Friday, November 28, 2008

~ Beary Thankful ~

Oh yes.... beary thankful.  I am pretty sure I mentioned my bear in a previous entry.  It was given to me by the hospital to use for coughing, sneezing etc.  All I do is give it a hug and the pressure helps lessen the pain and discomfort in my chest.  I have been using it as a little security blanket when I'm out of the house.  You know... if I have it I don't need it but if I didn't have it..........    Well..  I've been needing it as I get a tickle in my throat and the cough is aggravating.  The tickle is a side effect of one of the meds. 
:::giggle::: my nephew, Mike.  He has a little bit of a different security blanket he likes to sleep with.  LMAO!!!  Oh, yeah it was a set up. 
My brother in law and niece.....   aren't they just too cute??
Hillbilly Jeff (my nephew) after a good meal.  My other niece hasn't let the eyelids close at this point....  but oh rest assured she did take a nap too!!
Guess who!?!  Ya don't think for one minute she was going to be left out do you?  That would be Mama that she is laying on. 
My nephew and  nieces...   a bit after the naps.  LOL  I think this might have been during dessert.  Sugar rush anyone???
Bug... again....  she was posing with my nephews girlfriend, Joan.  Gotta love the tights!
Joan and my nephew Eric.  Loving this shot!  Has to be one of the best pictures I've gotten of Eric.  He's a joker and most times the shots of him are silly.  Maybe he just ate to much to be silly.............
Wake up you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed....    Anyone know what song that is from?
Bug and I...  she was so gentle with me.   So concerned.  She waited on me a ton and always made sure I had my bear handy.  LOL
Yeap........ me and my boy...   I'm thinking I don't look half bad 3 weeks after having a triple bypass......  no make up or anything but....
below he is with his girlfriend.  So damn proud of this guy!
In case you can't tell my holiday was marvelous.  Way too much food but such great company.   I lasted much longer then I thought I would but it was well worth it.  My family teased as I took the pictures stating they'd be posted by midnight.....   well....   they are...  LMAO just the wrong day.   
Hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed themselves.  No Black Friday shopping for me....  not even sure when I will get my shopping done at this point.  And know what... it doesn't matter.  


Lisa said...

Awwwww love seeing your pictures !!!, Hugs Lisa

Mari said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures have quite the handsome son.

Are your 2 nieces ...are they twins?

Looks like you all had a great turkey day.



Lainey Laine said...

Awwwwww lovely photographs Donna!! You look gorgeous - glad to see you looking better. What a beautiful family you have. Your son is very handsome - dont blame you for being so proud of him. Awwww love little Bug and her tights. Great that you all had a nap which yes I do call kip! hee hee xxxx
Love Laine xxx

Jeannette said...
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Jeannette said...

Oh Donna, it's just lovely to see all your wonderful photos, I can see the day was a great one for you all! Love the bear, I'm going back to my doctor and demanding one, he put me on new heart meds a couple of weeks ago and they give me that tickly cough, isn't it just irritating? Bug looks as delightful as ever and it was nice to hear and see that she's looking after you, bless her! Steve looks such a kind caring son and all the family look so happy that you were there with them in your official capacity as Thanksgiving photographer! Lol! Yup, you do look great considering all you've been through recently. Keep on getting better and have a great weekend! Jeannette xx

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Are there ANY ugly people in your family? All those handsome men and pretty girls with dazzling white smiles, makes me wonder if you hired actors and actresses to have holiday with!
Great pics by the way! Bug is cute as ever and you don't look so bad yourself!

Linda said...

I think you look absoloutly marvelous!!! Glad to hear you had such an awesome holiday! Linda

Jeanie said... look absolutely fit and well already! I know you are not but you certainly show it through your eyes. All the love and contentment is showing there at having your family surrounding you.
As for the song..

When the Red Red Robin
Comes Bob..Bob..Bobbin
There'll be no more sobbin
When he starts singin'
His own sweet song!
Wake up!..Wake up! you sleepy head.
Get up..Get up.. Get out of bed.....
Cheer up ...Cheer up!
The sun is red.
Live ..Love..Laugh and be happy...
That's all I remember from my old 'filing system' of a brain. Lol!
Hang on tight to that 'Huggy Bear' of yours.
And catch a gentle hug from me too.
Jeanie xxx

Jan said...

How lovely to see you all ,as you say you are looking good ,in fact the one of you and Bug ,you look like two little girls ,so pleased you were able to enjoy your day with the family and yes your boy is handsome fact a very good looking family ..tell ya Mom I said so Jan xx

Estela said...
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Estela said...

You have a beautiful family and you look Great!

Darlene said...

What a beautiful family you have D! Thank You for sharing your day with us. As always, so good to hear from you and to see that you're recovering well!

Nancy said...

First look AMAZING! And I'm thrilled to see you smiling and happy. How could you NOT be as you're surrounded with such loving (and beautiful looking) folks!
Happy Thanksgiving!


sheri said...

Have to agree with Nancy, You look Great!
I love seeing all of your pictures.
Looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

Big Mark 243 said...

fantastic pictures! Everyone really warmed up to the camera!

Hollie said...

I like the way you guys celebrate after a big meal... You guys are a very good looking bunch!!!! You look absolutely "GREAT"!!!!! I'm so happy that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!! I'm thankful that you are still with us, dear friend!!

Thank You God for Donna!!!

Julie said...

Great shots, I love your bear. We use a heart hugger here. They are so uncomfortable and not cute at all. You have a lovely family

Linda said...

Beautiful family and you can tell they all had a wonderful meal and enjoyed their nap afterwards. You look great! Bug always steals the show.
Thanks for sharing

Joyce said...

I loved all the photos...everyone, including you look the bear hugs...
Have a great weekend...stay warm!
Hugs and love,

Leslie said...

Oh hunny, I was just so happy seeing this entry. A bit teary eyed. To see you looking fab. I mean after the surgery you had, hunny you look beautiful. You dont need makeup :) I really loved seeing pics of you and your beautiful family. As you know you have soo much to be thankful for this yr. Someone above was truly looking out for you :) Im just so thankful your ok and more so we are friends ;) Im so glad you all had a great Turkey day. Agian great pics. You have a beautiful family. Bug is too adorable i love those tights. I thought it was so
sweet how she helped and took care of u. I like ur beary too. He does look very comfy and soothing. You son wow hes handsome. His gf pretty too. Agian ty for sharing. Take care hun. Keep getting your rest and get better more & more each day. Love yah hun, Leslie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal! I love your family photos everyone looks so happy! :)

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

My gosh, D, you look great! I love that haircut of yours. You look so darned cute and young with it. Sheesh, your son is so darned handsome. Megan is salivating over my shoulder right now. I told her he's taken. LOL at the guys all sleeping. The food had to be great. Love you!

lisa jo said...

Your son? GORGEOUS!

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FRIEND I WILL EVER HAVE. My heart swells with happiness to see your smiling face embraced by your loving family. Thank God you are ok and i love your bear too. XO

CntryMomma said...

Thanks for showing your great family photos!! Good lookin' bunch! *wink*


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

You look great and it looks as though a wonderful time was had by all. Take care of you and enjoy your weekend. (Love your huggin bear).

Terri said...

Donna you look great girlie!!! So glad you had a fabulous all the pics..
Your son and Eric are sooo handsome! Your nieces are beautiful...your whole family is!

Have a wonderful weekend

Martha said...

You look great! And you have a beautiful family! Thanks so much for sharing the photos. I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving - now get back to resting! Hugs! :-)

LadyLeo said...

Donna, I haven't written to you since your surgury because I felt you had tons or mail,so I decided to wait until you felt better. You look great!! Thank you so much for sharing part of your life with us. I loved looking at the pics of your family. I to got the added bonus of extra time spent with my son I rarely see. I am so glad things are looking so great for you. Hope you continue to do great in your recovery !!
Many ((((Hugggs))) from your SC friend.

LadyLeo said...
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Linda's World said...

Wow, wonderful pictures. Looks like everyone got their bellies full~all those big smiles. What handsome young people! Little "Bug" is really gorwing. So happy you were able to spend the day with your family. Linda in Washington state

CntryMomma said...

Just posted an hockey entry ... thought you might enjoy it even if isn't your team.



Carolina said...

awww loved the pictures--sucha a good looking family!Glad you had a great holiday! hugs!

MariesImages said...

Wonderful family shots, but my favorite is the one with you & your son! You BOTH look great....frame it~

Toon said...

So glad you are releaxing and taking it easy. Please continue to do so. You look great!


P.S. I am a big believer in teddy bears even though I use a penguin instead. ;)

Gerry said...

So good to see photos of you and your family (that cute Bug)everybody looking pretty happy. You must have given them some worried looks three weeks ago. Yes, I think you look remarkably good so soon after. But I am glad to see that you have not lost your zest for taking great pictures. Gerry

Miss Slick One said...

My ex-M-I-L has that special bear too, she also went thru the trip-bypass a couple of years ago. Once she was past the coughing fits, she gave it to Zach to play with :)
Looks like you folks had an awesome gathering!
I like the song :) Someone already answered it.

Have a great weekend!

Phyllis Sherer
South Carolina

Joyce said...

Lovin' the photo's and you're look really good for what you went through. Glad you had such a good time.
Hugs, Joyce

Maria said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. Love the one with Bug and you. And yes, you do look very good. Unbelievable you had surgery done just a few weeks ago. Keep it up! I'm happy you had a great Thanksgiving. Hugs, Maria

Debbie said...

Donna you look great! I love all the pictures everyone looks so relaxed and peaceful. So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Gaboatman said...

The pictures are great! I agree, you look fabulous for someone only three week out from a triple bypass. It's great to see you enjoying yourself! Glad the family came over to share with you. I like the Teddy, too, LOL!

Missie said...

Loved all the pictures and you look awesome!

I'm sure your family would tell you they already got their present for!!

Sharon said...

What a beautiful family you have. So very glad you are feeling better! Yep that bear (or a pillow) will do the trick. Keep on keepin on! By Christmas you'll be top notch. Hugs to you!

Malagutigrrl said...

YOU LOOK FABLOUS!!! And the naps look like fun too!

Yasmin said...

Looks like you all had a great time. love the pictures of your family, and you look great, and of course happy.

Take care


Bethe said...

You look wonderful! And your son..what a nice looking guy! You house looked like my Thanksgaiving. We had bodies laying everywhere.


Carlene Noggle said...





Bridgett said...

Yep. No doubt about it. You look amazing for just having had open heart surgery.

And I've gotta tell you, D, that son of yours isn't bad to look at either. ;)


Londonpussycat said...

Well D..... I am pretty much up to date with what happened...... Phewwwwwwwwwwww.... you are one lucky lady !!!!!

The pictures are great.......... your son is sure gorgeous looking :o))

Wishing you a speedy recovery, take things easy and hope that you get good news on Wednesday.
Hugs Jayne

MISSY said...

I enjoyed looking at the pictures. That baby doll on your nephew made me laugh! Looks like something I would do.

Your son's a cutie :X lol

I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday Donna. I know you probably treasured that day more than any so far. *M*

Nelishia said...

I looked at all of this and I know you think I'm a sap but I cried.

To think how close it was to your not being there to take those great shots of the family. I don't want to. I am so grateful you are still here. After three weeks you do look good. You are amazing and God is good. Thank you for fighting. I'm still crying as the reality of what a miracle just this post alone is hit me.

Gentle hugs,