Sunday, September 6, 2009

~ Tag Request - Like to Fly ~

Expires 9/13/2009
Limit 1
You should know the drill by now.  Include an email address or you tag cannot be delivered.


Amanda said...

((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))One wih Amanda please.HAve a nice Hoaliday weekend.

Julie said...

Glad to see a post from you. Hope everything is going well. Miss you. Take care.


Tara will just love this tag!!!

Thank you kindly


Kathy said...

Well! Look at that! D's back!!

LadyLeo said...

Please tag me

Thanks !!
and ... so glad to hear you are doing so good !!!


Xenia said...

Welcome back Donna. I would love one please with XENIA on it.
e-mail address:
Thank you in advance.
Hugs. Xenia

Hollie said...

You know I would love to have one! It's sooo cute! I have to admit that I'm happy to see you offering tags again!

Have a wonderful Labor Day!

Love ya

Jeannette said...

That's lovely Donna, I've always wanted to do an air balloon trip. I also may do the Route 66 trip for my 60th birthday and ee te Alberquerque Balloon Festival so could I have onef tese tags with Jeanette on please and I'll save it till I've done it! Email jlocorriere05@aol,com. Thanks Donna. Jeannette xxxx

Jeannette said...

Sorry about the typos! Need new batteries in my mouse!! Jeannette xx

Missie said...

Another great tag by Donna!!

Carolyn said...

WB Donna! May i have 1 with Carolyn?
TY hun


Reeney said...

Wow I've missed so much ::pout::
May I please have one with Marina?
Thanks Hun!!