Saturday, March 7, 2009

~ Mystery Blogger XV Update ~

I am so very sorry for the delay...

we did have a few correct answers on the precious girl from Mystery Blogger XV. Yes, it is our own very creative Shelly (Roxy). You can find her new blog Quilt of Many Colors here!! Stop by and give her some love, will ya?

I do still have a few more pictures and I will get to them after my next surgery. Promise!



Leslie said...

Hi hunny, *hugs* Its just great to hear from you :) I was going to leave u a comment on fb. But i saw the entry i had to stop by and say hey & im thinking of you. How are you doing hun? Just know i think of you daily & keep you in my prayers. I look fwd to a update hun. Oh and i dont know if its a glitch with blogger, lol. I noticed your not on my followers list anymore, *sniffs* lol. So if you can please readd :) Take care hun. Have a good weekend. ttys xo, Leslie

Maria said...

Good luck on your Surgery on the 10th, Donna. I know many people will send you get well quick wishes! Me too! Maria

Jeannette said...

Ooh! I got it right! Shelly hasn't changed a bit has she?! Jeannette xxxx

Joyce said...

I knew it was Shelly. She still looks the