep, though I get the feeling some were posing as sleepers. LOL Have a happy Sunday. Luv ya!

Amanda said...

((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))I am glad you are feeling better,will keep on praying that you feel 100 percent better.Could I have one with Amanda please?thank you.Here is my email addy. said...

May I please have this tag?


Thanks so much! :)

Londonpussycat said...

I lost contact with you but found you amongst Lyn's listings. I have no idea what happened to you, but has seen the photo....OUCH. will backtrack and check out what has been happening.
Could i get this one with Jayne on please. Thank you

Londonpussycat said...

Sorry to give you extra mail... i am new to this thing and didnt read about the email address......... doh!!!

Email is

hugs Jayne

MISSY said...

Cute Christmas tag. *M*