Saturday, October 24, 2009

~ Tag Request - Gorjuss Fall Day ~


Expires 10/27/2009
Limit 1

Remember no email address left with request, no tag. 


Linda said...

Hi Donna~ Well, you know I can't resist Gorjuss! This tag is beautiful ... may I have one with Linda on it? Once again, thank you so much for sharing with us!

I hope you continue to feel better. Take care & God Bless.


Linda Brown said...

Another Linda sure does love this Gorjuss.
Thanks for the offer Donna.
Please tag with Linda

mary said...

So cute! May I please have one with Mary Please..
Thanks so much Donna

Lisa said...

Awwwwww love this one Donna, one with Lisa please , mail to, Thanks, Hugs Lisa

Lorna said...

please may i have this with Lorna on it..its fantastic

thank you very much

Jeannette said...

I'd love this one with Jeannette please, it's gorgeous! It's so good to see you offering tags again. I hope you're enjoying your fall season, I know how beautiful it is in your corner of the world! Jeannette xx

Hollie said...

I'd love to have one! Thank you!

A Middle Aged Mom said...

I love it Donna. May I have one with out a name on it? I'm trying not to use personal names on my blog.


Ulla said...

Hi Donna
this is beautiful. You always do the best sig tags.

Could I have one with Ulla please.

Thank you so much

Mari said...

Snagged this one!!! May I please have the following name

( Tara Leigh )

Thank you kindly

Carolyn said...

Great tag Donna may i please have 1 with Carolyn?
TY hun


Xenia said...

Oh I love it Donna. May I have one please?
name: XENIA

Anita said...

Hi Donna, May i please have this beautiful tag with the Anita?

Thank You!

Hugs, Anita

Rose~* said...

Cute tag, Donna - Thank you for the last one. ((HUGS))

Lori J said...

Greetings Donna,

Another creative tag...Would love to have one with ALBERTA Lori..


Melissa said...

tag for me pls ~Melissa

Sherry said...

i love love this tag!! May i please have it with my name? THANK YOU!! XOXO

Trees said...

Hi Donna, it is good to see you here again, hope your feeling much better. Your tags are the best, this one is great, may I have one with Trees on it please.