Friday, October 23, 2009

~ Tag Request - Trick or Treat ~


Expires 10/27/2009
Limit 1

No email address left with your request no tag


Mari said...


May I please have the following name

Tara Leigh

Thank you Donna

Lorna said...

Please may i hve this with Lorna on it xxxxx

thank you so much xxx

Carolyn said...

Great tag Donna! May i have 1 with Carolyn?
Ty hun


johnmichael said...

Tag please- Johnmichael

Thanks Donna

Amanda said...

((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))I would love one with Amanda please.Thanks and have a nice weekend.

Linda's World said...

Donna,you've been busy mnaking tags. Hows that arm doing? Have a wonderful weekend, Linda in Washington

Barbara said...

Lovely. Please make me one with


I'll use it to sign my emails to Pete. ;o)

Xenia said...

Yes, lovely. One for me pleaase Donna and thank you.
name: XENIA

Rose~* said...

Oh la la! Both of my daughters are doing the sexy dress up thing for Halloween this year. One, as a pirate, the other as a "gold digger", lol. Will have to get pics, if they behave themselves, lol.

Melissa said...

tag 4 me pls ~Melissa

LadyLeo said...

Please tag me


Thanks !!