Tuesday, December 21, 2010

~ Merry Christmas - from the 'schmuck' ~

Sooooo I have so much grovelling to do. I'm such a schmuck! I never got Christmas cards out. I had every intention... but the best made plans, ya know? Between a short hospital stay and then being buried under almost 4 feet of snow... time got away from me. No excuses I'm still a schmuck, no excuses... I'm sorry. This is the picture I was going to use for the card, but again never got it printed...blah blah.. more excuses.


I do wish you all the happiest of holidays. May your Christmas be very Merry :) Hopefully we can all go into the New Year with all the best life has to give us.


I know I'm more then ready.... the past few years have been a trip to say the least. I've made it as far as 7 months in between...... something... whatever it may be. My last stint was right before Thanksgiving. I had.. well they don't know what... they poked, prodded, tested, drew blood, tested more, more blood. You know the drill.. anyway they ruled out everything.. and then went back to a viral bladder infection. So it's all good... just one more stab into my voodoo doll. Ummmm... and if you know who has that doll can you tell them to stop.... beat 'em up for me.... something?



Not even sure if I mentioned Stephan bought a house. He actually moved in while I was in Dallas. He's done a ton of work on it.... has a ton more to do, but it's his. When I saw the yard all fenced in with a gate at the driveway I told him. 'within 30 days of closing you will have a puppy'.. his response... 'no no.. too much to do' Soooooooooooooo it wasn't 30 days.. it was 45... LOL But I'm a grandma.. hehehehe.. Pure German Sheperd.. his name is Guinness. He's adorable.. and very shy right now... but I.. ummmm.. of course.. made him pose :)



So anyway... thanks for reading my babble... I am so sorry I'm sending you your holiday wish via a blog entry... so uncool... but the best I can do this year. Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!




Mari said...

Beautiful pictures ....I thought about you last night ...was worried you might be sick.

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas


Big Mark 243 said...

I don't think your real friends would mind... make like the CSN & Y song and continue to 'hope helplessly'!!

Anonymous said...

Love your "holiday card"...back atcha my friend!


Lisa said...

Donna, will be super glad too to see this year end, like the pictures, I wondered if that adorable puppy was yours , lol Hugs Lisa

Joann said...

Beautiful pics!!! WOW!!! Totally Christmas card worthy!! LOL!! I just sent a few Christmas cards... TODAY... LOL!! I didn't get a chance to do them earlier..... ugh!

Hollie said...

So good to hear from you! The pictures are so pretty....as always. Congrats to Stephan. Congrats to you with the new granddog! He's beautiful!! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

johnmichael said...

Beautiful pictures and your christmas message.
Wishing you all a very happy and merry christmas and all the best wishes for the new year.


Valerie said...


Merry Christmas, honey!! I always love seeing photographs from you. They always bring a warm smile to my face. The puppy is adorable and grandma's know all =)!!

Here's to a healthy 2011 to you!! Merry Christmas!!! Love, Val xox

Jeanie said...

Just point us all in the direction of he/she who has the voodoo doll! That's all that needs saying..ahem! lol
Seriously..have a wonderful healthy Christmas. The same goes for the New Year too. It's about time you had a lighter load.
Jeanie xxx

Jeannette said...

I completely understand the lack of time for doing cards Donna, Ive got the same problem! I posted off a few, meaning to do the rest later but ended up with a very painful bout of sciatica which left me incapable of doing anything! Still, there's always next year and the most important thing is that you're OK, that's all we want from you! I love the photos, nice to look at but bad to get around in. Have a truly great Christmas my friend and a very happy, healthy and peaceful new year! Jeannette xxxx

Anonymous said...

I think this makes a lovely holiday card. A hospital stay? Yeah, I think that is a pretty good reason. Don't be hard on yourself. This blogging thing...it's not a job :-0.

Beautiful, beautiful dog.

Rose~* said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas to you and your family, Donna. Your Christmas greeting was lovely and the puppy is so darn cute! My eldest recently acquired a white chihuahua, called "Ritchie". But, I am still a cat person . . .

LaVern said...

Dear Donna:
It was so good to see a post from you. So sorry you spent more time in the hospital--so my prayer for you during 2011 will be GOOD HEALTH! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Have a very Merry Christmas with your son and family. Hope 2011 treats you more kindly.
Much love your way,

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have an even better New Year.

Maria said...

I noticed a lot less Christmas cards this year. I didn't get my usual Christmas letter together in time but somehow managed to get cards out...this time I did the Walgreen's 1-hour photo thing...amazingly found myself going to that store around 11:00pm to pick up toys and the photos too. I'm thinking maybe a New Year Letter this year...lol. I loved your blog entry and it looks like a lot of others did too. Sorry I haven't stopped by for awhile. I've always loved your tags. Take care and good tidings for a happy new and wonderful year! Smiles.

ADB said...

Wishing you well for 2011, Donna, and that your health will improve further this year.