Saturday, June 20, 2009

~ So True ~

I saw this wordart over at Linda's place and had to grab it.  Her work is fabulous.  Thanks Linda!!!  I'm not real happy right now though.  It's been forever since I've been around.  Not that I've been extremely busy, but for some reason I've no motivation to be here.  Then tonight I decide to do a post and I can't get my photo's to post properly.  They look all blurry and distorted.  I see them fine on my PC but even in photobucket they look horrible.  Old ones too.  So much for a free service, eh?   Ptttuuu  'Nuff pissing and moaning about that.  I will figure something out. 
All is good on my front.  I'm doing really really good.  I'm back to work as you know and every evening I am walking about 2 miles.  Doesn't sound like much but I am excited.  I went from not being able to walk 2 minutes to walking 2 miles.  I will continue to try and go further, but for not I'm happy. 
I haven't been kickin up my heels or anything but I really haven't been around.  I log on, sift through mail.  Deleting more junk everyday.  I go here and there and then I'm gone.  Sometimes I forget to log off, but I'm not near the PC.  Sad I know.  I am not even sure why.  I miss folks like mad and I do mean that!  Maybe I feel so out of the loop it is overwhelming trying to catch up.  Sometimes I even feel selfish about it.  I keep telling myself I will get back into it, then another day passes.  Then a week.  Don't think I don't care that is not it. 
You'd think with all the time that has passed I'd have a ton to say.  I don't.  No news is good news, eh? 
I won't bore you with a bunch of mumbo jumbo.  Just wanted to pop in and say hello.  Let you know I'm doing well and I so appreciate you all for checking in. 
Now if someone could clue me on what  happened with graphics in the weeks I've been gone I'd appreciate it.  These look pitiful!!!!


Carolina said...

it was so nice to hear from you. I know I havent been around-my computer crashed and so that was the real pitts-but you are on my mind often and always in my heart-glad to hear your doing better-have missed ya ...lots!

Chrissie said...

LOL I just happened to be checking my email and saw your popup come on. Glad to hear things are quiet on the home front there is something to be said about that.
I seem to be unmotivated myself to be on here. I was actually on here trying to do something to my neglected tag journal LOL. It needs life too.
Well good to hear from you.
Take care, Chrissie


Nice to see an email from you ....hope everything is going great for you

Hugs Mari


I was not able to leave a comment on the tag I snagged

Great tag!!

Jeannette said...

Hi Donna, I feel exactly the same way as you. I just don't feel motivated to post on Blogger, don't know why! I'm glad to hear you're doing well, I'm quite jealous that you can walk two miles a day, I can't walk more than a few yards just now.... foot problems! Strange but last night I posted some more Caribbean photos and they didn't look as clear as normal, wondered if it was my eyes! Take care, come back when you feel like it. Love Jeannette xxxx

Joan said...

Great to hear from you and well done on the walking it is difficult but at least this is the best time of year to do it. Love Joan

Terri said...

Hey Donna!!

So good to hear from you :)

I go through times of not even wanting to log on...I think we all go through that at one time or another..and with it being summer everyone would rather be out and about which is understandable.

So glad to hear your doing so well, and walking 2 miles a go girl!!! I walked 2 miles a day last year and felt sooo much better...I need to get my butt moving again.

I'm not sure what is up with graphics...probably a blogger issue..unless you used photobucket...these places need to leave well enough alone and quit messing with things...

I loveee the saying in the graphic and your rose pics and the effects you added to pretty...


Carlene Noggle said...

I am so glad to see you here!!! I almost didn't get in to your blog cause it said Internet Explora couldn't open the page!!! his has been happening with a lo tof blogs lately, and they (blogger folks) say you have to remove your "follow" pictures or place them at the bototm of your blog till that get it figured out.
Good to hear from you...hope you are well and I congratulate you on walking 2 miles..that is a long ways!
love ya,

Bridgett said...

I've gone through periods like that too...where I just have no motivation to be on-line at all. I sort of wish I'd go through that now...I'm on-line WAY too much. LOL

Excellent news about the walking,D!
You go!

It's good to hear from you, doll.


Anonymous said...

I'm back to work as you know and every evening I am walking about 2 miles. Doesn't sound like much but I am excited.

It sounds like more than enough to me considering all you have been glad to read a post from you, Donna. ~Mary

Jeannette said...

It seems that hardly anyone is around any more. So sad. I am so glad you are back at work and doing better. Had no problems with photos or graphics here although many are experiencing probems getting into blogs, internet explorer pops up a message saying they cannot access the site, but if you keep trying you do get in. Hugs.

Lisa said...

Donna, Always good hearing from you, you have been missed !!!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

Hollie said...

Good to hear from you! I'm glad that you are doing well! Love the tag & photos!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad things are going OK :o)

LYN said...


ELLIE said...

so good to see you girlfriend - it is hard getting back to the routine of blogging but just take it one step at a time - but I do know how you feel - sorry about the blurry pics - my sight is bad so your pics look great to me - LOL - so glad your health improving all the time - remember to take care of you!

Yasmin said...

I haven't posted anything since March I think it's the supposed summer months that seem to put me off.
Glad your doing much better walking 2 miles per day is a lot good for you.

Take care


Missie said...

It's great to read an entry from you! You're right. No news is good news! LOL

Have a great week!

Rose~* said...

Love your rose pictures - funny, I took some of mine the other day, too but haven't done anything with them yet. I'm still out of the loop a bit, but will eventually slide back in, slowly.

Jeanie said...

My 'puter' has been freezing a lot on me Donna and has kept me from enjoying coming on-line more regularly. I am saving for a new one.
I was so pleased to see that you have managed to walk two miles already! Now that's wonderful news to come on-line and read!
Your recent photo of the sky at night appeared superb to me! It was so unique and full of mood.
Excellent and well shot too.
Stay well and fit.
Jeanie xxx

Gayla said...

I fell out of the loop too and missed people too. It's just so hard! I've had my own bouts with "issues" here at home that are just escalating. But now, I'm really trying to get back into blogging, hte Internet and my laptop. I truly enjoy it and lifts my spirits. And biggest bonus of all is the people---you guys!
I think you look stunning in your photo---so beautiful!

Big Huggers, Gayla