Wednesday, October 6, 2010

~ This and That ~


Sooooooo just a little bit of this and that.  This is actually this evening.  I was trying to catch the fog roll in.   I'm in my backyard and shooting into the neighbors yard.  Didn't catch the full effect but you get the idea I'm sure.

Been crazy weather here.  Actually today was the warmest in a long time, with a mid 60's range.  The skies have been dark and gloomy and it's been raining waaaaaaay too much.  Hoping this weekend is a bit nicer.  I don't care about the cold I just need blue sky!!!


I like this shot, just wish it was more like what it looked like 'live'.  Oh well. 

Had a Dr. appointment today.  Well not really Dr.  They did a stress test.  First one ever.  I survived.  LOL  I've been doing a whole of walking and it's so much better.  My ankle is still messed up, foot is still numb.  I just do better with it, and I don't get cocky.  I remember always I have issues there.  I do not need to fall again!   Anyway, I get on the treadmill and the girl asks, 'when is the last time you've been on one of these?'   Well, it's been a couple years.  The last time I was on one I cried.  I couldn't do it.   Some of you remember me telling about the old man that was freakin running on it.  GRRRRR I'm so glad those days are behind me.   Keep your fingers crossed the results are good.  I mean I feel great and I didn't have to stop or anything so lets hope I'm normal.....


Normal?  Me?  Ok so we all know better then that.   So the Bills suck and this weekends game probably won't be on.  YEAH!  I might be able to watch a decent game for a change.  LOL  Actually, it's suppose to be nice.  I might take a little ride to Niagara Falls to get some pictures. 


Sooooo the Bills suck and hockey starts on Friday.  Oh yeah I'm stoked.  Can't wait for the games to count :)    I hope everyone is doing good. 


nancy said...

LOvely photos DonNA. I love the sunset. Love you.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Been loving the morning fog over the fields here lately.

Rose~* said...

Thanks for sharing your photos - I think you did very well, capturing the "fog". That is something quite difficult for me to shoot. We have had a fair amount of sunshine this week, but rain is expected for the week-end. Hope your tests turn out okay.

Jeanie said...

I laughed when I read the bit where you wrote..'I mean I feel great and I didn't have to stop or anything so lets hope I'm normal..... '
Then I scrolled down past your super 'weeping crucifix' photo to read..
'Normal? Me? Ok so we all know better then that.'
Yes! We sure do. lol
Don't ever change.
Good luck and wishes winging your way.
Jeanie xx

ADB said...

Some very nice autumnal pics there, Donna. BTW, one of the widgets in your sidebar says it needs updating

Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures Donna !!!!!!!!! XOXO Lisa

LaVern said...

Gee, I wish you could ship some of that rainy weather here. We have had nothing but a sprinkle every 10days or so for weeks. And nothing but clear skies for the next 7 days out!

You certainly have a knack taking such beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

Stay well. You are missed when you don't blob.

sheri said...

Love the pictures...
Best of luck on the test results.

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

I really like the autumn trees with the blue sky, very beautiful.